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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Chris Klodnicki and Adam Volen Agree to a Deal

Before heads up play started, the two players discussed how they could work out a deal. Klodnicki said that he wouldn't be able to play the WPT Main Event at the end of the month, so after looking at a chip chop, Volen gave Klodnicki $2,500 to take the WPT seat. Below you will see a breakdown of the chop. Congratulations to Adam and Chris on their impressive scores!

1. Chris Klodnicki - $99,465
2. Adam Volen - $88,289 + $5,000 WPT Main Event Seat

Ryan Tosoc Eliminated in 3rd Place ($45,190)

Chris Klodnicki raised on the button, and Ryan Tosoc three bet shoved all in from the small blind. Adam Volen folded his big blind, and Klodnicki called to put him at risk.

Klodnicki: [Kc][Qc]
Tosoc: [As][8s]

The flop of [Qs][3d][2d] gave Klodnicki the lead, but Tosoc picked up several more outs when the [4s] came on the turn. However, the [9h] completed the board, and Klodnicki took down the hand to get us to heads up play.

Klodnicki holds a chip lead of 15,375,000 to the 11,875,000 of Volen. The two of them are currently looking at the numbers for a chip chop.

Volen Takes the Lead on Final Hand Before Break

Adam Volen has vaulted from the short stack to the chip lead in just a matter of a few hands. In the latest big pot, Volen check called a small bet from Chris Klodnicki on a flop of [8h][7c][4h]. The [2d] hit the turn, and Volen checked again. Klodnicki fired 900,000, and this time, Volen went for the check raise to 2.5 million.

Klodnicki thought for about a minute before calling, and the scary looking [10h] completed the board. Volen counted out a full stack of 100,000 chips, took two back, and slid in 1.8 million. Klodnicki once again went into the tank, thinking for about two minutes before he called.

Volen said "set," and rolled over [2h][2s]. Klodnicki shook his head, checked his cards a few times, then sent them into the middle, sending possibly the biggest pot of the tournament over to Volen.

Here is how the final three stack up on break, with the blinds about to increase to 75,000-150,000.

Adam Volen - 12,800,000
Chris Klodnicki - 10,300,000
Ryan Tosoc - 4,100,000

Volen Doubles Again Through Klodnicki

Blinds: 60,000-120,000

For what we believe was the first time in three handed play, Ryan Tosoc limped in on the button. Adam Volen raised it up to 575,000 in the small blind, and it was on Chris Klodnicki in the big blind. He thought for about a minute before he moved all in, having both players easily covered. In a heartbeat, Tosoc folded his hand, and Volen slid chips in for the call.

Volen: [Kc][Kd]
Klodnicki: [Ac][Qs]

The flop of [10c][5c][2s] didn't bring Klodnicki much help, but the [Jd] turn did mean that Volen no longer wanted to see a king come out, as it would give Klodnicki a straight. The [7d] completed the board, and Volen scored a big double up to 8 million.

Klodnicki still has a fairly comfortable lead with 14,400,000, while for the first time at this final table, Ryan Tosoc is the short stack with 4,600,000.

Volen Doubles Through Klodnicki

Blinds: 60,000-120,000

Adam Volen and Chris Klodnicki went heads up to a flop of [10s][9h][5d]. Volen checked, and Klodnicki bet 200,000. Volen check raised all in for 1.9 million total.

Klodnicki immediately had a perplexed look on his face, and quickly asked for a count. Once he got the total, he went into the tank for a couple of minutes, at one point asking Volen if he had a ten. "Would that be good?" Volen asked. Klodnicki nodded, and Volen then did the same, not revealing anything else.

Eventually, Klodnicki made the call with [Kd][9d], but he was behind the [Jd][10h] of Volen. The [3d] on the turn gave Klodnicki more outs, but the [6c] on the river wasn't one of them.

Volen secured the double up to 4.4 million, while Klodnicki dropped the 13 million.

However, not long after that, Klodnicki won most of those chips back against Volen, getting a bet of 1.2 million called on the turn, before forcing Volen out with an all in bet on the river. Volen is back down to 2.8 million after that hand.

