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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Vuong Do Bags Overall Lead by 500 Chips

The dust has settled on the third and final starting flight, and Vuong Do has bagged up 270,000 even, just outcropping Peter Chu from yesterday. He leads the 117 players who have qualified for the Day 2 finals tomorrow.

We will post the full list of chip counts in the morning, so be sure to come back then to see that. And don't forget, you can still get in on the action by buying in directly for $4,300 anytime before 2 PM tomorrow. Don't miss out on it!

The Evening Day 2 Mega Has Started

The second $470 buy-in Mega Satellite today has just kicked off here in the tournament ballroom. The first one of the day saw 35 players come out, meaning that the top three earned their discounted Day 2 seats, while fourth would be halfway there at $2,150.

We have just started up another mega satellite just now, and we are offering the same deal, with at least three discounted Day 2 seats guarantee. Registration will be open until the end of the first break, roughly 10:15 PM tonight.

Good luck everyone!

Sean Yu Headlines Notable Big Stacks as Final Break Approaches

We are approaching the fourth break of the night, and based on how the first two flights went, it
should be the final break of the evening. We have a familiar face who is currently leading the pack, none other than Sean Yu. He just scooped another nice pot to get up to 250,000, which puts him close to the overall lead. Below you will see a few other familiar faces who are building up some big stacks.

Be sure to come back in the morning for the full list of Day 2 survivors, and remember that you can still buy-in directly for $4,300 tomorrow anytime before the first break finishes, roughly 2 PM.

Blinds: 1,000-2,000 Average: 88,800 Players Left: 78

Sean Yu - 250,000
Rubin Chappell - 175,000
Bill Klein - 150,000
Dylan Linde - 145,000
Chris Grigorian - 140,000

Second Day 2 Mega Starts in an Hour

The fist mega satellite of the day saw 35 players come out, meaning the top three will get their seats to the Day 2 finals tomorrow, while fourth will take home $2,150.

The second satellite of the day starts at 8 PM tonight. Just like this afternoon's installment, at least three discounted $4,300 Day 2 seats will be handed out, and registration for this mega will be open until about 10:10 PM. Come join us!

What's Coming Up: Sunday, October 20th

Tomorrow will be the final day of open events here at the 2019 Big Poker Oktober, as the final table of the Main Event is the only thing being played out on Monday. We kick things off at 11:30 AM with our final $50,000 Guaranteed One Day Event. The buy-in will be $365, and registration will be open until 4 PM.

After that, we have the Day 2 finals of that Main Event, where players can buy-in directly for $4,300 up until the end of the first break, roughly 2 PM local time.

After that, we have one more Survivor Event at 4 PM, and it's going to be a big one! The buy-in will be $1,070, which means that the top 10% of players will all be taking home an even $10,000! Registration and re-entry will be available in that event until 8 PM.

It should be a fantastic final day of open play here at the Big Poker Oktober. Make sure you are a part of it! 

Prizepool Update Heading Into the Day 2 Finals Tomorrow

Cards are back in the air for the Main Event's final day 1 flight, which means that registration has officially today. We had a total of 231 players come out, pushing the overall player count to 478. That means that the prize pool is just under the posted guarantee, at $478,000.  Of course, we will be flying over that number after tomorrow, when players come in to buy-in directly for $4,300.

Thank you to everyone who came out to play the Big Poker Oktober Main Event so far, and good luck to all of tomorrow's finalists!

1-58th. Advance to Day 2

Time for the 30 Minute Dinner Break, Registration Closes Shortly

Nine levels are in the books here in the final starting flight for this Main Event, and we are up to 227 players today. That means that we will almost be at the guarantee before the prize pool sky rockets tomorrow with the Day 2 buy-ins rolling in.

Registration for this final flight will be closing at the end of this 30 minute dinner break, so if you haven't registered yet, hurry on down to the cage to get your ticket!

