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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

All of the Details for Tomorrow's Day 2 Buy-in

Tomorrow, the Day 2 finals of the $250,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Event will be starting up at 12 PM. Players who have yet to earn their seats to these finals will be able to come on down and buy-in directly for $2,400. For that money, you will be given 200,000 in chips, which will be 66 big blinds to start, as the blinds are rolling back to 2,000-3,000. 

Registration will be available until the end of the first break, which will be about 1:45 PM. We will be here all day tomorrow to bring you all of the updates, so be sure to come back and join us then! 

By the Numbers: Third Monster Stack Flight

The first flight today saw a crowd of 225 players come out to play, meaning the final 34 players will all be making it through to tomorrow's finals.

The second flight of the day is in full swing right now, with over 125 players entered as the first break approaches. Registration is open until 10 PM tonight. Come join us!

1-34th. Advance to Day 2

The Final Monster Stack Flight Has Started!

The fourth and final Monster Stack session is underway. Registration will be open until 10 PM tonight, so you have most of the night to come down and join us.

Remember the top 15% will be moving on to tomorrow's finals, where player will be buying in directly for $2,400 to boost up the prize pool. Good luck all!

Halfway Through Registration in the Morning Flight

We have just hit the three hour marker in the opening Monster Stack flight today, and the clock says 151 players entered so far. Registration will remain open until 4 PM today, so you still have plenty of time to come on down and join us here today.

Remember that the fourth and final flight of this event starts at 4 PM as well, and registration there won't close until 10 PM, so you have all day to come down and try to earn your seat into tomorrow's Day 2 finals!

Cards in the Air: Tuesday Morning Monster Stack Flight

The second day of qualifying in the $250,000 Guaranteed Event has just started up here at the Bicycle Casino! Yesterday saw 50 players make the Day 2 finals, and you can view that list a couple of posts down the page. This is the first of two more starting sessions today, with the second one starting when registration closes for this one, at 4 PM. 

The buy-in will be $400 today, and the top 15% will be advancing to tomorrow's finals. Good luck everyone! 

Schedule for Today: Tuesday, December 3rd

10 AM - $250,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Morning Flight. Ring Event. $400 buy-in. 30,000 starting chips. Registration open until 4 PM.  Day 2 on Wednesday, December 4th at 1 PM

4 PM - $250,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Morning Flight. Ring Event. $400 buy-in. 30,000 starting chips. Registration open until 10 PM.  Day 2 on Wednesday, December 4th at 1 PM

8 PM - Nightly Mega Satellite. $300 buy-in. At least three $1,700 Main Event Seats Guaranteed

Day 2 Return List for the Monster Stack Event

Yesterday saw 50 players advance to the Day 2 finals of the Monster Stack Event, with David Gutierrez pacing the field with a huge stack of 535,000. He has a slew of Bike regulars right behind him though, with Javid Javani, Nathan Bjerno, Tim Tang, John De La Garza, and Jason Bral all bagging up top ten stacks. 

The full list of survivors from yesterday can be viewed by clicking here. Don't forget that we have two more starting sessions today at 10 AM and 4 PM, and players will also have the option to buy-in directly on Day 2 for $2,400. 

Good luck everyone! 

Congratulations to Adam Kipnis, Winner of the $400 HORSE Event

Yesterday saw Bike regular Adam Kipnis take down his first WSOP Circuit ring, along with $9,185. He defeated Alan Myerson heads up, marking Myerson's second final table in a row, after finish sixth in the opening $75,000 event. Scroll down for a full list of final table results, and congratulations to Kipnis on his ring and win!

Photo courtesy of Eric Lusch of WSOP.com 

1. Adam Kipnis - $9,185
2. Alan Myerson - $5,680
3. Omar Mehmood - $3,790
4. Denis Bilodeau - $2,625
5. Rikk Sungwoo - $1,890
6. Timothy Pong - $1,415
7. Hermilo Vagas - $1,105
8. Chris Grigorian - $900
9. Gina Hecht - $765