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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Only 12 Players Remain Now

We are in the final level of the night, and only 12 players remain now. The latest round of bust outs included John Canter in 15th place, Julie Dang in 14th place, and Ophir Atar in 13th. Atar's final chips went to Jeremy Kottler, who is the new chip leader after that hand, with over 2.5 million

Play will be wrapping up within the hour. Stay tuned to find out of Kottler maintains his chip lead!

Tate Busts Jazayeri in Shocking Fashion

We normally wait until the final table to post specific hand updates, but this runout had to be shared. Former WPT Champion Sean Jazayeri got his final chips in preflop against Ronnie Tate, and Jazayeri was in great shape, holding [Ac][Kh] to the [Ad][Jh] of Tate.

Jazayeri strengthened his lead after the flop came down [Ah][Ks][10s], but Tate could still win with a queen. The [Jd] on the turn meant that a queen would chop, and another jack would win the hand for Tate. Amazingly, the dealer burn and dealt the [Jc] on the river, drawing a huge reaction from everyone at the table.

Jazayeri silently shook his head, but took the beat in stride, wishing the table luck as he headed to the payout desk.

This leaves us with 15 players left, with 90 minutes remaining in the day.

Last Break of the Night in Both Our Events

Time is running out in both our Main Event Day 2 finals, and the High Roller Day 1, as they are each on their final breaks of the evening. The Main Event has 16 players left, after Michael Rossitto busted in 18th, and Roy Chambers in 17th place. Local Bike regulars Said El Harrak and Ophir Atar are current at the top of the chip counts.

In the High Roller, we have 46 players remaining out of the 76 that have registered so far. Brian Mancilla and John Abdol are the chip leaders over there.

Stay tuned to find out who bags the leads in both of these events!

What's Coming Up: Final Day of WSOPC Ring Action

As the title indicates, tomorrow is the final day of WSOP Circuit action here at the Bike, but the series will continue to roll on with a $250,000 Guaranteed Quantum Event, which is also starting up tomorrow.

First, the day kicks off with the final Ring Event, a $40,000 Guaranteed one day event. The buy-in is $250, and registration will be open until 2:20 PM.

Also don't forget that registration for the $3,250 High Roller Event will remain open until the 1 PM restart, so it's still not too late to get into that relatively small field. At 4 PM, the aforementioned $250,000 Guaranteed Event will be starting up, where the buy-in is also $250. Registration will be available until 8 PM, and we will have more Day 1 flights coming for you guys until Saturday evening.

Be sure to come on down and try to win some money before the holidays here at the Bicycle Casino!

Seating Chart and Chip Counts for the Final 18

We are down to just two tables now, and you can view the full seating chart and chip counts for all 18 players remaining. For more live updates on this main event, be sure to also check out the hardworking folks of Pokernews.com.

Table 5

Seat 1: Bobby Suer - 721,000
Seat 2: Abbas Moradi - 905,000
Seat 3: John Canter - 270,000
Seat 4: Andrew Moran Guzman - 1,050,000
Seat 5: Michael Rossito - 300,000
Seat 6: Ronnie Tate - 360,000
Seat 7: Julie Dang - 370,000
Seat 8: Roy Chambers - 245,000
Seat 9: Brock Wilson - 760,000

Table 6

Seat 1: Ping Liu - 320,000
Seat 2: Said El Harrak - 1,500,000
Seat 3: Fadi Hamad - 890,000
Seat 4: Khanh Nguyen - 1,300,000
Seat 5: Sean Jazayeri - 975,000
Seat 6: Jeremy Kottler - 1,260,000
Seat 7: Sal Rassibi - 720,000
Seat 8: Lacy Burke - 1,340,000
Seat 9: Ophir Atar - 1,400,000

Latest Round of Main Event Busotuts: 19-27th Places

The final two tables have just been redrawn, and we will get some fresh chip counts for you guys shortly. In the meantime, these three players took home $6,160 for their efforts today.

19. Vuong Do
20. Kevork Srabian
21. Dylan Wilkerson

These three all won $5,250 tonight.

22. Andrew Ostapchenko
23. Marco Johnson
24.  Robert Sumpter

And lastly, these three all earned $4,545 tonight.

25. Sohale Khalili
26. Owen Crowe
27. Frank Mariani

We Have Reached the Guarantee in the High Roller Event

Players are taking their mini dinner break over in the High Roller Event, where the clock says we have 68 total entries. That means that we have officially crossed over the $200,000 Guarantee in that event. Of course, the prize pool will only be increasing tonight, and tomorrow morning, as registration will be available until later Day 2 restart tomorrow at 1 PM.

Good luck to all those still in the event!

By the Numbers: $565 Survivor Event

Over on the other side of the tournament ballroom, registration has officially closed in the $565 Survivor Event. A total of 75 players came out to play, meaning that the final seven will all be taking home an even $5,000. Eighth place will take home a decent payday of $2,500. Thank you to everyone who came out for the Survivor Event. Good luck to those still in!

1-7th. $5,000
8th. $2,500

Dinner Time in the Main Event

As expected, the pace of play slowed down in the last hour or so, as we have 23 players heading to the dinner break tonight. Ophir Atar, Sal Rassibi, and Lacy Burke continue to set the pace, as they look to be the only players over a million chips at the moment.

The plan is to play four more levels tonight, but if we get down to the final table of nine before then, play will stop at that point. Stay tuned for more updates from this Main Event, and the High Roller!

