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Friday, June 7, 2019

What's Coming Up: Saturday, June 8th

Tomorrow we kick off our next massive guaranteed tournament, Event #7 $200,000 Guaranteed! Flights for this event will take place Saturday-Tuesday, starting at 11:30 AM tomorrow. The buy-in for that flight will be $150, and that will also be the buy-in for the 4 PM flight. The top 10% will be cashing for $250, and moving on to the finals.

At 2 PM, the buy-in will be upped to $230. For that flight, the top 15% will be advancing to the finals. You will also get 30,000 in chips in this flight.

Of course, we also have our nightly juice free satellite starting at 7:30 PM. Click here for a full structure for the $200,000 Guaranteed event, and good luck to everyone!

First Break of the Survivor Event

Over in the afternoon Survivor tournament, players are returning from their first break of the day. We have 33 players registered so far, meaning that the top three at the moment will be taking home $2,000. Registration is open until 7:30 PM however, so that number will steadily be going up until then.

Come join us!

Time to Get the Survivor Event Going

It's 4 PM now, so that means it's time for more poker action here at the Bicycle Casino! We are starting up a $230 buy-in Survivor Event, and for those of you who don't know how that works, here's a quick breakdown.

The tournament will play out just like any other event, until we get to the top 10% of players. At that point, the tournament is over, and everyone still alive will take home $2,000 in cash, regardless of their chip stacks at the time.

Registration will be available until 7:30 PM tonight. Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: $40,000 Guaranteed Event

Today's $40,000 Guaranteed Event drew a crowd of 233 players, making for a total prizepool of $45,435. The final 24 players will finish in the money tonight, with first place taking home $13,170. Scroll down for all of the payouts, and good luck to all those remaining.

1. $13,170
2. $7,540
3. $4,500
4. $3,475
5. $2,625
6. $2,135
7. $1,670
8. $1,305
9. $990
10-12. $720
13-15. $595
16-18. $510
19-21. $445
22-24. $405

We Are Near the Guarantee in Event #5

We wanted to give you guys a quick numbers update in today's $40,000 Guaranteed Event. With just under an hour left in registration, we have 190 players and counting, meaning we are just a couple tables of players away from reaching that guarantee.

Come join us, and don't forget about our Survivor Event at 4 PM!

Cards in the Air: $40,000 Guaranteed Event

Happy Friday everyone! We are ready to get another day of poker action going here at the 2019 Summer Series. We have a $40,000 Guaranteed Event starting up right now for you guys, with a buy-in of just $250. Registration will be open until 3 PM, and players may also re-enter in that time.

Good luck everyone!

Schedule for Today: Friday, June 7th

11:30 AM - $40,000 Guaranteed No-Limit Hold'em. $250 buy-in. 50,000 starting stack. Registration open until 3 PM. 1 Day Event

4 PM - $230 Survivor Event. Registration open until 7:30 PM.  Top 10% win $2,000 each.

7:30 PM - $220 Juice Free Single Table Satellite. First come first serve. Two $1,100 Seats or $2,000 cash guaranteed