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Sunday, December 1, 2019

By the Numbers: $400 HORSE Event

The HORSE Event today saw a crowd of 93 players, which created a prizepool of $30,690. The top 14 players will all earn at least $640, and first place will earn $9,185 and the WSOP Circuit ring.

Scroll down for all of the payouts, and good luck to everyone still in!

1st.  $9,185  
2nd. $5,680  
3rd.  $3,790  
4th.  $2,625  
5th.  $1,890  
6th.  $1,415  
7th.  $1,105  
8th.  $900  
9th.  $765  
10th-12th.  $685  
13th-14th.  $640

What's Coming Up: Start of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event

Tomorrow we kick off the latest $250,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Ring Event here at the Bike. This tournament always draws a huge crowd, and this one should be no different. We have two $400 flights tomorrow at 10 AM and 4 PM, with registration in both flights available for six hours. The top 15% of players will be advancing to the Day 2 finals on Wednesday, where anyone who hasn't already qualified can buy-in directly for $2,400.

Good luck everyone!

Some Chip Counts in the Money of the $50,000 Guaranteed Event

The bubble has burst after six hands of hand-for-hand play in the morning event, meaning the 35 remaining players are all $400 richer. Below you will see a few of the notables who are in the money. Be sure to come back in the morning to find out who took down this event!

Blinds: 1,500-3,000 Average: 65,000

Peter Hengsakul - 195,000
Lee Gale - 110,000
Tai Purpero - 45,000
Said El Harrak - 35,000
Adam Weinraub - 15,000

First Break of the HORSE Event

Over on the other side of the room, the tables are filling up in the $400 HORSE Event, as we now have 77 players returning from their first break of the day. Registration will remain open in this event until about 7:15 PM tonight, so you still have plenty of time to come on down and join us for all of the Mixed Game action!

Congratulations to Mike Cean, Winner of the Opening Ring Event!

It seemed destined for Mike Cean to take home the first ring of the series. He started the day as the chip leader, lost it for a brief moment at the start of the final table, but quickly took it back and never looked back from there. Cean really began to steamroll the table when they went to five handed, and he continued that pace until the final hand.

That hand saw Lang Lee move all in preflop holding [8s][8c]. Cean thought for a few moments before calling with [Jd][10s], and he shot out to the lead on the flop of [10h][6d][5d]. The [9c] turn changed nothing, and the [Js] on the river gave Cean an unnecessary second pair.

Lee will have to settle for $13,340, while the first place prize of $21,600, and the ring, will be going home with Cean. Amazingly, he told us after that the win that this was only his second tournament ever. Congratulations to Mihalache Cean, who takes the early lead in the Player of the Series race!

Albert Tsai Eliminated in 3rd Place ($9,460)

Albert Tsai and Mike Cean were heads up on a flop of [7c][4s][3c]. Tsai got the rest of his chips in holding Ace-Seven, good enough for top pair, but he was drawing very thin, as Cean had flopped the nuts with [6s][5c]. A five on the turn gave Tsai outs for a chop, but the river didn't bring him any luck.

Just like that, we are heads up, with Cean holding a mammoth lead over Lang Lee: 7,500,000 to 700,000.

Massoumeh Kharazmi Eliminated in 4th Place ( $6,830)

Massoumeh Kharazmi valiantly gridded the short stack for virtually the entire final table, and she was able to get all the way up to fourth place before busting to an unfortunate river. She got her final few chips in the middle preflop holding [9h][7d], and she was behind the [Ac][8s] of Lang Lee. The flop of [10h][5h][4h] didn't change anything, but the [7c] turn gave Kharazmi second pair and the lead. However, the [6d] came on the river, giving Lee a straight, and sending Kharazmi to the rail in 4th place.

Here is how the final three currently stack up, with the blinds at 40,000-80,000.

Mike Cean - 5,500,000
Albert Tsai - 1,450,000
Lang Lee - 1,200,000

Tsai Doubles Through Cean

Mike Cean and Albert Tsai were heads up on a flop of [Ac][10h][9h], and Tsai checked to Cean, who bet out 225,000. Tsai check raised all in for his final 730,000, and Cean thought for over a minute before calling.

Cean: [Ks][10d]
Tsai: [Qh][Jd]

Tsai was very much alive, as any paint card or eight would do for him, and the [Kh] came right on the turn to give Tsai a straight. Cean could still catch a king or a ten to make a full house but the [6h] came on the river instead.

