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Saturday, December 7, 2019

What's Coming Up: Start of the WSOPC Main Event

Tomorrow is the day that many of you have been waiting for, as the latest WSOP Circuit Main Event will be kicking off at 12 PM. The winner of this event usually takes home over $150,000, along with the seat to the WSOPC National Championship, so you won't want to mis this one!

Registration for the Main Event will be open until the end of the final break, around 9:40 PM, and there is a second flight at 12 PM on Monday if you can't play tomorrow. If you want to try to get in on the cheap, we have $300 satellites at 11 AM, 4 PM, and 8 PM. All of them are guaranteeing at least five Main Event seats.

Make sure you don't miss out on all of the fun!

Some Chippies on the Money Bubble of the $600 Event

Blind: 3,000-5,000 Average: 122,000

Victor Kruglov - 320,000
Sean Yu - 300,000
Massoud Eskandari - 225,000
Jared Kawalsky - 145,000
Steven Spunt - 130,000
Rupesh Pattni - 100,000
Dana Kellstrom - 90,000
Sohale Khalili - 75,000

Huge Turnout for the Second Main Event Satellite

We had a bit of an overlay in the first Main Event satellite this morning, but we more than made up for it in the second satellite. We got a field of 68 players, which means that the top 10 players will all be taking home a discounted seat, and 11th place will earn most of the buy-in to get there.

We have one more satellite tonight that starts up at 8 PM, with registration open until 10:10 PM tonight.

1-10th. $1,700 WSOPC Main Event Seat
11th. $1,360

By the Numbers: $75,000 Guaranteed Event

We had a big turnout for our morning $600 Ring Event, as a total of 178 players came out to play. That created a prize pool of $91,670, money that will be handed out to the final 27 players. First place will be taking home nearly $23,000, and the Circuit Ring. Scroll down for all of the payouts, and good luck to everyone still in!

1. $22,775
2. $14,070
3. $9,860
4. $7,070
5. $5,190
6. $3,900
7. $3,000
8. $2,365
9. $1,915
10-12. $1,590
13-15. $1,360
16-18. $1,190
19-21. $1,075
22-24. $1,000
25-27. $960

Congratulations to Michael Dollins, Winner of the $1,125 Ring Event

An hour ago, there were still seven players vying for the title in this $1,125 Ring Event. Now, that ring has been claimed by Michael Dollins, who scored a big double up on one of the first hands of the final table, and never looked back. On the final hand of the event, he was in great shape, holding [Jh][Jc] against the [Kd][8c] of Andrew Ostapchenko.

The flop of [Jd][10h][7h] gave Dollins top set, but Ostapchenko still had a gutshot straight draw. That wouldn't matter though, as another seven on the turn gave Dollins an unbeatable full house. Ostapchenko will take home $17,035 for his efforts, while Dollins will pocket $27,565, and his first WSOP Circuit ring.

Congratulations to Dollins on his well deserved ring, and thank you for tuning into the live updates!

Andrew Ostapchenko - 2nd place 

Ostapchenko Doubles Through Dollins

Andrew Ostapchenko moved all in for his final 80,000 or so, and Michael Dollins made the call with [2h][2c]. Ostapchenko was well ahead with [6d][6h], and his overpair held on the runout of [Kh][Qc][9s][7h][4h].

Ostapchenko got his first double up of the heads up match, but unfortunately for him, it only got him a bit above what he started heads up play with. He still has a long road ahead to get close to even.

Ryan Lenaghan Eliminated in 3rd Place ($11,495)

Blinds: 5,000-10,000

It looked destined for Ryan Lenaghan and Michael Dollins to get heads up in this one, but a huge all in confrontation has just seen Dollins take out Lenaghan to get us to heads up play.

Action started with Dollins raising to 25,000. Lenaghan three bet to 100,000, and it folded back to Dollins. He thought for about 45 seconds before cutting out a reraise of 280,000, and sliding it in.

In a flash, Lenaghan rechecked his cards, announced all in, and Dollins beat him into the pot with the call.

Dollins: [Ad][As]
Lenaghan: [Ah][Kh]

The flop of [Qs][9h][2c] left Lenaghan drawing to running cards for the win, and while the [Jd] turn was one of them, the [3d] river was not.

It was confirmed that Dollins had Lenaghan covered, and he is now up to over 2.2 million, while Andrew Ostapchenko, who made over $6,000 on that hand by standing on the sidelines, has an uphill battle ahead of him with 150,000.

