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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Linh Truong Tops The 1B Flight, Kevin Song Keeps Overall Lead

Play has wrapped up for the night, and Linh Truong went virtually wire to wire with the chip lead. She soared to the top in the second level, and never fell from that spot, bagging 287,500 in the end. JC Tran is not far behind her with 276,000.

Some of the Bicycle Casino regulars who bagged over 150,000 include Tim Tang (263,000), Michael Nia (203,500), Peter Hengsakul (197,000), Massoud Eskandari (185,000), Phong "Turbo" Nguyen (158,500), and Nipun Java (151,500).

Click here for a full list of survivors from this flight, and be sure to come back in the morning for a full Day 2 return list.

Tim Tang - LOP Series Freeroll Winner

Massoud Eskandari - LOP Series Freeroll Winner 

Nearly 300 Players Entered at Tonight's Final Break

We have a massive turnout for today's Main Event flight, as the clock says 297 players entered! Linh Truong has been leading the field since Level 2, and that hasn't changed now. However, Live at the Bike regular Barry Woods is nipping at her heels with 230,000.

For more live updates on the final two levels of the night, head on over to the WPT Live Updates page, and be sure to come back in the morning for the full return list of the Main Event.

We also have a prizepool update for you guys. We are up to over $2.2 million, and we will have more players adding to the prizepool tomorrow at 12 PM. Time is running out to enter, so come join us!

What's Coming Up: Monday, September 2nd

We kick off the final week of Legends of Poker action with Day 2 of the Main Event at 12 PM. Players can register before then, but know that there will be no late registration after 12.

Following that, we have the biggest buy-in event of the entire series, the $5,300 Survivor Event. In that tournament, the top 10% of players will all be taking home a whopping $50,000! That tournament starts up at 1 PM, and registration will be open until the start of Level 11 on Tuesday.

Click here for a full structure of the Survivor Event, and good luck to all!

Some Post Dinner Counts for Some Local Players

Blinds: 300-600 Average: 58,000 Players Left: 195

Tuan Le - 170,000
Sean Yu -165,000
Nipun Java - 118,000
Dylan Herrmann - 107,000
David Brookshire - 88,000
Barry Woods - 87,000
Ryan Feldman - 87,000
Danny Wong - 79,000
Jeff Madsen - 79,000
Nicholas Grippo - 78,000
Massoud Eskandari - 75,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 65,000
Sean Jazayeri - 60,000
Jesse Yaginuma - 53,000

Chow Time in the Main Event

It's time for the field of nearly 270 players to take their 60 minute dinner break here on Day 1B of the Main Event. Players can enjoy the complimentary buffet for all Main Event players near the Bike Brewery if they would like.

Cards will be back in the air at 7:30 PM local time, and the players will be playing four more levels after that. Thank you to everyone who has made our second flight so big so far. If you aren't here with us already, what are you waiting for? 

Former Legends of Poker Champion Pat Lyons Among the Early Big Stacks

We have just wrapped up the fifth level of the day, meaning we have crossed over the halfway point for play today. As you can see from the title, former champion Pat Lyons is one of the early front runners in chips, with just under 150,000. Scroll down for a few more big stack counts, courtesy of the hard working folks of the WPT Live Updates team.

Blinds: 300-500 Average: 45,100

Linh Truong - 185,000
Pat Lyons - 145,000
Jeremy Joseph - 121,000
Nipun Java - 120,000
Craig Varnell - 105,000
Peter Hengsakul - 102,000

Cards in the Air: $570 Mega Satellite

Tomorrow are are running a special $5,300 buy-in Survivor Event, where all players in the top 10% will be taking home $50,000. You can try to get into that event on an extreme discount today, as the $570 Mega Satellite has just kicked off. At least three $5,300 seats are guaranteed in this satellite, which will have registration open until 6:30 PM today.

Good luck everyone!

We are Officially Over the $2 Million Guarantee!