Tsai doubled up to 1.8 million, while Cean is still the comfortable leader with 4.2 million.

By the Numbers: $50,000 Guaranteed Event

This afternoon's $50,000 Guaranteed Event saw a crowd of 230 players come out, meaning the Bike had to kick in $4,000 to cover the overlay. The final 35 players will be finishing in the money tonight, with first place taking home $11,550, and the WSOP Circuit Ring.

Check out the full payouts below, and good luck to everyone still alive!

1. $11,550
2. $7,145
3. $5,085
4. $3,690
5. $2,730
6. $2,060
7. $1,590
8. $1,250
9. $1,005
10-12. $825
13-15. $695
16-18. $595
19-21. $525
22-24. $475
25-27. $435
28-30. $415
31-35. $400

Robert Salmone Eliminated in 5th Place ($5,020)

We caught up with the action on the turn, with the board reading [Ks][8d][2s][5c]. Mike Cean and Robert Salmone were heads up, and Salmone had the all in triangle in front of him. He was all in for about 650,000, which appeared to be a pot sized bet. Cean thought for about 90 seconds before calling with [Kh][10h], and Salmone said "good call," as he tabled [Ad][10d].

The river brought another eight, and Cean pumped his fist as he dragged another massive pot. With four players left, Cean holds a monster chip lead with 4.8 million. His next closest competitor, Lang Lee, has about 1.9 million.

Rupesh Pattni Crippled, Eliminated in 6th Place ($3,760)

Rupesh Pattni came into the final table with a slight chip lead, after scoring the first knockout of the day. But he was never able to get any traction going from there, and he was just knocked out in sixth place. 

Most of the damage was done when he and fellow short stack Massoumeh Kharazmi got their chips in the middle preflop. Kharazmi had Ace-Ten, and was dominating the Ace-Four of Pattni. The board didn't improve either player, and the ten kicker stayed in play the whole time for Kharazmi. 

That knocked Pattni down to just a couple of big blinds, and he would bust shortly after to the Ace-King of Robert Salmone, the man who spiked a two outer on the turn against Pattni to double up less than an hour ago. 

Lee Hits the River to Double Up

Mike Cean and Lang Lee were heads up on a flop of [9c][8c][3s], when Lang Lee got his final 645,000 chips in the middle. Cean thought for a while before calling with [Qh][8h], and he was slightly ahead of the [Jc][4c] of Lee.

Lee would pick up a small pair on the [4s] turn, but still needed to improve by the river. The [Jh] did just that, as he made two pair to score a big double up to a little less than two million. Cean is still the chip leader with over three million.

Alan Myerson Eliminated in 7th Place ($2,865)

Alan Myerson moved all in from the button for his final 380,000 or so, and in the big blind, Massoumeh Kharazmi called with a virtually identical stack.

Myerson: [Kh][8s]
Kharazmi: [Ah][10s]

The flop came down Ace-Jack-Jack, and Myerson was drawing dead by the turn. Kharazmi scored a virtual double up to about 800,000, while Myerson will have to settle for seventh place.

Fresh Counts From the Final Seven

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 Average: 1,240,000

Mike Cean - 3,400,000
Robert Salmone - 1,100,000
Albert Tsai - 1,100,000
Lang Lee - 900,000
Rupesh Pattni - 750,000
Massoumeh Kharazmi - 520,000
Alan Myerson - 490,000

Marshall Valentine Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,230)

After getting a few shoves through, Marshall Valentine tried one more time, shoving all in from the small blind for his final 400,000. Chip leader Mike Cean was in the big blind, and he called with [Qs][5s]. He was ahead of the [10s][7c] of Valentine, and neither player would pair up on the board, keeping Cean's queen high as the winning hand.

We will post updated chip counts for the final seven players shortly.

Salmone Spikes Turn to Double Through Pattni

Robert Salmone moved all in for his final 545,000, about 11 big blinds, and Rupesh Pattni called with [Ad][9d]. Salmone flipped over [4h][4d], and Pattni shout out to the lead on the flop of [As][Qs][8c]. However, the [4s] came right on the turn to give Salmone an unbeatable set.

He doubles up to almost a million, while Pattni is still doing fine with about 1.1 million.