Emad Bastawros Eliminated in 4th Place ($8,015)

After a raise from Emad Bastawros on the button, Ryan Lenaghan shoved all in, easily having the two remaining players in the hand covered. Andrew Ostapchenko folded his big blind, but Bastawros quickly called.

Bastawros: [Ah][Kh]
Lenaghan: [10d][8d]

Lenaghan was drawing live, and while he didn't get any help on the [Qd][7s][2c] flop, the [8s] on the turn shot him into the lead. Bastawros was hoping for an ace or a king on the river, but the [3c] came instead.

This leaves us three handed, and you can see the updated chip counts below. We nearly got to heads up play just now, but Ostapchenko was able to survive a flip with pocket sevens against the King-Jack of Lenaghan to score a small double up.

The blind are currently 5,000-10,000, and we might still have a ways to go, as the average stack is 783,000.

Michael Dollins -1,140,000
Ryan Lenaghan - 995,000
Andrew Ostapchenko - 185,000

Matthew Yorra Eliminated in 5th Place ($5,785)

Matthew Yorra had done quite a job of laddering up at this final table, as he has been on the short stack virtually the entire time. However, he finally was called down when he shoved with [Ac][Js], and he was well behind the [Ah][Qs] of Ryan Lenaghan. The flop of [10d][3h][10s] gave Yorra some hopes for a chop, but the turn and river didn't deliver on those .

Just like that, we are down to four players in this $1,125 Ring Event. They all have over $8,000 locked up.

Joo Park Eliminated in 6th Place ($4,330)

Joo Park shoved all in from under the gun for his final 70,000 and change, and right behind him, Emad Bastawros shoved all in for more.

Park: [8s][8c]
Bastawros: [6s][6d]

The flop of [Ad][5d][5c] was a bit of a tease for Bastawros, who asked for a six on the turn. That card was the [Qc], and he asked for a six on the river now. Just like that, the deal produced the [6c], and Park shot out of his chair in disgust. Bastawros collected the pot to up his stack to over 200,000, and get us to five handed play.

Fresh Counts From the Final Six

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 Average: 420,000

Michael Dollins - 1,030,000
Ryan Lenaghan - 760,000
Andrew Ostapchenko - 240,000
Emad Bastawros - 140,000
Matthew Yorra - 95,000
Joo Park - 75,000

Maxwell Young Eliminated in 7th Place ($3,360)

Blind: 4,000-8,000

Ryan Lenaghan raised to 18,000, and Maxwell Young three bet it to 48,000. It folded back around to Lenaghan, and he four bet shoved, having Young covered. Young quickly made the call with [Kh][Kc], and he was well out in front of the [Ac][7c] of Lenaghan.

The flop of [4c][3s][2s] gave Lenaghan a few more outs, as did the [Jc] on the turn. He needed an ace, five, or club, and the river was the [Qc]. The chips were counted down, and Lenaghan scored the knockout to get up to over 700,000.

The Second Main Event Satellite Has Started

We are kicking off another $300 WSOP Circuit Main Event satellite on the other side of the tournament ballroom. The first one today got a field of 25 players, which meant there was a bit of an overlay. Just like that satellite, this one is guaranteeing at least five seats, and registration will be one until 6:10 PM this evening.

Remember the Main Event has $1,700 flights tomorrow and Monday at 12 PM. Don't miss out on it!

Daniel Song Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,710)

Blinds: 4,000-8,000

Daniel Song opened the action by moving all in for his final 90,000, and a few seats over, Emad Bastawros shoved all in for more. Everyone else folded, and Song said "this is the worst hand I was shoving with," as he tabled [Jc][9c]. He was drawing live against the [Ad][Qd] of Bastawros, but he was drawing thin after the flop came down [Ah][8d][6s]. Song did pick up a jack on the turn, but he didn't get anymore help on the river.

This leaves us with just seven players now. Once we lose one more, we will post updated chip counts for the remaining six. We can confirm that Michael Dollins still maintains an overwhelming chi plead, as he has about 900,000 in chips right now.

Brent Hart Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,275)

Blinds: 4,000-8,000

Action started with Brent Hart raising it up from the hijack, and Maxwell Young three bet to 50,000 on the button. Hart four bet shoved for around 120,000, and Young made the call to put him at risk.

Hart: [7s][7h]
Young: [As][8d]

The flop of [10c][8s][2d] gave Young the lead, and the [Kd] turn and [Jc] river kept him out in front. He's back up to about 370,000 after that hand, while Hart is the first to hit the rail at this final table.