Tellie Barin Eliminated in 4th Place ($36,250)

Chris Klodnicki and Tellie Barin were in a battle of the blinds on a flop of [Ah][4d][5h]. Klodnicki bet out 300,000, Barin called, and the [Kc] hit the turn. Klodnicki fired 600,000 this time, and Barin moved all in for 1.2 million more.

Klodnicki immediately shook his head when she shoved, and continued to look uncomfortable with the situation as he thought it out. Eventually, he called with [7h][3h] for a double straight draw and flush draw, while Barin had [Ac][Kh] for top two pair.

The river was the [2c] , which gave Klodnicki a winning straight, and left Barin to be the one shaking her head as she hit the payout desk.

This leaves us with just three players, and Klodnicki has a healthy lead on the other two. Below you will see their current chip stacks, with the blinds about to go up to 60,000-120,000

Chris Klodnicki - 16,600,000
Ryan Tosoc - 7,640,000
Adam Volen - 2,400,000

Overlay Alert In the $25,000 Guaranteed Bounty Event

We are off to a slow start in this afternoon's $25,000 Bounty Event, as just 36 players are registered on the first break today. That means that with two hours left in registration, the Bike is currently kicking in nearly $15,000 to the prizepool to reach the guarantee.

Players have until 8 PM to come on down and register, so come take advantage of the added money from the Bike!

Luis Yepez Eliminated in 5th Place ($29,265)

Blinds: 50,000-100,000

Chris Klodnicki raised to 225,000, and Ryan Tosoc made the call. Luis Yepez then moved all in for about 3.8 million total. Klodnicki got a rough idea on the count, then moved all in over the top.

Klodnicki: [Kd][Kh]
Yepez: [Ah][Kc]

The flop of [4h][2h][2s] drew a reaction from Tosoc, who said he had folded Ace-deuce suited. As it was though, the kings were still well out in front, and that would stay the same, as the board finished out [7s] and [10d].

With that pot, Klodnicki took the chip lead, as he is now up to 13.3 million, a fact that wasn't lost on Tosoc. "Chris if we see that flop you are in big trouble!"

"I think I would have save myself a few chips," Klodnicki said with a smile as he stacked up his nearly earned chips.

Mark Hamilton Eliminated in 6th Place ($23,225)

After a raise from Chris Klodnicki on the button, Mark Hamilton three bet shoved all in from the big blind. Klodnicki quickly called with [As][Kc], and he was dominating the [Ad][3h] of Hamilton.

The lop of [Ac][Ks][6h] all but ended the hand, and a four on the turn did just that. Klodnicki cements his place in second behind Ryan Tosoc, while also getting us down to just five players.

Fresh Counts on Break

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 Average: 4,410,000

Ryan Tosoc - 9,300,000
Chris Klodnicki - 6,950,000
Luis Yepez - 3,700,000
Tellie Barin - 3,700,000
Adam Volen - 2,550,000
Mark Hamilton - 930,000

Tosoc Wins Lengthy Preflop Hand

Blinds: 40,000-80,000

Action started with Ryan Tosoc raising to 175,000 from under the gun. Next to act, Luis Yepez reraised to 525,000. It folded to the button Chris Klodnicki, and he thought for nearly two minutes before he released his hand.

It folded back to Tosoc, who quickly counted out a stack of 100,000 chips, cut a few out, and slid the rest in. It was a four bet to 1.4 million, and now, it was Yepez's turn to hit the tank. He thought for nearly three minutes before Tosoc called the clock. The floor came over, started the clock, and Yepez thought silently until the clock ran out, conceding the hand to Tosoc.

Before mucking his hand, Tosoc rolled over [Jc][Js], which drew a laugh from Klodnicki. He then said he had the other two jacks, and Tosoc said "Well I'm glad he folded then, in reference to Yepez.

The final six are now taking a 10-minute break.

