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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

By the Numbers: $300k Afternoon Flight

The second flight today in the $300,000 Guaranteed Event drew a crowd of 120 players, meaning that 14 more Day 2 tickets will be punched there. Your next chance to qualify will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM, and the second flight of the day will be starting up at 4 PM.

Good luck to the remaining players!

1-14th. Advance to Day 2 + $600

The Final Seven Agree to a Deal: Stefan Craciun is the Champion

Stefan Craciun - Winner $11,012

After moving around some numbers to get the top stack to over $11,000, a deal was struck between the final seven players that sees Stefan Craciun take home the lion's share of the prizepool. He will take home $11,012, and all seven players will earn at least $5,400. Scroll down for a breakdown of the chop, and congratulations to all seven players on their results!

1. Stefan Craciun - $11,012
2. Scott Hoelscher - $9,780
3. Henrieto Acain - $9,609
4. Andrew Doona - $9,329
5. Jinyoung Kim - $8,188
6. Jeff Thompson - $5,944
7. Zihan Men - $5,432

Three Bustouts At the Final Table

Over at the $75,000 Guaranteed final table, we are down to the final seven after losing Mikel Jollett in 10th place, Luis Javier Pauyac in 9th, and John Hulett in 8th place. Stefan Craciun is currently in the lead with 865,000, and the final seven are currently looking at numbers for a chop.

If they don't agree to a deal, we will post the exact count for all seven players remaining.

Tim Tang and Alex Yang Top the Morning Flight

Alex Yang - 370,500

Tim Tang - 343,000

Hand for hand play wasn't needed in the morning flight today, as we lost two players in quick succession to get us down to our final 17 players. Alex Yang bagged the biggest stack with 370,500, while Tim Tang was not too far behind him with 343,000.

Darren "Rooster Healy got us down to the final 17, and bagged up a healthy stack himself, 288,000. Lastly, former WSOP Circuit ring winner here Chris Demaci also made it through, bagging up 145,000.

Be sure to come back in the morning for a full list of Day 2 survivors from today, and don't forget that your next chance to qualify will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Congratulations again to the final 17 players who have punched the first tickets to the Day 2 finals!

First Break of the Afternoon Flight

The second flight of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event today is on it's first break now, and according to the clock, we have 83 players registered so far. Players will have until 8 PM tonight to come down and register, and anyone who has already been knocked out can also re-enter in that time frame as well.

The  first flight today is down to just 32 players, but we still need to lose half of those players before that flight wraps up. Stay tuned for more updates from these flights, and the $75,000 Guaranteed final table!

Seating Chart and Updated Counts for the Final Ten

Seat 1: Scott Hoelscher - 290,000

Seat 2: Luis Javier Pauyac - 350,000

Seat 3: Jinyoung Kim - 440,000

Seat 4: Mikel Jollett - 220,000

Seat 5: Henrieto Acain - 480,000

Seat 6: Andrew Doona - 210,000

Seat 7: Zihan Men - 780,000

Seat 8: John Hulett - 290,000 (not pictured)

Seat 9: Stefan Craciun - 575,000

Seat 10: Jeff Thompson - 135,000

Latest Round of $75k Bustouts

We are down to just 12 players in the $75,000 Guaranteed Day 2 finals, which means the final table is just around the corner. Once we get down to the final 10, we will post pictures and updated chip counts for all players still left. In the meantime, these three players just busted, taking home $1,015.

13. Weixuan Ai
14. Alex Hua
15. Behzad Javadzadeh

And these three all won $$870 today.

16. Sang-Yeon Hwang
17. Rusian Evloev
18.  Gabriel Greenberg

By the Numbers: Opening $75k Flight Today

The first flight of the day saw 140 players come out, meaning that the top 17 players will be earning the first Day 2 tickets of the event, along with $600 cash. The second flight of the day has just started, and will have registration available until 8 PM.

1-17th. Advance to Day 2 + $600

First $75k Bustouts and Some Updated Counts

We are down to just two tables in the $75,000 Guaranteed Event, meaning everyone left has locked up $870. Below you will see the first three players to cash in this event, each taking home $765.

19. Jimmy Michael Stovall
20. Fermin Monreal
21. David Avina

Below you will also see a few updated chip counts from the final 18. Our next update will come when we get down to the final 12.