Some Local Chip Count Updates Before the Dinner Break

Blinds: 500-1,000 Average: 38,700 Players Left: 172

Massoud Eskandari - 165,000
Jose Luis Mendoza - 165,000
Rupesh Pattni - 110,000
Rubin Chappell - 98,000
Nipun Java-  92,000
Said El Harrak - 91,000
Mike Shariati - 60,000
Adam Volen - 60,000
Ophir Atar - 60,000
Deepinder Singh - 50,000

All of the Details for Tomorrow's Main Event Day 2 Buy-In

Tomorrow we have the Day 2 finals of our $500,000 Guaranteed Main Event kicking off at 12 PM. If you haven't secured your ticket yet, you can still come in tomorrow and buy-in directly for $4,300. For your money, you will get an average stack if 120,000, and with the blinds rolling back to just 1,000-2,000, you will be starting with 60 big blinds! 

Registration will be open until the end of the first break, which will be about 2 PM local time. Come on down before the restart at 12 PM to maximize your value for this latest Day 2 buy-in here at the Bicycle Casino! 

Cards in the Air: Afternoon Day 2 Mega Satellite

It is time to start the first of two Day 2 Mega Satellites here at the Bicycle Casino. These events give you the incredible opportunity to earn a stack of 120,000 chips in tomorrow's finals, for just $470. At least three players will be doing just that, and we will have another of these satellites stating up at 8 PM tonight.

Registration will be open until 6:10 PM tonight. Good luck everyone!

Second Break of the Final Main Event Flight

We are four hours into play in today's final Main Event flight, and the field is up to 198 players. When they return, they will play three more levels before taking a 30 minute dinner break. Once that break is over, registration will officially be closed for the Day 1 starting sessions.

Remember the top 25% of players will be bagging tonight and advancing to tomorrow's finals. Come on down and make sure you are one of those players!

Two Day 2 Satellites Coming Up Today

The Day 2 finals for this Main Event are tomorrow at 12 PM, and for those of you who don't know, you can come down and buy-in directly for $4,300 to get a stack of 120,000 in chips. However, the Bike is giving you two chances today to get that buy-in for just $470. We have satellites at 4 and 8 PM today, both guaranteeing at least three discounted Day 2 seats.

Stay tuned for a post later that will be breaking down everything you need to know about the Day 2 buy-in tomorrow!

Next Round of Main Event Photos

Mike Shariati

Aaron Messmer 

Bill Klein 

Gladys Landegger

Deepinder Singh 

Nearly 150 Players at the First Break

We told you guys today would be the biggest of the three flights, and that is proving to be true, as we already have 147 players entered on the first break of the day. Remember the buy-in is $1,100 today, and the top 25% of players will be bagging and advancing to the finals tomorrow.

Stay tuned for another round of photos, and more updates from this Main Event Day 1C!

First Round of Player Photos Today

Nick Phoenix 

Sean Jazayeri

Said El Harrak 

John Misirian 

Matt "DVD" Schultz 

Cards in the Air: Final Cardplayer Tour Main Event Flight

The third and final starting session for the latest Cardplayer Tour Main Event has just started up here in the tournament ballroom. After two days of qualifying, Peter Chu leads the final 62 Day 2 survivors.

This final $1,100 starting session will see registration open until 6:30 PM tonight. Don't forget that we also have the Day 2 buy-ins still to come tomorrow, and we have two $470 satellites today at 4 and 8 PM, guaranteeing three Day 2 seats in each! Stay tuned for updates from this final flight, which should be a massive one!

Day 2 Return List for the Main Event

Schedule for Today: Saturday, October 19th

11:30 AM - Cardplayer Tour Main Event Flight 1C. $1,100 buy-in. 30,000 starting stack.  Registration open until 6:30 PM.

4 PM - Mega Satellite for Day 2 Buy-in.  $470 buy-in. Three $4,300 Seats Guaranteed for Tomorrow's Finals. Registration Open Until 6:10 PM.

8 PM - Mega Satellite for Day 2 Buy-in.  $470 buy-in. Three $4,300 Seats Guaranteed for Tomorrow's Finals. Registration Open Until 10:10 PM.