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Saturday, October 5, 2019

By the Numbers: Final Quantum Millions Session Today

The third and final starting session of this opening day of Quantum Millions qualifying saw a field of 88 players come out. That means the final 11 players will be cashing for $500, and moving on to the finals.

On the whole today, a total of 38 players will be the first to advance to next Sunday's finals. Your next chance to qualify will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Don't miss it!

1-11th. Advance to Day 2 + $500

What's Coming Up: Sunday, October 6th

Tomorrow we have three more starting sessions coming up for the $1 Million Guaranteed Quantum Millions Event. Just like today, we will have flights at 11:30 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM. The first and third flights will be a buy-in of $360, where the top 12% will be advancing, while the $520 buy-in 2 PM session will see the final 18% move on.

Registration in all flights will be open for three and a half hours, and the rake free single table $330 satellites are back, so we will have another one of those at 8 PM! It should be a fun Sunday here at the Bike, so make sure you come join us!

By the Numbers: Afternoon $520 Session

This afternoon's Quantum Millions session drew a crowd of 84 players, which means the final 15 players will be moving on to the Day 2 finals from that flight. Remember that in these higher buy-in sessions, players will be starting with more chips, 37,500, and more players will be advancing: 18% as opposed to 12% of the smaller flights.

If you want to play one of these $520 sessions, we have another one coming up tomorrow!

1-15th. Advance to Day 2 + $500

Just Four Tables Remain in the Opening Flight

We are down to just 36 players remaining in the opening Quantum Millions flight today, and one third of that remaining field will be moving on to next Sunday's finals. We have a few familiar faces still in the crowd, and you can view those players below. Remember that the evening flight still has plenty of time in registration, as it won't close today until 7:30 PM. Come join us!

Blinds: 1,000-2,000 Average: 68,000

Jose Mendoza - 140,000
Ophir Atar - 115,000
Dylan Herrmann - 92,000
Jorge Pineda - 72,000
Sang Lee - 40,000

The Final Four Agree to a Deal: Jose Luis Gutierrez is the Champion!

Jose Luis Gutierrez had a nice chip lead on the rest of the field, and the other three players were all fairly even in chips, so they decided to take a look at the numbers. After moving a few things around, a deal was struck that saw Gutierrez take home $32,000 even, along with the $1,100 Main Event seat. Below you will see a full breakdown of the chop.

Congratulations to all four players on their impressive scores in this $250 buy-in event. Thanks to everyone who played this event, and be sure you don't miss out on the Quantum Millions event, which just started today!

Jose Luis Gutierrez - $32,000 + $1,100 Main Event Seat 

Nicholas Grippo - $23,535 

Robert Toye - $23,470

Jisup Hwang - $21,445 

By the Numbers: Opening Quantum Millions Flight

The first flight of the day in the Quantum Millions Event drew a crowd of 98 players. That means the final 12 players will all be earning the first tickets to the finals next Sunday. They will also be locking up a cash of $500.

We have two more flights currently going on. The $520 flight is open until 5:30 PM, while the evening $360 flight has just started up here in the ballroom.

1-12th. Advance to Day 2 + $500

Gladys Landegger Eliminated in 5th Place ($10,605)

Action folded around to Jisup Hwang in the small blind, and he moved all in, easily having Gladys Landegger covered. Landegger called off her final few big blinds with [Qh][Jd], and was happy to see that Hwang had just [7h][2d]. However, the flop of [10d][9d][2c] would give Hwang bottom pair and the lead. Landegger picked up some open ended straight outs, and the [10c] on the turn also meant a nine would work now too, but the [6d] completed the board instead.

Landegger will have to settle for a payday of just over $10,000, and with that, we are down to the final four! We will post another round of fresh chip counts when the blinds go up to 50,000-100,000 in a few minutes. 

Cards in the Air: Final Quantum Millions Flight Today

The third and final starting session of the opening day of Quantum Millions qualifying has just started up here at the Bike. The buy-in is back down to $360 for this flight, and the top 12% of players will be advancing to the Day 2 finals next Sunday.

Registration is open until 7:30 PM tonight. Good luck all!

Grippo Doubles Through Gutierrez

Blinds: 40,000-80,000

Action started with Jose Luis Gutierrez raising to 350,000 on the button. In the big blind, Nicholas Grippo moved all in for 1.76 million. Gutierrez thought about it for about 30 seconds before calling.

Gutierrez: [Ks][Qc]
Grippo: [Ac][10s]

Grippo was slightly in front, and he would keep that lead through the runout of [5c][2d][2c][10d][Jc]. Grippo doubled up to 3.7 million, while Gutierrez takes a hit, but still holds a comfortable chip lead with about 8 million.

Straight Flush for Toye

Blinds: 40,000-80,000

In a three way pot, the board was showing [9s][8h][7s][Ks], and Jose Luis Gutierrez checked to Robert Toye, who bet out 525,000. Jisup Hwang called, Gutierrez folded, and the [Js] came on the river. Toye looked at his chips for a bit before firing out 400,000, which was half of his remaining stack.