Tsai Doubles Through Valentine

Action started with Albert Tsai moving all in from early position for his final 585,000. Two seats over, Marshall Valentine called, leaving himself just 150,000 behind.

Action folded around to Lang Lee, who thought for quite a while before open mucking [Ah][Qh].

Tsai: [10c][10d]
Valentine: [As][Qd]

The board ran down [7c][3s][7h][6s][6c], and the tens held for Tsai to push his stack to over 1.2 million. On the flip side, Valentine is now the short stack with about 200,000.

Dave Banerjee Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,765)

Alan Myerson moved all in from the cutoff, and in the big blind, Dave Banerjee called all in for less with pocket deuces. Myerson flipped over [Ac][Qs], and they were off to the races. The flop of [10s][9s][4s] gave Myerson a world of outs, and a jack on the turn gave him a few more. He would need those specific outs, as the [Kh] came on the river to give Myerson an unbeatable flush.

That gets us down to just eight players now. We will post fresh chip counts for everyone still in when we get down to seven.

Cards in the Air: $400 HORSE Event

Over on the other side of the tournament floor, the Mixed Game players are assembling for the $400 HORSE ring event! This is a two day event, with the finals kicking off tomorrow at 1 PM. Registration will be available until about 7:20 PM tonight.

Good luck everyone!

Lee Doubles Through Banerjee

Dave Banerjee and Lang Lee got into an all in confrontation preflop, with Lee's Ace-Queen dominating the Ace-Ten on Banerjee. The flop of [8h][3s][3d] gave Banerjee some chop outs, but no further help was provided.

Lee is now up to almost a million after that hand, while Banerjee is now the severe short stack with about 200,000.

Not Much Action at the Final Table

We haven't made a post about the final table in a while because there hasn't been too much to report on. The most active player has been Massoumeh Kharazmi, who has gotten a few shoves through on the short stack. Mihalche Cean has retaken the chip lead with about 2.4 million, and Rupesh Pattni is currently in second with about 1.8 million.

Possible Overlay in the $50,000 Guaranteed Event

Over in the $50,000 Guaranteed Event, we have just crossed over the 200 player marker, which means that with 45 minutes left in registration, the Bike is currently adding a little less than $10,000. Come on down and join us to take advantage!

Valentine Doubles Through Cean

Marshall Valentine got his final chips in the middle holding pocket queens, and he had the pocket jacks of Mike Cean just outpipped. The flop brought three under cards, and a third queen on the turn sealed the double for Valentine.

He is up to about 800,000 after that hand, while Cean is down to 1.3 million.

Final Table Photos From the $75,000 Guaranteed Event

Seat 1: Robert Salmone - 825,000

Seat 2: Alan Myerson - 1,050,000

Seat 3: Lang Lee - 925,000

Seat 4: Massoumeh  Kharazmi - 370,000

Seat 5: Albet Tsai - 400,000

Seat 6: Dave Banerjee - 650,000

Seat 7: Rupesh Pattni - 1,900,000

Seat 8: Marshall Valentine - 445,000

Seat 9: Mike Cean - 1,840,000

The $75,000 Guaranteed Finals Are Underway

There was a bit of confusion to start the day, as the final 10 players were originally drawn to two tables of five. However, the floor staff then decided to do a one table redraw, so everyone was given a new seat.

On the first hand of the unofficial final table, short stack Brian Li shoved all in with Ace-Ten, and he was called by Rupesh Pattni with Ace-King. Pattni flopped a king, but Li also picked up a broadway draw. It wouldn't come through though, and Li was sent packing in 10th.

We will post photos of the final nine shortly.

Day 2 Return List for the $75,000 Guaranteed Event

Schedule for Today: Sunday, December 1st

10 AM - $50,000 Guaranteed Ring Event. $250 buy-in. 10,000 starting chips. Registration open until 2:20 PM. Two Day Event. Finals tomorrow at 1 PM

3 PM - $400 HORSE Ring Event. Registration open until 7:20 PM. Two Day Event

8 PM - Nightly Mega Satellite. $300 buy-in. At least three $1,700 Main Event Seats Guaranteed

Cards in the Air: $50,000 Guaranteed Event

The second ring event of the series has just kicked off here at the Bicycle Casino. This event has a guarantee of $50,000, and a buy-in of $250. Registration will be open until about 2:20 PM today, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us.

Good luck all!