The title says it all here folks! With a field of 246 players and growing, we have officially crossed over the $2,000,000 mark in this year's Main Event. Of course, that number will only be going up more, as registration doesn't officially close until the start of play tomorrow.

You still have all day to come down and register for this afternoon's $5,000 flight, so come on down and join us.

Over 240 Players Registered on Second Break

We have cruised past the player total from all of yesterday already, as the clock says 242 players entered so far today. That means we are rapidly approaching the $2,000,000 Guarantee here in this event.

Once players return from this break, they will play two more levels before going on a 60 minute dinner break. Remember players that the Bike is providing a buffer for all Main Event players that can be enjoyed on dinner break, so don't miss it!

A Few Local Players Here on a Discount Today

Throughout the entire series, the Bicycle Casino has been giving out some free and discounted on virtually a daily basis. Below you will see some of the players who have benefited from that. Massoud Eskandari and Tim Tang both secured their seats through the Player of the Series freeroll. Gladys Landegger also played in that freeroll, but she secured her seat in a satellite earlier in the series.

Lastly, Armam Trfekchyan and David Brookshire both earned their seats today by taking down some of our bigger events earlier in the series. In fact, Brookshire is looking to go back-to-back here at the Bike, after winning the $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE event yesterday. 

Massoud Eskandari

Arman Tyfekchyan 

Tim Tang 

David Brookshire

Gladys Landegger 

Over $50,000 Overlay in the Survivor Event Right Now

Don't adjust your eyes ladies and gentlemen. We are about to hit the 100 player mark  in this morning's Survivor Event, meaning that right now, the Bike is kicking in $50,000 to cover that guarantee! Registration for this event is still open until 3:30 PM today, so you still have some time to hop on the freeway, and take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Right now, only 64 players remain, meaning that nearly 1/3 of the field will turn $550 into $5,000!

First Break of the Main Event Flight

We are two hours into play in the second Main Event starting flight this weekend, and we are already approaching the number from yesterday's flight, as the clock says 179 players entered so far.

Registration is open all day, so we should be passing the $2,000,000 guarantee sometime later in the day. Don't forget that you can register up until the start of play tomorrow, and we have a massive overlay in our $550 Survivor event this morning, so you could take advantage of that to try and get a late discounted seat!

Massive Overlay Alert in the Morning Survivor Event

We have just passed the 90 minute mark here in the $100,000 Guaranteed Survivor Event, and we have just 67 players registered so far. That means that the Bike is adding in over $65,000 to the prizepool right now! You have until 3:30 PM to come and join us in this Survivor Event, where the top 20 players are all taking home $5,000 each.

Registration is open until 3:30 PM. Come join us now.

The Second Main Event Flight is Now Underway

Yesterday saw 191 players come out for the first flight of the Legends of Poker Main Event. Kevin Song led the final 72 players at the end of the night, and they will be returning tomorrow at 12 PM for Day 2.

Today, we have a new batch of players coming out for the second starting session. The buy-in today is $5,000, and registration will be open all day long. We also have a one hour dinner break after Level 6, where players can enjoy Mo's famous shrimp tower, along with other buffet options.

We will be here today to provide you all of the updates, with a focus on our local regulars, so be sure to stay tuned!

Cards in the Air: $550 Survivor Event

The second flight of the Main Event is starting up in half an hour, but we are kicking things off today with a $550 Survivor Event. The top 10% of players in this event will all be taking home $5,000 each, money that could potentially be used to either buy in to the Main Event, or the $5,300 Survivor Event we have coming up tomorrow!

Registration is open until 3:30 PM today. Good luck everyone!

Schedule for Today: September 1st

11:30 AM - $550 Survivor Event. $100,000 Guarantee. Capped at 200 players. Registration open until 3:30 PM

12 PM - $5,000 WPT Main Event. $2,000,000 Guarantee. Registration open all day. 40,000 in starting chips.

5 PM - $570 Mega Satellite. Three seats for tomorrow's $5,000 Survivor Event guaranteed. Registration open until 6:30 PM