Hwang immediately had a confused look on his face when the bet was made, and he would continue to look perplexed as he thought for about a minute. He rechecked his hole cards a number of times before he tossed in chips for the call, and Toye casually announced "straight flush" as he tabled [Qs][10s].

Hwang simply nodded his head before sending his cards to the muck, and Toye scored a near double up to 3.9 million, while Hwang is now down to about 1.5 million.

Grippo Doubles Through Toye

Blinds: 40,000-80,000

Action folded around to Robert Toye in the small blind, and he moved all in, having Nicholas Grippo covered. Grippo called from the big blind with [Kd][Qc], and he was virtually flipping against the [Ad][3c] of Toye.

Grippo shot out to the lead on the flop of [Kh][Js][2c], and Toye wouldn't be able to catch up from there. Grippo doubled up tp 1.9 million, while Toye tumbled down to 1.6 million.

Pavel Milanov Eliminated in 6th Place ($8,415)

Pavel Milanov hung around for quite some time on the short stack, but his luck just ran out, as he bowed out in 6th place. Milanov was first to act when he shoved all in for about 350,000, and Jisup Hwang was the loan caller.

Milanov: [7h][7s]
Hwang: [Ad][10s]

The flop of [Qc][Jd][2c] gave Hwang some extra outs, but he wouldn't need them, as the [10h] came on the turn. The [9d] completed the board, and Hwang scored the knockout to get us down to the final five.

As of yet, there haven't been any talks of a chop.

Hong Li Eliminated in 7th Place ( $6,535)

Blinds: 30,000-60,000

Robert Toye started the action with a raise to 130,000, and not to act, Hong Li moved all in for about 500,000. Right behind him, short stack Pavel Milanov moved all in for less, and Toye thought for about a minute before calling to put both player at risk.

Li: [As][Js]
Toye: [Ad][Qs]
Milanov: [Ac][Qc]

Li was not happy to see that he was dominated by both players, and with no one improving on the [10h][6h][2h][Ah][2c] runout, Toye took a small side pot, while him and Milanov chopped up Li's remaining stack.

That leaves us with six players, and we will be posting fresh chip counts for all six very shortly.

Hwang Scores Massive Double Through Milanov

Jisup Hwang and Pavel Milanov just tangled in one of the biggest pots of the tournament, one that has seen Hwang double up to near the top of the leaderboard. We caught up with the action on the river, but according to tablemate Gladys Landegger, Hwang had check called bets from Milanov after the [Qc][10c][9c] flop, and [As] turn. The [2s] came on the river, and Hwang checked a third time.

Milanov fired out 500,000, and Hwang thought for about a minute before moving all in. The two were virtually even in chips, so the call was nearly for Milanov's tournament life. He eventually called, only to be shown [Ac][6c] of Hwang for the nut flush. Milanov tabled [Ks][Jc] for a flopped straight that was no good, and Hwang doubled up to 5 million, while Milanov is left with just 5 big blinds now.

Once we lose another player, we will post fresh chip counts for the final six.

Cards in the Air: $520 Session

We are upping the buy-in for our afternoon session here on the opening day of Quantum Millions qualifying, as the price of poker is now $520. For the extra money, you will get more chips, 37,500, and more players will be advancing, 18% as opposed to the 12% from the smaller flights.

Registration for this flight will be open until 5:30 PM today. Good luck everyone!

Michael Reinhardt Eliminated in 8th Place ($4,920)

Michael Reinhardt and chip leader Jose Luis Gutierrez were heads up on a flop of [8c][3s][2d], and Gutierrez led out for 175,000. Reinhardt moved all in for 800,000 even, and once Gutierrez got the final number, he made the call to put Reinhardt at risk.

Gutierrez: [7s][7d]
Reinhardt: [As][6s]

Gutierrez made a good with the sevens, and his hand held on the [Kh] turn and [Qs] river. Reinhardt will have to settle for just under $5,000, while Gutierrez strengthens his chip lead, now up to 6.5 million.

Li Doubles Through Toye

Blinds: 25,000-50,000

We caught up with the action on the turn, with the board reading [Qd][8c][2h][10s]. Big stack Robert Toye fired out 275,000, and Hong Li responded with an all in shove. The total was for 980,000, and once Toye got the number, he made the call.

Toye: [Qc][Jd]
Li: [Ac][Qh]

Li was in great shape to double, but would need to dodge a jack or nine still. He was able to do that, as the [As] on the river gave him an unnecessary two pair.

Li doubled up to about 1.7 million, while Toye dropped down to 2.35 million.

Hwang Doubles Through Milanov

Blinds: 25,000-50,000

Action folded around to Pavel Milanov on the button, and he raised to up to 125,000. Nicholas Grippo folded his small blind, and from the big blind, Jisup Hwang moved all in for his final 800,000.  Milanov thought for a few moments before calling, but was not happy to see he was dominated. 

Milanov: [5c][5d] 
Hwang: [Qc][Qs] 

The flop of [Jc][8c][7c] only improved Hwang's lead on the hand, as both players held a club. The [Kh] turn and [3d] river changed nothing, and Hwang's queens held up to shoot him up to over 1.6 million, while Milanov takes a hit down to about 1.4 million.

