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Saturday, October 12, 2019

By the Numbers: Final Quantum Millions Session

The final starting session here at the Bike for this third installment of the Mega Millions drew a crowd of 115 players. That means that 14 final tickets will be punched to Day 2 tomorrow. The action will be picking up again tomorrow at 12 PM, and we will be here to provide you guys all of the updates, so see you then!

1-14th. Advance to Day 2 + $500

What's Coming Up: Sunday, October 13th

Tomorrow is the day that many of you have been waiting for, as the Day 2 finals of the Quantum Millions will be starting up at 12 PM here at the Bicycle Casino! Players who have yet to qualify can buy-in directly for $2,200 up until the end of the first break, or about 3 PM.

That isn't the only poker that will be played however! At 4 PM, we will have another Survivor Event for you guys. The buy-in will be a bit bigger, $565, but so will the ultimate reward, as the top 10% of players will all be taking home $5,000 in cash. Registration for that event will be open until 8 PM, and you can view a full structure by clicking here.

Update on the Overall Prizepool

We wanted to let you guys know that, with two flights in the books today, and our third flight still open for registration, the prize pool is now up to over $550,000. That number will shoot up even further tomorrow with the Day 2 buy-ins to come here, and of course, we still have the flights down at Ocean's 11 Casino next week. The prize pool will easily pass $1 million, so if you don't have a seat yet for the Day 2 finals here tomorrow, make sure you come on down and try to get one. It will be the hottest ticket in town!

By the Numbers: Saturday $520 Flight

The second flight of the day saw a crowd of 136 players come out, meaning that the top 24 players from that flight will be moving on to the Day 2 finals tomorrow. Remember that registration is still open in the afternoon $360 flight, and you can also buy-in directly for $2,200 anytime before the start of Level 3.

1-24th. Advance to Day 2 + $500

Some Chippies From the Morning Session

Blinds: 1,500-3,000 Average: 85,000 Players Left: 45

Karlo Gharabegian - 130,000
Massoud Eskandari - 100,000
Ross Tesser - 75,000
Sang Lee - 73,000
Nathan Bjern - 62,000
Dave Banerjee - 40,000
Aaron Messmer - 32,000

All of the Details for Tomorrow's Day 2 Buy-in

Tomorrow is the Day 2 finals of the Quantum Millions Event here at the Bicycle Casino! The action will be starting up at 12 PM, and players will have until the end of the first break (~2 PM) to register for the finals. The buy-in will be $2,200, and that will give players a starting stack of 210,000. The blinds will be rolled back to 2,000-3,000, so players will be starting with 70 big blinds!

We will play tomorrow until we have reached 10% of the starting field. At that point, players will bag up their chips, and return to play at the Ocean's 11 Casino on Monday the 29th.

Click here for a full structure of the Day 2 finals, and good luck to everyone involved!

The Final Quantum Millions Flight Here Has Started

We are getting ready to start the final Quantum Millions starting session here at the Bicycle Casino! You guys know the drill by now. The buy-in this late afternoon is $360, and the top 12% of players will all be advancing to the finals tomorrow.

Registration will be open until 7:30 PM today, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us!

First Break of the $520 Flight

The final $520 flight is off to a great start, with a total of 86 players entered so far. Registration for this flight will remain open until 5:30 PM, so you have plenty of time to come join us in this session, where the top 18% are advancing to tomorrow's finals.

Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: Saturday Morning Flight

The first flight of the day saw one of the biggest turnout of any flight so far, as 142 players came out to play. The top 17 players will be making $500, and more importantly, confirming their seat for the Day 2 finals tomorrow.

1-17th. Advance to Day 2 + $500

The Final Flight Starts in an Hour

Registration for the first flight has just closed, while the 2 PM $520 session is currently in full swing. However, we wanted to remind you guys that the final flight of the day, and of the Bicycle Casino portion of the tournament, is starting up at 4 PM today.

Just like this morning's flight, the buy-in is $360, and the top 12% will be cashing for $500, and advancing to the finals. Don't miss it!

Some Snapshots From the Floor Today

Below you will see some of the over 120 players who are here for the opening flight of the day on this Quantum Millions Saturday. Former Mega Millions winner Dave Banerjee is here hoping to add another title to his poker resume. We spotted a few more Bike regulars that you can see below. 

Remember that registration is just about to close in the opening flight, but we still have plenty more poker action still to come today!

Nathan Bjerno

Thu Nguyen 

Dave Banerjee

Dylan Hermann 

Aaron Messmer 

Cards in the Air: Final $520 Session

We are kicking off the last $520 session for this Quantum Millions event. In these flights, players get more chip to start, 37,500, and the top 18% will cash and advance to the finals, rather than the top 12% from the $360 flights.

Registration for this flight will be open until 5:30 PM today. Good luck everyone!

Over 100 Players Already in the Opening Flight

We are off to a fast start in the first of three starting sessions today, as we already have 110 players coming back from the first break of the day. Registration in this flight is open until 3 PM, but we still have two more flights today at 2 and 4 PM, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us!

The Final Day of Quantum Millions Qualifying Is Underway

The title says it all folks! Today is your final chance to qualify for tomorrow's finals here at the Bike through one of our Day 1 starting sessions. The first of three flights has just kicked off here in the tournament ballroom. The buy-in is $360, and the top 12% will be advancing to the finals.

Our two other flight are a $520 flight at 2 PM, and our final $360 starting session, which starts at 4 PM. It should be a fun day of poker action, so don't miss out on it!

Updated List for the Big Poker Oktober Point Race

Local regular Deepinder Singh has taken over the lead in the Big Poker Oktober points race. Remember that the top 10 players on this list will all earn seats to our $1,100 Main Event that kicks off next week.

If you want to move your name up this list, come join us today for the final day of Quantum Millions qualifying!

Schedule for Today: Saturday, October 12th

11:30 AM - Quantum Millions Morning Flight. $360 buy-in. 25,000 starting stack. Top 12% cash for $500 and advance to Day 2. Registration open until 3 PM.

2 PM - Quantum Millions Afternoon Flight. $520 buy-in. 37,500 starting stack. Top 18% cash for $500 and advance to Day 2. Registration open until 5:30 PM.

4 PM - Quantum Millions Evening Flight. $360 buy-in. 25,000 starting stack. Top 12% cash for $500 and advance to Day 2. Registration open until 7:30 PM.

8 PM - $330 Juice Free Single Table Satellite. First Come First Serve. Top three players earn $1,100 seats.