Yepez Doubles Through Tosoc

Blinds: 40,000-80,000

Action folded around to Ryan Tosoc in the small blind, and he bet enough to put Luis Yepez all in. Yepez called all in with [4h][4s], and he was racing against the [Kd][Jc] of Tosoc. The flop of [Qs][9c][2s] gave Tosoc a few more outs, but none of them would come, as the board finished out [Ah] and [7c].

Yepez doubled up to about 4.3 million, while Tosoc takes a hit, but still leads with 9.6 million. Players will go on break in 15 minutes. We will post updated chip counts for all six players remaining then.

Sean Yu Eliminated in 7th Place ($18,025)

Action started with chip leader Ryan Tosoc raising to 200,000. Sean Yu moved all in for alittle over 1.1 million, and once it folded back around to Tosoc, he made the call.

Tosoc: [Kc][Jd]
Yu: [Ah][Jh]

The flop of [Js][8h][2s] kept Yu with a big lead, but the [Kh] on the turn immediately changed that. Yu could still win with an ace or heart now, but the [4c] came instead, giving Tosoc yet another elimination.

He now has over 12 million chips, and holds just under half the chips in play with six still remaining.

Barin Doubles Through Yu

Blinds: 40,000-80,000

We caught up with the action on the turn in a heads up pot between Sean Yu and Tellie Barin. The board read [9s][6d][4s][8d], and Yu bet out 520,000. This was for just under half of Barin's stack, and she was in the tank for quite some time before she slid in the call.

The river was the [7s], which completed flush and straight draws. Yu moved all in, and Barin quickly called with [As][Ks] for the nut flush. Yu could only shake his head as he showed [Qc][9c], and a big pot was sent over to Barin, who is up to three million after that hand.

Meanwhile, Yu is now the short stack with about 1.1 million chips left.

Barin Doubles Through Klodnicki

Blinds: 30,000-60,000

Adam Volen started with a raise to140,000, and Chris Klodnicki three bet it to 500,000. Right behind him, Tellie Barin moved all in for 755,000. Volen folded, and Klodnicki tossed in a few chips for the call, though he didn't look thrilled about it.

Klodnicki: [Ks][10s]
Barin: [Ad][As]

Barin had waited patiently for a spot like this, and her patience was rewarded, as the board came down [7h][6c][5c][Jc][2s], sealing her double up by the turn. Barin now has about 1.6 million, while Klodnicki loses a small portion of his stack down to 4.2 million.

Gregory Sanchez Eliminated in 8th Place ($13,580)

Mark Hamilton started the action with a raise to 140,000, and next to act, chip leader Ryan Tosoc made it 400,000 to go. Action folded around to Gregory Sanchez in the small blind, and he moved all in for around 1.2 million.

Hamilton got out of the way, and Tosoc called with [Ac][Kh]. Sanchez was in good shape holding [Kd][Ks], but that would all change after the flop came down [Ah][3d][2s]. Sanchez had just one out to win now, but it wouldn't come, as the board finished out with running queens.

Tosoc continues to hold a hefty lead on the field, as he holds over 10 million in chips. His next closest competitor at the moment is Chris Klodnicki with just under 5 million.

Cards in the Air: $365 Bounty Event

We are ready to kick off the afternoon event here today, and this one is for the bounty hunters. This $365 buy-in event has a guarantee of $25,000, and all players in the field will have a $100 bounty on their heads.

Registration is open tonight until 8 PM. Come join us!

Fresh Counts From the Final Eight

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 Average: 3,300,000

Ryan Tosoc - 8,880,000
Chris Klodnicki - 5,700,000
Adam Volen - 3,800,000
Sean Yu - 2,800,000
Luis Yepez - 1,950,000
Gregory Sanchez - 1,350,000
Mark Hamilton - 1,350,000
Tellie Barin - 900,000

Brian Hunkins Eliminated in 9th Place ($9,665)

Blinds: 30,000-60,000

Brian Hunkins moved all in from the cutoff for about 650,000, and Adam Volen shoved all in over the top from the button. He held [Qd][Qs], and he was out in front of the [Ac][Jh] of Hunkins. The board ran down [9h][3c][4d][10d][7h], and the ladies held for Volen to boost him up to about 3.8 million.

