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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Full List of Main Event Day 1A Chip Counts

Daniel Mijac and Xiao Ruan Bag Over 200,000

We quickly went down from 31 to 27 players here tonight, meaning that we have just wrapped things up. Daniel Mijac bagged the chip lead lead after a late surge, as he will be bringing 219,000 into play on Sunday. Xiao Ruan, who won a WSOP Circuit Ring here in December of 2017, is the only other player over the 200,000 marker.

Some other locals who bagged nice stacks include Nathan Bjerno (191,000), Ira Friemdan (183,000), and Adam Demersseman (162,000). We will post the full list of chip counts once we get them from the floor staff. We will be back tomorrow at 11:30 AM for the second flight.

Daniel Mijac - 219,000

Xiao Ruan - 201,000

The Final Satellite of the Day has Started

After a bit of a delay, we have just started up the third and final $350 satellite of the day. At least five discounted seats will be handed out in that satellite, and it looks like we will be looking at another overlay in this one. Registration will be available until about 10:30 PM today, so you have plenty time to come on down and join us!

What's Coming Up: Friday, October 18th

The second flight of the $1,100 Cardplayer tour Main Event will be kicking off tomorrow at 11:30 AM, but there is more poker action outside of that. At 12 PM, we will have another $350 mega satellite, and at 4 PM, we are bringing the Survivor Events back! We will have a $570 buy-in Survivor, where the top 10% will take home $4,000 in cash, as well as a seat to the $1,100 Main Event.

Registration Closed for the Day in the Main Event

We have just up Level 10 here in the Main Event, which means registration has officially closed. We got 107 players in this opening flight, and we still have two more flights to come over the next two days.

We want to also remind you guys that the third and final $350 satellite of the day starts up at 8 PM, with registration closing around 10:10 PM tonight!

1-27th. Advance to Day 2

Dinner Time in the Main Event

Players are now taking their 30 minute dinner break here in the Cardplayer Tour Main Event. Right now, we have 103 players entered, but at the moment, only half of them are still in the tournament. Registration will be closing at the end of this dinner break.

If you aren't able to join us today, don't worry! We have two more $1,100 starting sessions coming up tomorrow and Saturday at 11:30 AM, so you can join us for one of those.

Enjoy your dinner players!

Some Local Chip Counts as Dinner Approaches

Blinds: 500-1,000 Average: 37,000 Players Left: 82

Adam Weinraub - 130,000
Bobby Suer - 98,000
Sohale Khalili - 90,000
Jared Griener - 76,000
Matt Salsberg - 75,000
Bruce Kramer - 48,000
Ron West - 46,000
Danny Illingworth - 44,000
Peter Hengsakul - 37,500

The Second Satellite of the Day is Underway

We had a massive overlay in our opening 30 seat guarantee satellite, but that isn't stopping us from running another one here at the Bike! The second satellite of the day has just kicked off, and the buy-in is $350. Registration will be available until the end of the first break, which will be about 6:15 PM today.

Good luck everyone!

Nearly 100 Players Registered As we Hit the Second Break

We have just wrapped up Level 6 here in the opening flight of the $1,100 Cardplayer Tour Main Event, and the clock says 94 players entered so far. Once they return, they will play three more levels before taking a 30 minute dinner break.

After that break, registration will officially close for the day. Come on down and join us!

Final Table Results From Yesterday's $50,000 Guaranteed Event

Local regular Deepinder Singh was the chip leader when we left last night, and he rode that all the way to victory in the early hours of the morning. He took home $17,770, and added another title to his impressive LA poker resume. Below you will see how the final table shook out. Congratulations again to Deepinder on his impressive performance.

1. Deepinder Singh - $17,770
2. David Johnson - $10,190
3. Anne Liu - $6,240
4. Shawn Motameni - $4,765
5. Vanik Azizian - $3,590
6. Taneka Johnson $2,955
7. James Lisi - $2,330
8. Brandon Williams - $1,780
9. Ronald Saxe - $1,335

Some Snapshots From the Opening Main Event Flight

Below you guys will see our first round of photos from this Cardplayer Tour Main Event. Jared Griener, who just finished third place in the Legends of Poker Main Event in August, is here hoping to make another major final table here at the Bike. We spotted a few other Bike regulars, and you can see those pictures by scrolling down.

Adam Weinraub

Adam Volen

Jared Griener 

Peter Neff

Alan Myerson

First Break of the Main Event

The first flight of the Main Event is on it's first break now, and the field has 66 players. Registration is open until the end of the dinner break, around 6:30 PM.

Reminder that we also have a satellite right now that is guaranteed 30 discounted seats. At the moment, we only have 40 players in the field, so if you are close to the casino, you have to come down and take advantage of this. Registration is open until 2:15 PM.

The First of Three Main Event Mega Has Started

We have a massive $350 satellite here at the Bike that has just kicked off in the tournament ballroom. We are guaranteed 30 seats in this satellite, where registration will be open until about 2:15 PM.

You can click here for the full structure of this satellite. If you can't come out for this one, we have you guys covered with two more satellites starting up at 4 and 8 PM. Good luck everyone!

The Cardplayer Tour Main Event is Now Underway

It's time ladies and gentlemen! The latest Cardplayer Tour Main Event has just kicked off here at the Bicycle Casino! Last year, Steve Jun topped a stacked final table that included Duey Duong (2nd), Brandon Zuidema (3rd), Said El Harrak (4th), Jim Collopy (5th), Michael Wasserman (6th), and Beau Winn (7th). He took home just under $150,000, and had his picture on the cover of Cardplayer magazine.

This is the first of three starting sessions spread out over the next three days. The buy-in is $1,100, and registration will be open until the end of the dinner break, around 6:30 PM tonight. We will stop tonight once we have reached the top 25% of the field. Good luck everyone!

Schedule for Today: Thursday, October 17th

11:30 AM - Cardplayer Tour Main Event Flight 1A. $1,100 buy-in. 30,000 starting stack.  Registration open until 6:30 PM.

12 PM - Main Event Mega Satellite. $350 buy-in. 30 Seats Guaranteed. 12,000 starting stack. Registration open until 2:10 PM.

4 PM - Main Event Mega Satellite. $350 buy-in. Ten Seats Guaranteed. 12,000 starting stack. Registration open until 6:10 PM.

8 PM - Main Event Mega Satellite. $350 buy-in. Ten Seats Guaranteed. 12,000 starting stack. Registration open until 10:10 PM.