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Monday, September 2, 2019

The Big Stacks Entering the Final Level of Play

We are just about to start the 6,000-12,000 level, which as you can tell from the title, is the final level of the night. We have a few players over the 1 million chip mark now, and you can see those, along with a few other stacks, below.

Stay tuned to find out who bags the overall chip lead going into Day 3 tomorrow!

Jeremy Joseph - 1,150,000

Kimbo Ung - 1,040,000

Vahan Sudzhyan - 1,038,000

Nissar Quraishi - 970,000

Brian Altman - 920,000

Fresh Local Counts From the Final 50 Players

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 Average: 424,000

Nipun Java - 460,000
Bruce Kramer - 440,000
Massoud Eskandari - 425,000
Owais Ahmed - 410,000
Peter Neff - 325,000
Phil Laak - 310,000
Jared Griener - 280,000
Ryan Lenaghan - 180,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 160,000
Jordan Cristos - 152,000

52 Players Remain on the Final Break of the Night

We are eight levels into play today, which means the light at the end of the tunnel is near. When the 52 remaining players return from this 10 minute breather, they will play two more levels before bagging up for the night. Jeremy Joseph is officially the first player to cross over the 1 million chip mark, good enough for the chip lead at the moment.

We will post one more round of local chip counts in a bit, and stay tuned for a recap of the action at the end of play tonight.

Fresh Counts From Local Players in the Money

The second all in and call of hand-for-hand play did the trick, as Bud Lavassani had his pocket kings cracked by the mighty [Qc][7c] of Joe Serock. Serock caught a seven on the flop, and made two pair on the turn with a queen, which was good enough to burst the bubble.

Below you will see updated counts for several of the Bike regulars who have made the money today. This list includes two of our LOP Series freeroll winners: Massoud Eskandari and Victor Crisostomos.

Blind: 4,000-8,000 Average: 320,000 Players Left: 65

Owais Ahmed - 500,000
Massoud Eskandari - 490,000
Bruce Kramer - 450,000
Nipun Java - 365,000
Peter Neff - 340,000
Kevin Song - 350,000
Phil Laak - 260,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 250,000
Jordan Cristos - 190,000
Victor Crisostomos - 175,000
Kyung Min Lee - 160,000
Jared Griener - 145,000
Ron Miller - 100,000
Frank Lin - 85,000
Michael Nia - 60,000

Phil Laak Spikes the River to Avoid the Bubble

On the third hand of the hand for hand bubble, we had an all in and a call. As is standard, the deal was held up until all other hands were completed, but the player who was at risk, Phil Laak, seemed resigned to his fate. As soon as he saw the cards, his Ace-King vs. his opponent's pocket jacks, Laak threw his backpack on, and started to walk away from the table. Laak had already bubbled three events this series, so he seemed to know what was coming for him.

He wasn't even at the table for the flop which came down queen high, and after another blank on the turn, Laak could only catch an ace or a king to survive. Sure enough, the [Kd] hit the river, giving Laak the double up, and making him 65 other enemies at the same time.

Laak joked "check the cameras, how did this king come on the river," as he doubled up to nearly 200,000. With that river suckout, we still have 66 players remaining, so hand for hand play continues!

Two Former Champions Near the Money Tonight

We have lost three players since returning from dinner break, meaning we are just three eliminations away from reaching the money. We will post a fresh round of local chip counts once we are in the money, but we did want to pass along that two players are still in the running for their second Legends of Poker titles. Jordan Cristos won this title in 2013, and Pat Lyons won it a few years later in 2016.

Both champions are on teh short side right now with about 150,000 each, but are still in contention. Stay tuned to find out if either of these two former champions is able to make another final table run!

2013 Champion Jordan Cristos  
2016 Champion Pat Lyons

The Dinner Bell Has Tolled in the Main Event

The action clocks are in play, and the money bubble is nearly upon us, but before that, it's time to let the players eat some food! Those still remaining are taking their 60 minute dinner break now, and they can enjoy the player buffet over by the Bike Brewery.

Anthony An and Taylor Black are fighting for the chip lead at the moment. We will grab a fresh round of local player counts for you guys once everyone has returned for Level 17.

The Money Bubble is Fast Approaching

The eliminations have been coming at a consistent clip all day, as here before the dinner break today, we are already down to the final 75 players. That means that with ten more eliminations, we will be in the money.

Once we get to one table away from the money, the WPT staff will be installing the action clocks, meaning that all players will have 30 seconds to act on every decision. After the dinner break, we will post another  list of updated local counts.

The Final Legends of Poker Event Has Started

Tomorrow will be Day 3 of the Main Event, and Day 2 of our $5,300 Survivor Event, but right now, cards have just hit the air for the 36th and final tournament of the series. This one is a $1,070 Survivor Event, where the top 10% of players will all be taking home $10,000 each. Registration for this event will be open until 7:30 PM tonight, so come on down and try to earn a five-figure payday tonight!

