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Friday, August 9, 2019

Latest Round of Bustouts: 19-27th Places

We are now at the point where there is a pay jump for every three eliminations. We have 30 minutes left to play tonight. When that time is up, we will post a full seating chart with end of day counts for everyone still in the event.

In the meantime, the following players took home $2,750 tonight.

19. Darren Healy
20. Garrett Love
21. Jonathan Jackson

These three all won $2,400.

22. Andrew Wisdom
23. Siu Chow
24. James Sander

And lastly, the following three all won $2,050

25. Alex Yang
26. Ely Keysar
27. Armin Herabit

Final Break of the Night

The 25 remaining players are taking their final 10 minute break of the evening. When they return, they will play two more levels before they bag up for the night. We will list off the next round of bustouts once we get down to the final 18, so stay tuned for that, as we get closer to wrapping up for the night.

What's Coming Up: Saturday, August 10th

We have two more big guaranteed events coming for you guys tomorrow, in addition to the Day 3 finals of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event. At 11:30 AM, we have a one day, $100,000 Guaranteed Event, with a buy-in of just $365. First place in that event will earn a $5,000 WPT seat, on top of the first place prize.

Registration for that event will be open until 3:30 PM, and just an hour later, we are be starting up a $75,000 Guaranteed, two day event. For that, the buy-in will be upped to $570, and play will end there for Day 1 after nine 40-minute levels. The full structure for that event can be seen here.

We wrap up the night with another $500 juice free mega satellite at 8 PM, where at least three discounted $5,000 WPT seats will be handed out. We had overlays in all of these last weekend, so if you want to take advantage of that potentially happening again, make sure you hop in on the action before 9:30 PM.

It will be another actin packed Saturday here at the Bike, so make sure you are here for it!

New Counts From the Final 27

Blinds: 10,000-20,000 Average: 1,166,000

Mel Weiner - 3,100,000
Michael Nia - 1,800,000
Tigran Abgaryan - 1,720,000
Erich Karle - 1,300,000
Huy Nguyen - 1,050,000
James Sander - 700,000
Darren Healy - 620,000
David "ODB" Baker - 550,000
Andrew Wisdom - 475,000

Latest Bustouts: 28-36th Places

The following players just missed out on the three table redraw. They each earned $1,700 for their finishes today.

28. Michael Katz
29. David Daneshgar
30. Amir Dehghan
31. Jason Bral
32. Steven Sung
33. Erdal Atrek
34. Michael Hauptman
35. Avi Hamo
36. Joe Schulman

Fresh Counts From the Final 36

Blinds: 10,000-20,000 Average: 980,000

Mel Weiner - 3,100,000
Michael Nia - 1,700,000
Tigran Abgaryan - 1,600,000
Erich Karle - 1,050,000
Huy Nguyen - 975,000
Darren Healy - 770,000
David "ODB" Baker - 600,000
Andrew Wisdom - 460,000

First Round of Day 2 Bustouts: 37-45th Places

Now that we are down to the final five tables, we will start listing off all players as they are eliminated. The following players each took home $1,370 tonight.

37. James Mellusi
38. Sean O'Neill
39. Magic Tran
40. Jason Fan
41. Aram Bedrosian
42. Samy Alirachedi
43. Michael Gil
44. Ryan Tosoc
45. Ryan Welton

Updated Counts From the Final Five Tables

Blinds: 10,000-15,000 Average: 750,000

Mel Weiner - 2,100,000
Michael Nia- 1,450,000
Jason Bral - 1,100,000
Erich Karle - 980,000
David "ODB" Baker - 750,000
Darren Healy - 700,000
Huy Nguyen - 650,000
Andrew Wisdom - 525,000
Michael Katz - 330,000

Fresh Counts in the Money

Blinds: 6,000-12,000 Average: 595,000

Mel Weiner - 1,400,000
Michael Nia - 1,250,000
Erich Karle - 900,000
Darren Healy - 730,000
David "ODB" Baker - 700,000
Huy Nguyen - 690,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 490,000
Ryan Tosoc - 490,000
Jason Bral - 390,000
Andrew Wisdom - 380,000
David Rich - 220,000

Phil Laak is the Bubble Boy

After about 10 hands of hand for hand play, we finally lost a player in 55th place, and it was none other than Phil Laak. He got his final 250,000 and change in preflop holding Ace-Jack, but he was in rough shape against the pocket kings of Mel Weiner. Neither player would improve on the five card runout, which meant that Weiner's kings got the field into the money.

We will go around and get a fresh round of notable chip counts shortly.

The Money Bubble is Nearly On Us

Players are currently taking their third break of the day, meaning we have reached the halfway point in play today. We have just 60 players remaining, which means we are six bustouts away from the money. Once we get down to the final 54, they will all lock up a payday of at least $1,055.

Once we get to the money, we will post another round of notable updated chip counts for you guys.