First Break of the Opening Quantum Millions Flight

While most of our attention today will be on the Day 3 final table, we did want to pass along that the first flight of the Quantum Millions event has 80 players even as they return from the first break of the day.

Registration remains open until 2:45 PM today. Good luck everyone!

Ilya Shpiner Eliminated in 9th Place ($3,505)

Ilya Shpiner came into the day as the short stack, and it didn't take him long to get his final few big blinds in the middle. He was called by fellow short stack Michael Reinhardt, who held [Ac][Jd], and he was dominating the [Ad][7c] of Shpiner.

The board ran down [9d][8s][4c][4s][Qs], and the jack kicker played for Reinhardt, knocking Shpiner out in 9th place.

Day 3 Finals of the $150K Event Now Underway

Play ended last night with just nine players remaining. Jose Luis Gutierrez leads the way with nearly 4.3 million, but he has plenty of stiff competition behind him, including Nicholas Grippo, Gladys Landegger, and Ilya Shpiner.

Scroll down for the full list of Day 3 survivors, and stay tuned to find out who takes down the title!

Seat 1: Jose Luis Gutierrez - 4,295,000

Seat 2: Robert Toye - 3,670,000

Seat 3: Hong Li - 1,675,000

Seat 4: Pavel Milanov - 2,725,000

Seat 5: Nicholas Grippo - 2,010,000

Seat 6: Jesus Hwang - 860,000

Seat 7: Michael Reinhardt - 450,000

Seat 8: Gladys Landegger - 1,800,000

Seat 9: Ilya Shpiner - 400,000

The Latest Quantum Millions Event is Now Underway

We are ready to get things going with the third installment of the Quantum Millions Event. This unique event pairs the Bicycle Casino with the Ocean's 11 Casino down near San Diego. Players from both venues will combine on Day 3 to play down to one winner, who will be taking home over $200,000.

The action kicks off here at the Bike with three starting flights, the first of which has just kicked off. Registration for this $360 buy-in flight will be open until 2:30 PM today, and we have two more flights today at 2 PM and 4 PM. Click here for a structure of the event, and good luck to everyone!

Schedule for Today: Saturday, October 5th

11:30 AM - Quantum Millions Morning Flight. $360 buy-in. 25,000 starting stack. Top 12% cash for $500 and advance to Day 2. Registration open until 3 PM.

2 PM - Quantum Millions Afternoon Flight. $520 buy-in. 37,500 starting stack. Top 18% cash for $500 and advance to Day 2. Registration open until 5:30 PM.

4 PM - Quantum Millions Evening Flight. $360 buy-in. 25,000 starting stack. Top 12% cash for $500 and advance to Day 2. Registration open until 7:30 PM.

8 PM - $330 Juice Free Single Table Satellite. First Come First Serve. Top three players earn $1,100 seats.

Play Wraps for the Night With Jose Luis Gutierrez In the Lead

Jose Luis Gutierrez - chip leader

Robert Toye - second in chips 

After 12 hours of play, we are down to just one table of players left. Leading the way is Jose Luis Gutierrez with 4,295,000, but the player to his direct left, Robert Toye, is not far behind him with 3,670,000.

Below you will see how the final nine stack up going into the Day 3 finals tomorrow. The blinds will start at 30,000-50,000, and the action will start up again at 1 PM. Be sure to come back then for all of the updates!

Jose Luis Gutierrez - 4,295,000
Robert Toye - 3,670,000
Pavel Milanov - 2,725,000
Nicholas Grippo - 2,010,000
Gladys Landegger - 1,800,000
Hong Li - 1,675,000
Jisup Hwang - 860,000
Michael Reinhardt - 450,000
Ilya Shpiner - 400,000

Hwang Doubles Through Reinhardt

Action folded all the way around to short stack Jisup Hwang, and he moved all in. Big blind Michael Reinhardt thought for about 20 seconds before calling, only to see that Hwang had a monster hand.

Hwang: [Ks][Kc]
Reinhardt: [Qh][10h]

The flop of [Js][7d][4h] left Reinhardt drawing to running cards, and while the [3h] turn did give him some flush outs, the river brought the [Qc]. Hwang doubled up to just under a million, while Reinhardt is now the short stack with about 500,000.

Nerses Keshishyan Eliminated in 10th Place ($2,205)

Nerses Keshishyan would get his short stack in a few hands later, and he would lose out to the Ace-Eight of Jesus Hwang. That leaves us with just nine players now. They all have at least $3,505 locked up.

Li Doubles Through Keshishyan

Blinds: 20,000-40,000

Hong Li got his final 600,000 in the middle holding [Kd][Qd], and he was flipping against the [8c][8d] of Nerses Keshishyan. The flop of [Ad][6d][3s] gave Li a bunch more outs, and while the [6h] on the turn changed nothing, the [Qh] on the river changed everything.

Li doubled up to 1.3 million, hole Keshishyan is now the severe short stack with 300,000.