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Monday, August 19, 2019

By the Numbers: Mega Millions Afternoon Flight

We had another nice turnout for the afternoon Mega Millions flight ,as a total of 131 players came out. The final 16 will finish in the money, with the top eight advancing to the finals next week.

If you want try to add your name to the Day 2 list, your next chance will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Good luck everyone!

1-8th. Advance to Day 2 + $800
9-16th. $500

Tonight's Juice Free Satellite Starts Shortly

We have moved back to our nightly $500 first come, first serve single table satellites tonight. For these juice free satellites, registration will close when we have 10 players entered. The winner of this satellite will take home either a $5,000 WPT Main Event seat, or $4,700 in cash. The action starts up at 7:30 PM, so make sure you don't miss out on it!

Some Fresh Counts in the HORSE Flight

Limits: 200-500-300  Average: 28,000 Players Left: 60

Danny Geyser - 52,000
Hermilo Vargas - 39,000
Robert Turner - 33,000
Gina Hecht - 21,000
Alexi Dimitrov - 20,000
Carol Fuchs - 19,000
Paul Liu - 17,000
Barbara Enright - 11,000

We Have Reached the Money in the Morning Flight

We were on the money bubble for nearly an hour in the morning flight, but we are finally down to the final 13 players there. They all have $500 locked up, but we will continue playing until we have reached the final six in this flight.

Good luck to everyone still in!

What's Coming Up: Tuesday, August 20th

The poker action rolls on tomorrow with two more Mega Millions flights, and the second flight in the $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event. For the morning and afternoon sessions at 11:30 AM and 4 PM, the schedule is the same. The buy-in on those flights will be $160, with an optional $100 add-on for everyone.

At 2 PM, the HORSE Event will be playing only Limit Omaha 8-or-Better. The buy-in there will be $350, and registration will be open until 4:10 PM. Good luck everyone!

First Break of the Afternoon Flight

Three levels have come and gone in the second Mega Millions flight of the day, and according to the clock, we have a field of 70 and counting so far. Registration will remain open until 7 PM today, so you still have plenty of time to try and beat the Monday rush hour traffic, and come join us tonight.

Remember, the top 12% will be cashing, but only the final 6% will be advancing to the Day 2 finals. Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Flight

The opening flight of this massive $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event saw 77 mixed game specialists come out. The top 12% will be cashing for $600 and advancing to the finals, so in this case, that means the final nine will be accomplishing that.

Tomorrow, the game will switch from HORSE to just Limit Omaha 8-or-Better. The buy-in will be the same, $350, and registration will once again close at 4:10 PM.

1-9th. Advance to Day 2 + $600

Morning Flight Down to the Final Four Tables

The first flight of the day has seen a field of 105 shrink down to just 36 now. Some of the notables still alive and vying for one of the six Day 2 tickets that will be handed out from this flight include Said El Harrak, Sang Lee, and former Mega Millions champion Dave Banerjee.

Be sure to come back in the morning for a full updated list of Day 2 Survivors that will include the six from this flight. Good luck everyone!

The Afternoon Session is Now Underway

We are ready to get going with another starting session here at Mega Millions XXI! Registration for this afternoon's flight will be open until 7 PM, and re-entry will also be available in that time. The buy-in this afternoon will be $160, with all players having an optional $100 add-on.

Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: Monday Morning Mega Millions Flight

This morning's Mega Millions flight saw 105 players come out. Only the final six will be walking home with a Day 2 ticket, but the top 13 players will be finishing in the money tonight.

The second flight of the day is just about to start, so make sure you come on down and join us!

1-6th. Advance to Day 2 + $800
7-13th. $500

Now for Some HORSE Event Photos

We are halfway through the registration period over in the HORSE Event, where so far, we have 60 players entered so far. Below you will see a few of those players, including a pair of WSOP bracelet winners: Robert Turner, and David Brookshire. 

Scroll down for those photos, and remember that registration is open until 4:10 PM. Good luck everyone!

Ira Friedman 

Robert Turner 

David Brookshire

Ophir Atar

Alexi Dimitrov

A Former Mega Millions Champion in the Field Today

We spotted a few recent winners here at the opening flight of the day, along with former Mega Millions Champion Dave Banerjee. We also spotted Dylan Herrmann and Said El Harrak, who chopped up the $200,000 Guaranteed Event at the Summer Series this year. 

Scroll down for those pictures, and stay tuned for the final numbers to be posted shortly.

Dylan Herrmann 

Said El Harrak

Sang Le 

Dave Banerjee

Hermilo Vargas

The $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event Has Started!

We are swapping out the $550 Mega Millions starting sessions for the first of four flights this week in the $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event. We will be playing a different game each day, but today, we are playing all five.

The buy-in today is just $350, and you can click here for a full structure. Registration is open until 4:10 PM today. Good luck everyone!

First Break of the Morning Flight

Players are taking their first break in the opening Mega Millions flight today, and the clock says 80 players exactly. Registration will still be open until 2:30 PM today, so you have time to come on down and join us!

Cards in the Air: Monday Morning Session

We kick off another week of Mega Millions poker action here in the 11:30 AM morning flight today. Registration for this $160 flight will be open until 2:30 PM. Remember that all players have an optional $100 add-on anytime before registration closes that will give you an extra 8,000 in chips.

Remember that at 2 PM, we are switching out the $550 sessions for the start of the $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event, but we have another Mega Millions flight kicking off at 4 PM. It should be a fun day of poker action, so come on down and join us!

Day 2 Return List for Mega Millions XXI

We have two new names at the top of the counts, as Trung Pham and Michael Gil both bagged big stacks yesterday. Some Bike notables new to the list with big stacks include Ron West, Thu Nguyen, and Jorge Pineda.

Your next chances to qualify today start up at 11:30 AM and 4 PM. Come join us!

Day 2 List last updated on Monday, August 19th.

Schedule for Today: Monday, August 19th

11:30 AM - Mega Millions XXI Morning Flight. $160 buy-in with $100 optional add-on. Registration open until 2:30 PM. Top 12% cash. Top 6% win $800 and advance to Day 2

2 PM - $100,000 Guaranteed Mixed Game Event. $350 Buy-in. Playing HORSE today. Registration open until 4:10 PM.

4 PM - Mega Millions XXI Evening Flight. $160 buy-in with $100 optional add-on. Registration open until 7 PM.  Top 12% cash. Top 6% win $800 and Advance to Day 2

7:30 PM - $500 Juice Free Satellite. First Come First Serve. Winner takes home $5,000 WPT Seat or $4,700 cash.