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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

By the Numbers: Pot Limit Big "O" Event

This afternoon's Pot Limit Big "O" Event saw a crowd of 37 players come out, creating a prizepool of $7,400. The final five players will finish in the money, with the top prize good for $3,115. The full payouts can be viewed below.

1. $3,115
2. $1,760
3. $1,145
4. $790
5. $590

What's Coming Up: Wednesday, October 16th

Tomorrow is the final day of preliminary event action, as the $1,100 Cardplayer Tour Main Event will be starting up on Thursday. We have a $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack event tomorrow at 11:30 AM, but as we mentioned in an earlier blog post, we have a change to announce. You are going to get more chips tomorrow, 50,000 instead of the original 30,000, and the structure will stay the exact same. That means more play throughout the tournament for you guys. You can view a photo of the edited structure seat below.

In addition, we are giving you guys a chance to get into the Main Event on a discount, as we have a $350 buy-in satellite starting up at 4 PM. At least ten discounted seats are guaranteed to come out of that event, so be sure to come on down and join us tomorrow for all of the action!

A Few Chippies From Our Deepstack Event Today

We are down to the final four tables in today's $30,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event, and you can view a few of the notables who are still alive and well below. Remember that the winner of this event will take home nearly $10,000, so be sure to come back in the morning to find out who takes this one down!

Blinds: 1,000-2,000 Average: 65,000 Players Left: 36

Peter Hengsakul - 90,000
Sean Yu - 83,000
Sang Le - 70,000
Dana Kellstrom - 16,000
Paul Lui - 12,000

Final Table Results From Yesterday's HORSE Event

Below you will see the final results for out HORSE Event yesterday. The winner declined to take a winner's photo, and asked us to remain anonymous in the results, but we did want to tell you how the rest of the tournament fared. Congratulations to everyone who made the final table yesterday, and thanks for coming out to play at the Bike!

1. Anonymous - $7,045
2. Wayne Lamonica - $4,355
3. Manju Gera - $2,865
4. David Doeh - $2,005
5. Paul Lui - $1,485
6. Susan Kane - $1,165
7. Eric Prince - $955
8. Randall Holland - $825

Announcing a Structure Change for Tomorrow's $50,000 Guaranteed Event

After getting some feedback from the players, we have decided to give you guys more chips for tomorrow's $50,000 Guaranteed Event. Originally, players were going to start with 30,000 in chips, but now, we are upping that to a whopping 50,000.

The structure will remain the exact same,  so it will make for much deeper play for players earlier, as well as later on in the tournament.

Additionally, we are rewarding players who arrive early for tomorrow's big event. Not only will players start with 500 big blinds, but if you register in the first two hours of the event, you will get 40 point for our Player of the Series race, as opposed to the usual 20.

It should be a huge event tomorrow, so make sure you don't miss it!

Archive Video of Our Tournament Director Mo Fathipour on Pokercraft

Last night, our Tournament Director Mo Fathipour went on PokerCraft, an interview series associated with Live at the Bike, to discuss his past life before the Bicycle Casino. He also looked toward the future, and teased a few new ideas that he will be bringing to the Bicycle Casino shortly.

You can view the full interview below. Thanks for everyone who tuned in last night, and we hope that those who haven't seen it yet enjoy it!

By the Numbers: $30,000 Guaranteed Event

We ended up with 80 players in our $30,000 Guaranteed Event, meaning that the Bike kicked in $6,000 to cover the guarantee. The final 12 players will all finish in the money, with first place taking home $9,605. Scroll down for all of the payouts, and stay tuned for a post explaining a big change for tomorrow's $50,000 Guaranteed Event!

1. $9,605
2. $5,700
3. $3,520
4. $2,685
5. $2,040
6. $1,640
7. $1,300
8. $1,020
9. $780
10-12. $570

Time for a Break in the Pot Limit Big "O" Event

We are approaching the halfway point of registration in today's Pot Limit Big "O" Event, and we have a crowd of 25 players in the field so far. That number will be steadily rising over the next 90 minutes, until registration officially closes at 5 PM.

If you want to flex our Mixed Game muscles, come on down and join us here today!

Time Running Out to Take Advantage of the Overlay

We have just 30 minutes left in registration here in the $30,000 Guaranteed Event, and there seems to be a trend going here, as we are 30 players short of reaching that number. That means that at the moment, the Bike is kicking in $9,000 even. You still have until 3:30 PM to come join us, so hop in your car, or head to the tournament ballroom if you are already in the casino, and come take some of the Bike's money!

Updated Big Poker Oktober Series Race Standings

Click here for the latest edition of the Big Poker Oktober Player of the Series points race standings.

Remember that time is running out to try to crack the top 10 of this list. Come on down and play more events to move your way up the list!

Some Photos From the $30,000 Guaranteed Event

We have a few snapshots for you guys from this $30,000 Guaranteed Event, which is all but certain to have a fairly hefty overlay. We spotted Gladys Landegger, who was one of the top point getters during the Legends of Poker this year, along with a few other faces you will surely recognize from our blog coverage. 

Scroll down for those photos, and come on down before 3:30 PM to take advantage of the free money being handed out by the Bicycle Casino!

Huy Nguyen

Gladys Landegger

Peter Hengsakul 

Sang Lee 

Sean Yu 

Cards in the Air: Pot-Limit Big "O" or Better

We are adding more cards into the mix in today's afternoon event, as the $250 buy-in Pot-Limit Big "O" or Better Event has just started up. Registration will be available until 5 PM today, so come on down and join us if you want to play this big bet Mixed Game Event!

Slow Start in Our Deepstack Event

We might be looking at another overlay in our $30,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event, as just 40 players have registered so far. Registration will be available until 3:30 PM today, so you have over two hours to come down and take advantage of some free money.

Cards in the Air: $30,000 Guaranteed Deepstack

We are ready to kick off another big guaranteed, one day event here at the Bicycle Casino! This $30,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event will give players 30,000 in chips to start, and registration and re-entry will be available until 3:30 PM today.

Click here for a full structure of the event, and good luck to everyone!

Schedule for Today: Tuesday, October 15th

11:30 AM - $30,000 Guaranteed Deepstack. $350 buy-in. 30,000 starting stack.  Registration open until 3:30 PM.

2 PM - Pot-Limit Big "O" or Better. $250 buy-in. 15,000 starting stack. Registration open until 5 PM.

8 PM - $330 Juice Free Single Table Satellite. First Come First Serve. Top three players earn $1,100 seats.