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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Morning Flight Ends with A Few Notables Near the Top

It took just over seven hours for us to get from a starting field of 133 players down to just the final 20, and those 20 players are bagging up their chips now. Leading the way is Jefri Firatli with 3160,000, but he's got  a few Bike regulars behind him, including Said El Harrak (196,500), Dylan Hermann (166,000) and Kimya Williams (157,000). 

Be sure to come back in the morning for an updated list of Day 2 survivors, and congratulations to everyone who advanced from this flight. 

Said El Harrak 
Dylan Herrmann 

Kimya Williams 

What's Coming Up: Final Day of $100,000 Guaranteed Qualifying

Tomorrow will be your final two chances to qualify for this $100,000 Guaranteed Day 2 finals through one of our Day 1 starting sessions. Those two chances will be starting up at 11:30 AM, and 4 PM tomorrow. Registration for both flights will be open for three and a half hours.

Remember that we will all be taking July 4th off, and the Day 2 finals, where you can buy-in directly for $1,100, will be starting Friday, July 5th, at 1 PM.

First Break of the Afternoon Flight

We are halfway through the registration period here in the second flight of the day, and so far, 76 players have registered to play. That number will be going up until registration closes at 7:30 PM tonight, so be sure you come on down and join us before then!

Just Four Tables Remain in the Opening Flight

The first flight today is down to the final 36 players, but less than half of those players will be taking home a Day 2 ticket, as only the final 20 will be advancing. Dylan Herrmann, Kimya Williams, and Andy "Shooter" Stracuzzi are still alive and well in this flight. Stay tuned to find out if they are able to punch their tickets to the finals tonight!

Correction On the $100,000 Guaranteed Day 2 Structure

There is an error posted on the online structure for the $100,000 Guaranteed Event, and we wanted to make sure that you guys were made aware of it. At Friday's Day 2 finals, the top 60% of the Day 2 field will finish in the money, not the top 30% as it says online. You can view the correct in the photos above. 

Remember that the Day 2 finals start at 1 PM, and you can buy-in directly for $1,100 if you don't qualify through one of our Day 1 starting flights! 

Cards in the Air: 4 PM Tuesday Session

The second starting session of the day has just kicked off here in the Bicycle Casino tournament ballroom, which means it's time to find out who else will be punching a Day 2 finals ticket tonight! Registration for this flight will be open until 7:30 PM, and the buy-in today is just $150.

Come join us!

By the Numbers: Tuesday Morning Flight

The morning $100,000 Guaranteed flight created a field of 133 players. That means that the final 20 will be bagging up tonight and returning on Friday to battle it out for a first place prize of around $20,000!

1-20th. Advance to Day 2

The Second Flight of the Day Starts Shortly

Registration may have just closed for the morning flight today, but that doesn't mean the action is stopping anytime soon! The second flight of the day will be starting up at 4 PM today, with registration open until 7:30 PM.

Remember that the top 15% will be bagging up and moving on to the finals, so don't miss out on this flight!

Nearly 100 Players on First Break of Today's Flight

The first of two starting sessions here today is now on it's first break, and we have 97 players and counting so far. Registration will be open until 3 PM today, with the second flight starting up an hour later at 4 PM.

Come on down and join us today for another massive guaranteed event!

Cards in the Air: Tuesday Morning Flight

The second day of $100,000 Guaranteed qualifying is now underway! We got off to a great start yesterday, with 35 players punching a ticket to Friday's finals. Registration for this morning's flight will be open until 3 PM, with the second flight of the day starting one hour later.

Good luck everyone!

Schedule for Today: Tuesday, July 2nd

11:30 AM - $100,000 Guaranteed Morning Flight  Registration open until 3:00 PM.  Top 15% advance to Day 2 finals

4 PM - $100,000 Guaranteed Afternoon Flight. Registration open until 7:30 PM.  Top 15% advance to Day 2 finals

Day 2 Return List for the $100,000 Guaranteed Event