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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Congratulations to Triet Nguyen, Winner of Mega Millions XXI!

Triet Nguyen had started to pull out to a nice lead in three handed play, so they agreed to make another deal of sorts. The three decided to chop up the remaining $60,000, and Nguyen would give each player an extra $1,000 so that he could take the $5,000 seat to the WPT Main Event this weekend. Below you will see a breakdown of the final payouts for all three  players. Congratulations to Triet Nguyen on winning the 21st Mega Millions, and thank you to everyone who came out to play this incredible event.

1. Triet Nguyen - $162,549 + $5,000 WPT Main Event Seat
2. Jose Mendoza - $145,266
3. Joo Park - $138,985

What's Coming Up: Friday, August 30th

Tomorrow is the day before the Main Event starts, and we have the last few preliminary events for you guys, starting at 11:30 AM with a $50,000 Guaranteed Event. This deepstack event will give players 50,000 in chips, and the buy-in is $365. Registration will be open until 3:30 PM in that event.

An hour later, the Day 2 finals of the HORSE Event will be kicking off. Players will be able to buy-in directly for $2,100 in that final until the end of the first break, which will be around 4:50 PM.

Following that, we will have two massive satellites for the Main Event at 4 and 7:30 PM. Those $540 buy-in satellites will each be guaranteeing at least ten discounted seats to this weekend's Main Event. Registration in each satellite will be available for 90 minutes.

Vuong Do Eliminated in 4th Place ( $92,825)

Blinds: 300,000-600,000

Action started with Vuong Do raising to 1,200,000. Triet Nguyen three bet it to 3,500,000, Do called, and the flop came down [9h][7d][3d]. Nguyen fired out 4,000,000, and Do moved all in for 8,500,000 total. Nguyen thought for a bit before calling with [10c][9s], and he was well out in front of the [Kc][10h] of Do.

The [Qh] on the turn gave Do a few more outs, but the [5h] river wasn't one of them. This gets us to three handed ,with Nguyen holding a monster chip lead over the other two players.

Triet Nguyen - 39,000,000
Joo Park - 24,500,000
Jose Mendoza - 19,700,000

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated in 5th Place ($95,693)

After a raise from Joo Park, Phil Hellmuth moved all in for about 10 million. Action folded back to Park, who quickly called with [Ah][Kd]. Hellmuth showed [Ac][Qc], and he would need some help to double up.

He would get that help on the flop of [Qh][Jc][6s], but the hope was short lived, as the [10h] came on the turn to give Park a broadway straight. Hellmuth could only chop with a river king, but the [3c] came instead.

Congratulations to Hellmuth on his impressive run, and the near $100,000 score!

The Final Five Agree to a Deal, But Will Play On

The final five players realized they were all over 10 million in chips, so they decided to take a look at the numbers. They all wanted to play for some more if they made a deal, so they each agreed to put in $12,000 each, and play for $60,000 and the $5,000 WPT Main Event seat. Here is how the deal is broken down, but we will continue on!

1. Triet Nguyen - $144,549
2. Jose Mendoza - $124,266
3. Joo Park - $117,985
4. Phil Hellmuth - $95,693
5. Vuong Do - $92,825.

Todd Kriesman Eliminated in 6th Place ($42,745)

Action folded around to Todd Kriesman, who shoved all in from the cutoff. In the small blind, Phil Hellmuth called to put him at risk.

Kriesman: [Kd][9c]
Hellmuth: [Ah][Jh]

The hand was all but over after the flop came down [Ac][7h][5d], and the [Jd] on the turn gave Hellmuth two pair, and left Kriesman drawing dead.

After that pot, Hellmuth is up to 11 million.

Alex Tran Eliminated in 7th Place ($33,670)

Alex Tran got his final four million chips in preflop holding [8h][8d], and he was flipping against the [Ac][Js] of Joo Park. The flop was pretty rough for Tran, coming down [As][5s][9s]. The [9c] on the turn meant that either remaining eight would do now for Tran, but the [Qs] came on the river instead.

This leaves us with just six players. As of yet, there haven't been any talks of a chop.

Exact Counts on Break

Blinds: 300,000-600,000 Average: 12,270,000

Triet Nguyen - 28,350,000
Jose Mendoza - 15,800,000
Joo Park - 13,350,000
Vuong Do - 8,250,000
Phil Hellmuth - 7,450,000
Todd Kriesman - 5,100,000
Alex Tran - 4,000,000

Nguyen Wins Biggest Pot of Tournament to Take Lead

Triet Nguyen and Alex Tran just tangled in a pot that might shape the rest of this final table. They went heads up to a flop of [Qc][Qd][5c]. Nguyen checked to Tran, who bet out 600,000. Nguyen check raised to 1,900,000, and Tran called to see the [9d] hit the turn.