Updated Counts From the Final 72

Blinds: 4,000-8,000 Average: 440,000

Michael Nia- 1,300,000
Darren Healy - 730,000
Huy Nguyen - 710,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 580,000
Ryan Tosoc - 480,000
Erich Karle - 470,000
Barry Woods - 435,000
Jason Bral - 430,000
David "ODB" Baker - 360,000
Phil Laak - 340,000
Jesse Yaginuma - 330,000
Andrew Wisdom - 280,000
Scott Vener - 270,000
Jesse Martin - 220,000

Fresh Counts From the Final 100

Blinds: 3,000-6,000 Average: 342,000

Michael Nia - 1,050,000
Huy Nguyen - 670,000
Jesse Martin - 575,000
Andrew Wisdom - 570,000
Darren Healy - 550,000
Scott Vener - 420,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 340,000
Phil Laak - 340,000
Ryan Tosoc - 285,000
Phuoc Nguyen - 280,000
David "ODB" Baker - 270,000
Said El Harrak - 230,000
Phil Laak - 185,000
Jason Bral - 152,000

Final Payouts For the $300,000 Guaranteed Event

1. $77,720 + $5,000 WPT Seat
2. $47,580
3. $29,735
4. $23,245
5. $18,830
6. $14,985
7. $11,680
8. $8,840
9. $6,375
10-12. $4,110
13-15. $3,630
16-18. $3,155
19-21. $2,750
22-24. $2,400
25-27. $2,050
28-36. $1,700
37-45. $1,370
46-54. $1,055

Final Buy-in of the $75,000 Guaranteed Now

Over in this morning's $75,000 Guaranteed event, we are once again upping the buy-in. Now, it will cost players $450 to get in on the action. Players will be getting more chips to start with now, as the new starting stack is 20,000.

Registration for this event will officially be closing at 6:15 PM tonight, so you still have time to brave the rush hour traffic, and try to win some money with us!

First Round of Notable $300k Counts

Blinds: 2,000-4,000 Average: 238,000

Darren Healy - 650,000
Huy Nguyen - 440,000
Andrew Wisdom - 395,000
Scott Vener - 380,000
Jason Bral - 360,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 300,000
Phil Laak - 185,000
David Brookshire - 170,000
Jared Griener - 160,000
Bruce Buffer - 155,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 155,000

Registration Closes With Over 60 Day 2 Entries

Players have returned from their first break of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event, and that means that registration is officially closed. According to the clock, 62 players came in to buy-in today, meaning that the overall prizepool is officially over $400,000!

We will post the first round of notable counts shortly, and will also get the payouts up for you guys as soon as we get them from the floor staff.

The Price of Poker is Going Up in the $75k

It's past 2 PM local time now, which means it's time to up the buy-in for today's $75,000 Guaranteed Event. Now, players will have to spend $340 to get in on the action, but you will also be starting with more chips now, 15,000, as opposed to the 10,000 players got in the first two hours.

You have until 4 PM to get in on this buy-in level. After that, the price of poker goes up again to $450. Come join us!

We Are Halfway Through Day 2 Registration

The first level of the day has just ended, meaning we are just about to cross the halfway point of Day 2 registration. We now have over 50 players who have brought in today, meaning the prizepool is just about to go over $400,000 total!

Registration is still available for one hour (~2:55 PM), so beat the rush hour traffic and come join us.

Nearly 200 Players in the $75,000 Guaranteed Event

We have a field of 180 players going so far in the $75,000 Guaranteed Event, which means we are already nearing the halfway point to hit the guarantee. Remember that at 2 PM, the buy-in will go up to $340, and at 4 PM, it will max out at $450.

Good luck everyone!

The Big Stacks to Start the Day 2 Finals

James Sander - 620,000

Magic Tran - 514,500

Kais Mohammad - 464,000

Claude Ngangacodru - 416,500

Brian Hutchison - 399,500

Prizepool Already Over $360,000 Now

We have had 40 Day 2 entries come in so far, meaning that the prizepool is currently over $360,000, and will continue to rise until registration closes at the end of the first break, just before 3 PM today.

If you haven't come down yet to get your seat, don't wait any longer. You can get into the action for $2,100!

Cards in the Air: $75,000 Guaranteed First Flight

We kick things off today with the first of three starting flights in this $75,000 Guaranteed Event. The buy-in for this flight will be $230, and will be available until the end of the first break. After that, the buy-in goes up to $340.

Players start with 10,000 in chips. Good luck everyone!

Final Day 2 Return List for the $300,000 Guaranteed Event

Schedule for Today: Friday, August 9th

12 PM - $75k Guaranteed $230 Flight. 10,000 starting chips.

1 PM - $300,000 Guaranteed Day 2 finals. $2,100 direct buy-in available until 3 PM

2 PM - $75k Guaranteed $340 Flight. 15,000 starting chips.

4 PM - $75k Guaranteed $450 flight. 20,000 starting chips

7:30 PM $500 Mega Satellite first come first serve. Winner earns $5,000 seat or $4,700 cash.