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Saturday, September 28, 2019

By the Numbers: $230 Survivor Event

This afternoon's Survivor Event drew a crowd of 56 players, meaning the top five will earn a $2,000 bankroll boost! Sixth place will take home $1,200.

We will have another $230 Survivor event just like this one next Friday at 11:30 AM. Don't miss it!

1-5th. $2,000
6. $1,200

The $75,000 Guaranteed Event Nearly in the Money

We are down to just 60 players in the opening event of the 2019 Big Poker Oktober, which means that the payouts are just around the corner. 75% of the field will be cashing now, as the top 45 will all be locking up at least $310. Remember that this is a one day event, so be sure to come back tomorrow to find out who takes it down!

Our First Main Event Satellite Starts Shortly

We are bringing back the single table juice free satellites that were so popular at the Legends of Poker this year. At 8 PM, we have the first of our nightly $330 single table satellites, where the top three players will all earn a discounted $1,100 Main Event seat.

Registration will close once the table is full, so if you want to lock up your seat, be sure to come down before 8 PM to do just that!

What's Coming Up: Sunday, September 29th

We have two more events starting up tomorrow, including the first Mixed Game Event of the series starting at 3 PM. We kick things off at 11:30 AM with a $50,000 Guaranteed one day Event. The buy-in there is $365, and registration will be open until 3:30 PM.

At 3 PM, we will be switching to a $350 HORSE Event. Players will be starting with 15,000 in chips, and registration will be available until 5:50 PM.  We wrap things up with another $330 satellite, where at least three discounted $1,100 seats will be handed out.

Nearly 40 Players in the Survivor Event

Over in the Survivor Event this evening, the 37 players there are taking their first break of the day. That means we are at the halfway point of registration, which will be available 8 PM. Once we get up to 40 players, the top four at least will all be earning $2,000.

Come join us!

Some Chippies From the $75,000 Guaranteed Event

Blinds: 800-1,600 Average: 51,700

Larry Quang - 150,000
Peter Hengsakul - 135,000
Victor Kruglov - 55,000
David Rich - 47,000
Huy Nguyen - 45,000
Ophir Atar - 40,000
Wayne Perry - 35,000
Stuart Pfeifer - 24,000
Nikhil Gera - 15,000

By the Numbers: $75,000 Guaranteed Event

The opening event of the 2019 Big Poker Oktober saw a crowd of 321 players come out. That means that the Bike will be kicking in over $10,000 to cover that guarantee. The final 45 players will finish in the money, with first place taking home nearly $18,000, and a seat to the $1,100 Card Player Tour Main Event in a couple of weeks. Scroll down for a full breakdown of the payouts, and good luck to the final 160 players.

1. $17,925 + $1,100 seat
2. $10,680
3. $6,910
4. $5,545
5. $4,480
6. $3,555
7. $2,755
8. $2,075
9. $1,480
10-12. $930
13-15. $820
16-18. $710
19-21. $620
22-24. $540
25-27. $460
28-36. $385
37-45. $310

Cards in the Air: $230 Survivor Event

The second event of the day has just kicked off here in the tournament ballroom, and it is a $230 Survivor Event. In these tournaments, the top 10% will all be taking home $2,000 in cash when we reach that point, regardless of the chip stacks at that time.

Registration will be open tonight until 8 PM. Good luck everyone!

First Round of Big Poker October Photos

Below you guys will see the first round of player photos from this latest series at the Bike! Victor Kruglov is looking for another major title here at the Bike after he won the $500,000 Guaranteed Event at the Summer Poker Series in June. We also spotted Huy Nguyen and Larry Quang, who have also make major final tables here in recent months. 

Scroll down for those photos, and a couple more!

Victor Kruglov

Peter Hengsakul

Huy Nguyen 

Larry Quang 

Wayne Perry 

Overlay Alert in the $75,000 Guaranteed Event

We have just over an hour left in registration for this opening $75,000 Guaranteed Event, and it looks like we might be kicking off the series by giving away some free money! Right now, we have 271 players registered, meaning that the Bike is currently kicking in over $20,000 to cover the guarantee.

You have until 3:30 PM to come take advantage of this, so what are you waiting for? Come join us!

The 2019 Big Poker October Is Now Underway

We are ready to get things going with another massive tournament series here at the Bicycle Casino! We will be handing out over $2,000,000 in prize money this series, starting today with our $75,000 Guaranteed Event. The buy-in is $250, and registration will be open until 3:30 PM. Good luck everyone!

Schedule for Today: Saturday, September 28th

11:30 AM - $75,000 Guaranteed Event. $250 buy-in. Registration open until 3:30 PM. One Day Event

4 PM - $230 Survivor Event. Top 10% earn $2,000 each. Registration open until 8 PM.

8 PM -  $330 Main Event Mega Satellite. Single table.  Three Seats Guaranteed