Fresh Counts From Some Bike Regulars

Blinds: 2,000-4,000 Average: 210,000 Players Left: 99

Kevin Song - 605,000
Daniel Strelitz - 360,000
Michael Nia - 335,000
Kyung Min Lee - 275,000
Phil Laak - 260,000
Owais Ahmed - 250,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 240,000
Nipun Java- 220,000
James Cavanaugh - 190,000
Tim Tang - 160,000
Jordan Cristos - 140,000
Peter Hengsakul - 130,000
Ryan Feldman - 105,000
Jesse Yaginuma - 105,000
Frank Lin - 97,000

Three Local Regulars Top the Counts on Second Break

Kevin Song started the day as the chip leader, and he has maintained his hold on that, as he is nearly at 600,000. After a walk through the tournament floor just now, it appears that only two other players have over 500,000: Michael Nia, and Tim Tang, who earned his seat in this event through the Player of the Series freeroll.

Once players return from their break, we will grab a fresh round of chip counts for many of our regulars here at the Bike. Remember that after two more levels, players will be going on a 60-minute dinner break.

Final Payouts for the Legends of Poker Main Event

The field of 520 players in the 2019 Legends of Poker Main Event created a massive prizepool of $2,392,000. The final 65 players will finish in the money, all locking up at least $8,190. First place will earn $459,390, plus a $15,000 seat to the Tournament of Champions at the end of the season. Scroll down for all of the payouts, and good luck to all remaining!

1. $474,390*
2. $306,265
3. $226,040
4. $168,630
5. $127,165
6. $96,955
7. $74,740
8. $58,265
9-10. $45,940
11-12. $36,640
13-14. $29,560
15-16. $24,130
17-20. $19,930
21-24. $16,665
25-32. $14,100
33-40. $12,080
41-48. $10,480
49-56. $9,205
57-65. $8,190

*First Prize includes a $15,000 seat to the WPT Main Event

Some Local Chip Count Updates

Blonds: 1,500-2,500 Average: 144,000 Players Left: 144

Kevin Song - 490,000
Tim Tang - 450,000
Owais Ahmed - 370,000
Jimmy Cavanaugh - 350,000
Thu Nguyen - 215,000
Jesse Yaginuma - 183,000
Scott Vener - 180,000
Peter Hengsakul - 175,000
Daniel Strelitz - 160,000
Massoud Eskandari - 120,000
Jordan Cristos - 118,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 115,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 72,000
Ryan Feldman - 70,000
Frank Lin - 60,000
Adam Volen - 60,000

First Break of the Day

We are two hours into play today, so it's time for a 10 minute break. We have 144 players remaining right now, and we just heard from the floor staff that the top 65 will be making the money.

Once players return from their break, we will grab the first big group of local chip counts.

Cards in the Air: $5,300 Survivor Event

There was a bit of a delay in the start of the $5,300 Survivor Event, but we have just put the cards in the air over there. The top 10% of the final field will all be taking home $50,000. Registration will be open all day, so come on down and join us!

Over 500 Players Total for the Legends of Poker Main Event

Registration has officially closed in this year's WPT Main Event, and we had a massive turnout, with 520 entries total. That puts the final prizepool at just under $2.4 million total. We will post the final payouts once we get them from the floor staff, and we plan to post some local updated chip counts after every break today.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for playing at the Bike!

Cards in the Air: Legends of Poker Main Event Day 2

It's time to get the action going with the Day 2 finals of the WPT Main Event here at the Bike! Local regular Kevin Song leads the 199 returning players, but he has plenty of big names and local grinders behind him.

The plan today is to play ten one hour levels, and bag up around 11:45 PM tonight. There will be a 60 minute dinner break after the sixth level today, and players will have a buffet available to them.

We will be here all day to bring you guys all of your updates, so don't go anywhere. Don't forget that we also have a $5,300 Survivor Event starting at 1 PM, where the top 10% of players will all be earning $50,000!

Full Day 2 Return List for the Legends of Poker Main Event

We have a total of 199 players coming back for the Day 2 finals of the Legends of Poker Main Event. You can view that full list by clicking here.

If you aren't on that list, you will have until the start of play today, 12 PM, to come down and buy-in for $5,000. There is no late registration after that, so make sure you get here early to secure your spot!

The prizepool is over $2,200,000, so make sure you don't miss out on it!

Schedule for Today: Monday, September 2nd

12 PM - $5,000 WPT Main Event Day 2. Registration open until start of play. NO LATE REGISTRATION.

1 PM - $5,300 Survivor Event. Top 10% earn $50,000. Registration open until start of Level 11 tomorrow.

5 PM - $1,070 Survivor Event. Top 10% earn $10,000 in cash. Registration open until 7:30 PM.