Nguyen led out this time for 2.9 million, and Tran thought for about a minute before putting in a min raise to 5,800,000. Nguyen thought about a minute of his own before calling, leaving himself 5.5 million behind. Nguyen would check in the dark, and the river was a meaningless [3h].

Tran bet enough to put Nguyen all in, and it didn't take long for Nguyen to slide his stack into the middle. He showed [Qs][9c] for top full house, and Tran could only muster up [Ah][Qh] for trip queens.

Tran falls to 8 million after that hand, while Nguyen is now a huge chip leader with 27.5 million.

Eric Wu Eliminated in 8th Place ($26,390)

There was already a sea of chips in the middle when we walked up to see a completed board of [Qs][9s][7c][3c][5c]. Eric Wu fired out 1,500,000, and Alex Tran thought for a bit before shoving all in. Tran easily had Wu covered, and Wu tanked for a couple of minutes. At one point, he said "I don't think I can fold this one," as he looked up to the ceiling.

Eventually he called, and was shown the bad news, as Tran rolled over [Kc][10c] for a rivered flush. Wu could only muster up [Ad][Qd] for top pair, and Tran scored the knockout to get us down to seven.

Pogos Simityan Eliminated in 9th Place ($20,240)

Pogos Simityan got his final chips in the middle preflop holding [As][Ks], and he was racing against the [7c][7h] of Alex Tran. The flop came down [Kc][Qh][9c], shooing Simityan into the lead. The [Jc] on the turn though gave Tran some flush draw outs, and the [4c] on the river completed that flush.

Simityan could only shake his head as he wished the table luck, while Tran is now the chip leader with 16.5 million.

Fresh Counts From the Final Nine

We have still yet to lose a player in the first two hours of this final table, so we figured we would get a fresh round of chip counts up for you guys. Triet Nguyen was retaken the chip lead from Jose Mendoza, while Phil Hellmuth and Pogos Simityan are now on the short stacks.

Blinds: 150,000-300,000

Triet Nguyen - 16,200,000
Alex Tran - 13,000,000
Jose Mendoza - 11,400,000
Eric Wu - 9,200,000
Todd Kriesman - 9,100,000
Joo Park - 8,200,000
Vuong Do - 6,800,000
Phil Hellmuth - 4,200,000
Pogos Simityan - 3,300,000

Field Update in the $100,000 Guaranteed Event

Over in the tournament ballroom, the $100,000 Guaranteed Event has seen 90 players come out, meaning we are quickly approaching the guarantee in that event. You can come on down anytime before play ends today to come register, so come on down and join us!

Tran Wins Massive Pot Without Showdown

Blinds: 150,000-250,000

After a flop of [9c][8d][2d], Vuong Do bet out 600,000. Alex Tran reraised to 1.7 million, and Do was the only one to see the [2s] turn. Tran led out for a big bet of 3,350,000, and Do thought about it for about a minute before calling.

The river was the [4d], completing the flush draw on the flop, and Tran moved all in for 4,850,000. Do tanked for quite some time, about three to four minutes, all the while talking through the options Tran could have. Eventually, he folded what he claimed to be pocket tens, and said "I can't wait to see what that hand was on the stream.

Do dropped down to 5.8 million after that hand, while Tran is now one of the chip leaders with about 12 million.

Cards in the Air: $20,000 Guaranteed PLO8 Event

We are also kicking off our mid afternoon event today, the $355 buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better Event. This has a guarantee of $20,000, and registration will be open until 5:50 PM today.

Good luck mixed game players!

Catching Up With Phil Hellmuth Before the Mega Millions Final Table

The 21st Mega Millions final table is upon us, and it should be one for the record books, as we have 15-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth here. The last time Hellmuth played a tournament at the Bike, he also final tabled it, finishing second to Art Papazyan at the 2017 Legends of Poker Main Event. We caught up with Phil before the tournament started today to see how he is feeling going into this huge final table. 

Q: Phil, you are just about to start the Mega Millions final table. How are you feeling today, and how has the tournament gone for you so far? 

“I feel good. I’ve been working out on every day 2 or 3 at the series, and I think I’m playing better now than I was then. I finished 6th in the last tournament, so back-to-back final tables but I think I was lucky there. I got my money in Jacks vs Queens. This event, I was all in once Ace-Queen vs Deuces, and after that, I was hardly all in. 