Kim Doubles Through Young

Blinds: 3,000-6,000

Joo Kim shoved all in for his final 80,000 or so, and it folded around to Maxwell Young in the big blind. He made the call with [Kc][Qh], and he was well out in front of the [Ks][Jc] of Kim. However, the flop of [Jd][9c][3s] gave Kim top pair, and shot him out into the lead. Young was looking for a queen or a ten now, but he wouldn't catch either on the turn or river.

Kim doubled up to about 170,000, while Young took a tumble down to 240,000.

Dollins Scores Massive Double Through Song

Blinds: 3,000-6,000

On the second half of the final table, the two chip leaders clashed in what was surely the biggest pot of the event so far. It was a battle of the blinds, as Michael Dollins started by raising to 13,000 in the small blind. Daniel Song three bet to 42,000, and Dollins fired back with a four bet to 120,000.

Song called, and the flop came down [Qs][10d][7d]. Dollins bet out 115,000, and after over a minute in the tank, Song moved all in. Dollins thought for quite some time himself before he announced a call, and the cards were tabled.

Song: [As][Kc]
Dollins: [Ac][10c]

A few of the players at the table couldn't help but to express some surprise when the cards were shown, as Dollins was in a great position to secure the chip lead. The [4s] turn and [9c] river kept him in the lead, giving Dollins the massive 800,000 chip pot.

Meanwhile, Song is suddenly one of the shorter stacks with 175,000.

Final Table Photos and Updated Counts

Seat 1: Andrew Ostapchenko - 151,000

Seat 2: Maxwell Young - 315,000

Seat 3: Matthew Yorra.- 118,000

Seat 4: Michael Dollins - 412,000

Seat 5: Daniel Song - 592,000

Seat 6: Joo Park - 98,000

Seat 7: Emad Bastawros - 200,000

Seat 8: Ryan Lenaghan - 312,000

Seat 9: Brent Hart - 150,000

The Guarantee Has Been Met in the Morning Event

We are going to have an overlay in our morning WSOP Circuit Main Event satellite, but one tournament where there won't be an overlay is in our $75,000 Guaranteed Event. We have nearly 150 players already there already, and registration is still open until just after 4:30 PM, so there's a good chance the prize pool will be over $100,000 when the dust settles.

Come on down and join us!

Just 10 Remain in the $1,125 Event

It has taken less than 30 minutes for Jared Griener to bust in 13th, Dana Kellstrom in 12th, and Phil Laak in 11th. This leaves us with just ten players, and after one more bust out, the final table of nine players will be formed.

At that point, we will grab photos and updated chip counts for everyone, and begin posting all of the eliminations, double ups, and more, so don't go anywhere!

Field Update in the High Roller Event

There are still plenty of seats available over in the Legends of Poker room High Roller Event. The clock says 21 entries so far, and there is a cap of 45, so come on down today and take your shot at the first of two high rollers this weekend.

Good luck to all those still in, and stay tuned for a few more updates from this event.

Overlay Alert in the Morning Satellite

We have three satellites for tomorrow's WSOP Circuit Main Event today, and the first of the day is looking like it will have an overlay. There are five seats guaranteed in this satellite, and with an hour left in registration, only 20 players have entered so far. We need over 30 to reach the guarantee, so we are looking at a potential overlay.

Come on down and join us for this satellite. If this is too early for you, we have another satellite starting at 4 PM. Good luck everyone!

Cards in the Air: $75,000 Guaranteed Event

We are kicking off the final preliminary ring event here at the Bike. This event has a buy-in of $600, and a guarantee of $75,000. Registration will be open in this event until 4:30 PM, and re-entry is available in that time as well.

Good luck everyone!

Day 2 Return List for the $1,125 Ring Event

Schedule for Today: Saturday, December 7th

10 AM - $75,000 Ring Event. $600 buy-in. 20,000 in starting chips. Registration open until 4:30 PM. Day 2 finals tomorrow at 1 PM.

12 PM - $10,000 High Roller Event. Limited to 45 players. 250,000 starting stack. Two Day Event. Finals tomorrow at 12 PM.

12 PM - Main Event Mega Satellite. $300 buy-in. Registration open until 2:10 PM. At least five $1,700 Main Event Seats Guaranteed

4 PM - Main Event Mega Satellite. $300 buy-in. Registration open until 6:10 PM. At least five $1,700 Main Event Seats Guaranteed

8 PM - Nightly Mega Satellite. $300 buy-in. Registration open until 10:10 PM . At least five $1,700 Main Event Seats Guaranteed