Blinds: 4,000-8,000

Behzad Javadzadeh - 175,000
John Hulett - 175,000
Jeff Thompson - 145,000
Alex Hua - 80,000

Time To Start the Afternoon $300k Session

The first flight of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event drew a crowd of 140, and the second flight has just kicked off here in the tournament ballroom. Registration for this flight will be open until 8 PM tonight, and the top 12.5% will be cashing for $600, and punching a ticket to Friday's finals at 1 PM.

If you can't make it out for this event, your next chance to qualify will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Good luck everyone!

Some Snapshots From the Morning $300k Flight

Below you guys will see a few of the players who are here for the first $300,000 Guaranteed flight. This list includes Jason Bral, who just chopped the $200,000 event a few days ago, taking home over $40,000, and a $5,000 WPT seat. We also spotted former WSOPC ring winner here Chris Demaci. 

Scroll down for those photos, and a few more!

Chris Demaci

Prince Cassell

Bruce Buffer

Jason Bral

Phil Laak

Results From Yesterday's Limit Omaha/Big O Event

Yesterday, Smith Sirisakorn bested a field of 61 players to take home the latest Legends of Poker title. He took home $6,800 for his efforts. Below you will see how the rest of the final table played out. Congratulations again to Sirisakorn on his big win!

1. Smith Sirisakorn - $6,800
2. Randall Holland - $4,205
3. Edward London - $2,770
4. Brian Nadell - $1,940
5. Marshall Ragir - $1,435
6. Jorge Alba - $1,125
7. Beltran Abad - $925
8. Lawrence Fujii - $800

The $75,000 Guaranteed Event is Now in the Money

Hand for hand play has just ended in this $75,000 Guaranteed Event, meaning the 21 players remaining have all locked up at least $765. They all have their eyes on the $22,100 first place prize.

Stay tuned for more updates from this final as it carries on, and don't forget that the morning flight of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event has registration open for thirty more minutes!

Some Updated Counts From the $75k Finals

Blinds: 1,500-3,000 Average: 141,000

John Hulett - 290,000
Jeff Thompson - 135,000
Said El Harrak - 100,000
Ray Wright - 82,000
Alex Hua - 72,000
David Rosenbloom - 35,000

First Break of the Opening $300k Flight

We are two hours into the first of six starting sessions for the $300,000 Guaranteed Event, and so far, we have 108 players entered. Registration is still open in this flight until 3:30 PM, and our second flight starts up at 4 PM, so you have most of the day to come on down and join us for this massive event!

First place in this event should be over $70,000, and the winner will also get a $5,000 WPT Main Event seat, so you won't want to miss this one!

Payouts For Today's $75,000 Guaranteed Final

We had 33 players return today for the Day 2 finals of our $75,000 Guarantee Event. We will be providing occasional updates on this final, along with the opening flight of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event, which has over 100 players as the first break approaches.

Below you will see the payouts for today's finals. Stay tuned to find out who takes down the crown!

1. $22,100
2. $12,675
3. $7,765
4. $5,925
5. $4,465
6. $3,675
7. $2,895
8. $2,215
9. $$1,660
10-12. $1,225
13-15. $1,015
16-18. $870
19-21. $765

The $300,000 Guaranteed Event is Now Underway

We are ready to get things going in our latest massive guaranteed event, the $300,000 Guaranteed! This is the first of six flights for this event, with the Day 2 finals kicking off at 1 PM on Friday. The buy-in today is $360, and registration for this flight will be open until 3:30 PM.

If that is too early for you, our second flight today starts at 4 PM, and will be open until 8 PM. Good luck everyone!

Day 2 Return List for the $75,000 Guaranteed Event

Below you guys will see the return list for our $75,000 Guaranteed Event. Bike regular John Hulett leads the way, but he has some stiff competition behind him. The first list is in order by chip count, while the second list is in alphabetical order.

The action resumes at 1 PM today. Good luck everyone! 

Schedule for Today: Tuesday, August 6th

11:30 AM - $300,000 Guaranteed Morning Flight. $360 buy-in. Registration open until 3:30 PM. Top 12% Advance to Day 2 + Win $600

4 PM - $300,000 Guaranteed Afternoon Flight. $360 buy-in. Registration open until 8 PM. Top 12% Advance to Day 2 + Win $600

7:30 PM - $500 Juice Free Satellite. First Come first serve. Winner takes home $5,000 WPT seat or $4,700