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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Summer Series Points Standings

By the Numbers: 2 PM Session

We just missed the century mark in the afternoon $230 session, as 98 players total came out. The top 15 will be making it through to the finals, taking home $250 with them. 

Registration is still open until 7:30 PM in our final $150 session today. Come join us! 

What's Coming Up: Monday, June 10th

Tomorrow the $200,000 Guaranteed Event rolls on with two more starting sessions at 11:30 AM and 4 PM. Just like this weekend, those session have a buy-in of just $150, and the top 10% will be cashing for $250, and moving on to the Day 2 finals.

As always, we also have our nightly juice free satellite starting up at 7:30 PM, where two $1,100 seats, or $2,000 cash, are guaranteed. Those seats can be used to buy-in on Day 2, so come on dow

Cards in the Air: Final Sunday Session

It's 4 PM here at the Bike, and that means that it's time for another session to get going in this massive $200,000 Guaranteed event! The buy-in is back down to $150, and registration will be available until 7:30 PM.

Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: Sunday Morning Flight

The first flight of the day drew a crowd of 132 players, meaning that 13 more Day 2 tickets will be punched from this flight. The afternoon $230 flight is in full swing with registration open until 5:30 PM, and the final flight of the day starts at 4 PM.

1-13th. Advance to Day 2 + $250

Time for Another $230 Session

It's time once again to up the buy-in a bit here in this latest $200,000 Guaranteed flight! For this session, the price of poker is $230, but with more money comes more starting chips, 30,000, and more players advancing to the Day 2 finals, 15%.

Registration is open until 5:30 PM today, and this is the last $230 session of the event, so make sure you don't miss out on it!

Cards in the Air: Sunday Morning $200,000 Guaranteed Session

Happy Sunday everyone! We are ready to get another day of poker action going here at the 2019 Summer Series at the Bicycle Casino. This is if the first of three flights today, and the buy-in is just $150. The top 10% will be moving on to the finals on Wednesday, where first place should be over $40,000!

Registration is open for this flight until 3 PM today. We have two more flights, a $230 flight at 2 PM, and a $150 session at 4 PM. Come spend your day with us and win some money!

Schedule for Today: Sunday, June 9th

11:30 AM - $200,000 Guaranteed Morning Flight  $150 buy-in. Registration open until 3:00 PM.  Top 10% win $250 and advance to Day 2 finals

2 PM - $200,000 Guaranteed Morning Flight  $230 buy-in. Registration open until 5:30 PM.  Top 15% win $250 and advance to Day 2 finals

4 PM - $200,000 Guaranteed Afternoon Flight. $150 buy-in Registration open until 7:30 PM.  Top 10% win $250 and advance to Day 2 finals

7:30 PM - $220 Juice Free Single Table Satellite. First come first serve. Two $1,100 Seats or $2,000 cash guaranteed