Hunkins, who was at the bottom of the counts the entire day, managed to ladder up to ninth place, but will have to settle for just under $10,000.

Sanchez Doubles Through Yu

Blinds: 30,000-60,000

Sean Yu raised to 150,000 from the cutoff, and both blinds called: Adam Volen and Gregory Sanchez. The flop came down [Kh][Js][3d], and Volen checked. Sanchez moved all in for 480,000, and Yu confirmed the count before he called.

Yu: [Kc][Jh]
Sanchez: [Qs][10s]

Yu had flopped top two pair, but Sanchez was still alive with an open ended straight draw. THe [5h] turn changed nothing, but the [Ah] on the river gave Sanchez a broadway straight. He double up to about 1.2 million, while Yu fell to three million.

Quoc Le Eliminated in 10th Place ( $6,080)

On the very next hand, Quoc Le would move all in with [Qs][10d], and he was flipping against the [4d][4s] of Adam Volen. The flop of [As][Jd][4c] gave Volen bottom set, but left Le four kings as outs. However, a jack on the turn would end the hand, and just like that, Le goes from four million chips to out in just two hands.

Tosoc Doubles Through Le in Biggest Pot Yet

We just saw Ryan Tosoc score a massive double up to take the chip lead on one of the first hands of the final table. Quoc Le started the action with a raise, and Tosoc three bet it to 425,000. It folded back to Le, who put our a four bet to 2,050,000. Tosoc called, and the flop came down [Js][8d][2d].

Le moved all in, and Tosoc quickly called with [As][Ks] for two overs and some potential backdoor outs. Le's [Qs][Qh] were in the lead, but that all changed after the [Kh] came on the turn. The [9d] completed the board, and the counts were confirmed before a sea of chips were sent over to Tosoc.

He is now in the lead with 7,300,000, while Le is crippled down to just 350,000.

Unofficial Final Table Seating Draw, Photos, and Counts

Seat 1: Ryan Tosoc - 3,750,000

Seat 2: Luis Yepez - 1,250,000

Seat 3: Sean Yu - 4,000,000

Seat 4: Brian Hunkins - 900,000

Seat 5: Adam Volen - 2,500,000

Seat 6: Gregory Sanchez - 750,000

Seat 7: Chris Klodnicki - 6,550,000

Seat 8: Tellie Barin - 1,100,000

Seat 9: Mark Hamilton - 1,670,000

Seat 10: Quoc Le - 4,200,000

Miller Busts on Dramatic Runout to Get Us To Final Ten

On one of the first hands back from the break, Steven Miller got his final chips in preflop holding [7d][7c]. He was flipping against the [Ah][Qd] of Chris Klodnicki, and he took the lead on the window card ace. However, his lead was momentary, as the flop finished out [As][7s][Ad]. This gave Miller a full house, but Klodnicki still had more than a few outs. The [6d] on the turn changed nothing, but the [Qs] river changed everything.

The entire table reacted to the runout, none louder than Miller, who said "why you gotta do me like that dealer?!" He wished everyone luck as he hit the payout desk, and the final ten are currently combining to one table.

Klodnicki Leads as the Final 11 Go on Break

Gladys Landegger has just hit the rail in 12th place, and her final chips went to the chip leader, Chris Klodnicki. He now has about 5 million chips after taking a small hit when he doubled Mark Hamilton up once again. Battling for second in chips right now are Quoc Le (4.2 million), and Sean Yu (4 million).

Once we lose one more player, we will combine at one table of 10, and will post photos and updated counts for everyone still remaining.

Volen Doubles Through Yu

Blinds: 30,000-50,000

Adam Volen and Sean Yu went heads up to a flop of [Kh][9h][8s]. Yu checked to Volen, ho bet out 115,000. Yu went for a check raise to 425,000, and Volen thought for about a minute before shoving all in for 1,275,000.

Yu got the count, then made the call with [Ks][Qh]. He was in rough shape though against the [Kc][9c], and his top two pair would hold, as the board finished out [8d] and [7s].

Volen doubled up to nearly three million, while Yu dropped down to 3.5 million.