“I folded jacks twice yesterday and one of them is the most talked about Share my Pair hand in history because it was such a strange fold. I showed the kid next to me he almost fell out of his chair. I didn’t even think about it, and the world doesn’t quite get it. But I played with the guy for a while, and I knew what he looked like when he had the nuts, and he had it in that hand. Alarm bells just went off. Felt like aces to me and he had kings.”

Hellmuth on Day 2 

Q: You mentioned earlier about the two back-to-backs you are currently on. What do things like that mean to you at this point in your poker career? 

“It’s very memorable for me. It’s significant to me that the last Bike tournament I played I finished 2nd, and then to make the Mega Millions final table. I’ve won the Main Event here before too. It’s pretty cool when you have back-to-back tournaments WSOP and Mega Millions, and then WPT and Mega. Those are big names, and it’s a big deal in our world. 

Q: The winner of this event takes home nearly $270,000, and gets a banner up on our walls. What would winning this tournament in 2019 mean to you? 

“I won a World Series No-Limit Event in 2018, and was sixth in that this year. Everyone who’s paying attention knows I’m getting there in No-Limit Hold’em all the time. I might have cashed 10 times this summer in Hold’em, and I even left for two weeks! Whatever style they are playing, I just have to counter. In the old days they were playing tight so I played aggressive. Now, they are playing too aggressive, so I have to play tight. Whatever it takes to get there. I have one thing going for me and it’s my reading ability. If I win the big Ace-Queen hand I have 6 million more but no reason to cry over spilt milk. I’m ready for today.” 

Stay tuned to our coverage to find out if Phil Hellmuth can add yet another major title to his poker resume today!

Simityan Double Through Nguyen

Action started with Triet Nguyen raising to 550,000. Jose Mendoza called, and a few seat over, Pogos Simityan reraised to 1.2 million. It folded back to Nguyen, and he reraised to 3.5 million.

Mendoza tanked for about 90 seconds before folding, and Simityan quickly slid the rest of his chips in.

Nguyen: [4h][4d]
Simityan: [As][Ah]

The board ran down [Kc][5c][8d][7d][10d], and Simityan scored the double up. Mendoza wasn't too pleased, as he claimed to have folded a suited Ace hand that would have given him a winning flush.

As is, Simityan doubled up to over six million, while Nguyen falls to 11 million.

The Mega Millions Final Table is Now Underway!

We are ready to get things going here at the Mega Millions XXI final table. Below you guys will see how the final nine currently stack up. The final table will be airing on Live at the Bike. We will be posting live updates here, so if you don't want to get spoiled, go check out the stream!

Seat 1: Triet Nguyen - 14,860,000

Seat 2: Jose Mendoza - 15,300,000

Seat 3: Eric Wu - 13,825,000

Seat 4: Vuong Do - 7,200,000

Seat 5: Pogos Simityan - 3,000,000

Seat 6: Todd Kreisman - 10,745,000

Seat 7: Joo Park - 3,200,000

Seat 8: Alex Tran - 11,525,000

Seat 9: Phil Hellmuth - 5,575,000

Time for Another Main Event Satellite

It's time once again for a $540 buy-in Main Event satellite. There will be three seats guaranteed for the Main Event that is kicking off this weekend. Registration is open for this satellite until 2:30 PM today. Good luck all!

Cards in the Air: $100,000 Guaranteed Event

We have a busy day of poker action today, with four events starting up, along with the final table of the Mega Millions at 2 PM. We kick things off with a $1,100 buy-in $100,000 Guaranteed Event. Registration will be open until the end of the dinner break tonight, which will be at 6:40 PM.

This is a two day event, and the winner will take home the lion's share of the prizepool, as well as a $5,000 WPT Main Event seat. Good luck all!

Schedule for Today: Thursday, August 29th

11:30 AM - $100,000 Guaranteed Event. $1,100 buy-in. 50,000 starting chips. Winner also earns $5,000 WPT Main Event seat. Registration open all day.

1 PM - $540 Main Event Mega Satellite. Three $5,000 WPT Seats Guaranteed. Registration open until 2:30 PM

3 PM - $20,000 Guaranteed PLO8 Event. $355 buy-in. Registration open until 5:50 PM.

8 PM - $450 buy-in satellite. $2,100 seats to the HORSE Day 2 buy-in. Registration open until 9:30 PM.