Over on the other table, Mark Hamilton lost a big pot to Chris Klodnicki, after Hamilton turned two pair, only to be bested by Klodnicki, who rivered a better two pair. A few hands later, Hamilton would shove all in for his final 400,000 with Ace-Nine, and Klodnicki looked to finish off the job with pocket jacks. However, an ace came right on the flop, and Hamilton was able to score a small double up, while Klodnicki maintains a decent chip lead on the field.

Tosoc Falling, Log Jam Near the Top

We haven't seen an all in and a call in quite some time, but that doesn't meant there haven't been any significant pots. Ryan Tosoc, who started the day with nearly 5 million in chips, has dropped down to three million now, while players like Sean Yu and Quoc Le are rising up the counts. Each of them have over 3.5 million now, but they are all chasing Chris Klodnicki, who is sitting on the other table with about 4.6 million in chips.

The blinds are at 30,000-50,000, with an average stack of 2.2 million.

Field Update on Today's Deepstack Event

Over in the other part of the tournament ballroom, the 140 players who have registered for the $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack event are taking their first break of the day. The buy-in for this event is $365, meaning we should be crossing over the guarantee sometime in the next hour or so.

Players have until 3:30 PM to register. Come join us!

Fresh Counts From the Final 12

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 Average: 2,205,000

Table 1

Seat 1: Adam Volen - 1,850,000
Seat 2: Luis Yepez - 3,200,000
Seat 3: Sean Yu - 2,350,000
Seat 4: Gregory Sanchez - 1,550,000
Seat 5: Ryan Tosoc - 4,700,000
Seat 6: Quoc Le - 2,950,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Gladys Landegger - 900,000
Seat 2: Mattel Barin - 1,750,000
Seat 3: Steven Miller - 1,200,000
Seat 4: Mark Hamilton - 1,900,000
Seat 5: Chris Klodnicki - 3,400,000
Seat 6: Brian Hunkins - 575,000

Pay Jump for the Field After Kabalo's Elimination

We are now down to just 12 players left, after Kfir Kabalo hit the exits in 13th place. Kabalo had two big hands lead to his demise. First, he called a big river bet from Mattel Barin, only to be shown top two pair. After that, he shipped a double up over to Brian Hunkins when his King-Queen couldn't catch up to Hunkins's Ace-Five, and that left him with just two big blinds.

He would lose those last chips to Hunkins as well, and after that, the remaining 12 have locked up over $6,000.

Steve Sung Next to Hit the Payout Desk

Steve Sung came into the day as the short stack, and he shoved all in from the small blind. Adam Volen slowly sweated his cards, but as soon as he saw both, he slid the call in. Sung held pocket sevens, and he was racing against the Ace-King of Volen. The flop of [Jc][10s][5h] gave Volen a few extra outs, and while the turn was no help, the [Ac] on the river sure was.

Volen sees a nice boost to his stack with that hand, as he is now up to about 1.6 million.

Sean Yu Scores First Knockout of the Day

Sean Yu and Cezar Van Boylan had already clashed in an all in pot earlier, but both players held Ace-King and it was easily chopped. However, their next big hand wouldn't get chopped, though it did bring plenty of excitement.

Yu and Van Boylan were heads up on the turn of a board reading [Qd][10c][2d][7h] when Van Boylan shoved all in. Yu made the call with [Ad][Ac], while Van Boylan had a massive draw, [Kd][Jd]. He would need an ace, nine, or diamond on the river, but the king on the river wasn't enough to crack the aces.

Cards in the Air: $500,000 Guaranteed Day 3 Finals

We are ready to get things going again in the Day 3 finals of the $500,000 Guaranteed Event. We have a mix of big name pros and local Bike regulars everywhere you see on this return list. Former WPT champion Ryan Tosoc has the lead with nearly 5 million in chips, but local regulars including Sean Yu, Adam Volen, Mark Hamilton, Quoc Le, Gregory Sahcnez, Brian Hunkins, and Gladys Landegger are still in contention for this first place prize valued at over $120,000!

Check out the seating chart below, and stay tuned for all your updates, as we crown another big winner here at the Bike!

Table 1

Seat 1: Adam Volen - 1,230,000
Seat 2: Luis Yepez - 3,335,000
Seat 3: Sean Yu - 1,470,000
Seat 4: Gregory Sanchez - 1,370,000
Seat 5: Ryan Tosoc - 4,890,000
Seat 6: Cezer Boylan - 1,000,000
Seat 7: Steve Sung - 705,000
Seat 8: EMPTY
Seat 9: EMPTY

Table 2

Seat 1: Gladys Landegger - 770,000
Seat 2: Mattel Barin - 995,000
Seat 3: Steve Miller - 1,400,000
Seat 4: Mark Hamilton - 1,920,000
Seat 5: EMPTY
Seat 6: Chris Klodnicki - 3,735,000
Seat 7: Quoc Le - 2,395,000
Seat 8: Kfir Kabalo - 1,360,000
Seat 9: Brian Hunkins - 770,000

Congratulations to Qinghai Pan for Winning His Second LOP Title!

Last night, local regular Qinghai Pan joined Mark Jun as the second two-time winner at the 2019 Legends of Poker. He took down the $25,000 Guaranteed Limit Hold'em Event, taking home over $8,000. You can scroll down to see how the final table shaped out, and congratulations again to Qinghai on his impressive results! 

1. Qinghai Pan - $8,490
2. Christian Lamas-Bungenstock - $5,075
3. Justin Tseng - $3,140
4. Hamid Mishkin - $2,350
5. Richard Amano - $1,800
6. Javid Javani - $1,440
7. Damoun Nikouie - $1,140
8. Jason Fan - $890
9. Carol Fuchs  $675

Cards in the Air: $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event

For players who like big starting stacks, you will love today's $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event. For just $365, you will get 50,000 in starting chips, and with the blinds starting at 100-100, that means you start with 500 big blinds!

Registration is open today until 3:30 PM, and re-entry is available in that time as well. Good luck everyone!

Day 3 Return List for the $500,000 Guaranteed Event

Schedule for Today: Thursday, August 15th

11:30 AM - $50,000 Guaranteed Event. $365 buy-in. 50,000 in starting chips. Registration open until 3:30 PM.

4 PM - $25,000 Guaranteed Bounty Event. $365 buy-in. All players have $100 bounty. Registration open until 8 PM.

7:30 PM - $370 Survivor Event. Top 10% earn $3,700 Day 2 seat or $3,300 in cash. No juice. Registration open until 11:30 PM.

Ryan Tosoc Leads Star Studded Final 15

Play has officially wrapped up in today's $500,000 Guaranteed Day 2 finals with just 15 players left, and what a stacked final 15 it is. Former WPT champion Ryan Tosoc has a nice lead on the field with a massive stack of 4,890,000, but he has plenty of big names behind him, including three WSOP bracelet winners: Chris Klodnicki (3,735,000), Sean Yu (1,470,000), and Steve Sung (705,000).

Below you will see how the final 15 stack up, listed out by their current seat. The Day 3 finals will be starting up tomorrow at 1 PM, and we will be here to bring you all of the updates until the very end, so be sure to come back then to keep track of all of the action!

Table 1

Seat 1: Adam Volen - 1,230,000
Seat 2: Luis Yepez - 3,335,000
Seat 3: Sean Yu - 1,470,000
Seat 4: Gregory Sanchez - 1,370,000
Seat 5: Ryan Tosoc - 4,890,000
Seat 6: Cezer Boylan - 1,000,000
Seat 7: Steve Sung - 705,000
Seat 8: EMPTY
Seat 9: EMPTY

Table 2

Seat 1: Gladys Landegger - 770,000
Seat 2: Mattel Barin - 995,000
Seat 3: Steve Miller - 1,400,000
Seat 4: Mark Hamilton - 1,920,000
Seat 5: EMPTY
Seat 6: Chris Klodnicki - 3,735,000
Seat 7: Quoc Le - 2,395,000
Seat 8: Kfir Kabalo - 1,360,000
Seat 9: Brian Hunkins - 770,000