Some Chippies From the Final 27

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 Average: 530,000

Ophir Atar - 1,300,000
Sean Jazayeri - 680,000
Marco Johnson - 530,000
Vuong Do - 500,000
Said El Harrak - 490,000
Ping Liu - 330,000
Dylan Wilkerson - 320,000
Bobby Suer - 280,000
Sohale Khalili - 245,000
Owen Crowe - 140,000

Latest Round of Bustouts: 28-36th Places

The eliminations haven't slowed down yet, as we are already down to the final three tables here in the Main Event. With the blinds currently at 5,000-10,000, and an average stack of 530,000, we expect the pace to slow down soon enough. These players just missed out on the final three table redraw. They took home $3,995.

28. Taylor Carroll
29. Nathan Bjerno
30. Stephen Brach

These three each earned $3,565.

31. Michael Waserman
32. Bill Klein
33. Craig Chat

And lastly, these three all won $3,230 tonight.

34. Sandeep Pulusani
35. Luis Yepez
36. Allen Pock

Some Snapshots From the High Roller Event

Over in the High Roller Event, they are taking their first break of the day. We spotted two former winners of this event in the field: Jesse Yaginuma, and Andrew Wisdom. 

Scroll down for those photos, and a few more, as that event continues to roll on. 

First Round of Eliminations: 37-45th Places

As always, we will be listing off every elimination as they come, now that we are down to the final four tables. These players below all took home $2,980 for their efforts.

37. Eric Gamboling
38. Wesley Cutshall
39. Peter Chu
40. Nikolai Sears
41. Frank Lin
42. Justin Brown
43. Victor Kruglov
44. Raymond Ho
45. Adam Volen

Cards in the Air: $565 Survivor Event

We are kicking off the final event of the day, and it is the always popular Survivor format! The buy-in for this event is $565, which means that the final 10% of players will all be taking home $5,000, regardless of how many chips they have at the time.

Registration will remain open tonight until 7:20 PM. Good luck all!

Fresh Counts From the Final 36

Local regular Ophir Atar has vaulted into the chip lead, after two big double ups where he flopped a set in each hand. He now has 1.3 million, and has more than triple the average stack at the moment.

Blinds: 4,000-8,000 Average: 405,000

Ophir Atar - 1,300,000
Vuong Do - 500,000
Owen Crowe - 500,000
Said El Harrak - 450,000
Sean Jazayeri  - 355,000
Marco Johnson - 305,000
Sohale Khalili - 260,000
Ping Liu - 240,000
Bobby Suer - 170,000
Craig Chait - 165,000

Over 40 Players in the High Roller So Far

We are on Level 3 of the High Roller Event today, and so far, 41 players have entered. There is a guarantee of $200,000 on this event, and we are well on our way to smashing that, as registration is open all the way until the start of Day 2 tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more updates from that event, and the Main Event, which is quickly down to just 40 players. We will post a new crop of chip counts when we reach the final four tables.

Updated Counts From the Final 54

Blinds: 3,000-6,000 Average: 270,000

Said El Harrak - 580,000
Vuong Do - 520,000
Owen Crowe - 450,000
Marco Johnson - 370,000
Sean Jazayeri - 290,000
Victor Kruglov - 255,000
Ophir Atar - 250,000
Bobby Suer - 180,000
Sohale Khalili - 170,000
Frank Lin - 140,000
Craig Chait - 115,000
Raymond Ho - 95,000

Cards in the Air: $3,250 High Roller Ring Event

The buy-ins keep going up in this latest WSOP Circuit stop, as we are now up to $3,250 for the High Roller Event. Registration for this event will be open until the start of Day 2 tomorrow, so you have all day to come on down and hop in on the action.

We will be going back and forth between the Main Event and High Roller event today, so be sure you don't go anywhere!

Some Local Players in the Money Today

Blinds: 3,0000-5,000 Average: 195,000

Sean Jazayeri - 335,000
Said El Harrak - 320,000
Victor Kruglov - 240,000
Bobby Suer - 230,000
Ophir Atar - 170,000
Marco Johnson - 140,000
Craig Chait - 135,000
Raymond Ho - 115,000
Frank Lin - 85,000
Sohale Khalili - 65,000
Massoud Eskandari - 65,000
Vontray Gardner - 45,000

We are Officially on the Bubble

The floor staff has made the announcement that we are about to start hand-for-hand play here in the WSOP Circuit Main Event. Once we lose one more player, everyone still in will have locked up at least $2,535.

Once we are in the money, we will post the first of several chip count updates for you guys, focusing on the local Bike regulars.

Final Payouts for the WSOP Circuit Main Event

1. $147,435
2. $91,100
3. $66,665
4. $49,415
5. $37,115
6. $28,250
7. $21,795
8. $17,045
9. $13,515
10-12. $10,870
13-15. $8,865
16-18. $7,335
19-21. $6,160
22-24. $5,250
25-27. $4,545
28-30. $3,995
31-33. $3,565
34-36. $3,230
37-45. $2,980
46-54. $2,790
55-63. $2,655
64-72 $2,570
73-74. $2,535

The Day 2 Finals Are Now Underway

It's time to restart the Main Event here at the Bicycle Casino. After two full days of play, only 100 players remain, and you can view that full list two posts down on this blog.

Players will be returning today to play ten one hour levels. Tomorrow, the final table will be played out on the Live at the Bike stage, and the winner will be earning a trip to Cherokee, North Carolina for the National Championship at the end of the season.

Good luck to all of our finalists today, and stay tuned for all of our updates!

The Final Satellite Has Started

We are ready to get the final satellite of the series going for you guys. Just like yesterday's satellites, the buy-in will be $500, and at least three discounted High Roller seats will be given out.

Click here for the full structure, and don't forget that the High Roller event is starting up at 2 PM, with registration open all day long.

Day 2 Return List for the WSOPC Main Event

We have exactly 100 players coming back for the Day 2 finals of the Main Event today. Thomas Emerson bagged the lead of his flight yesterday, but Robert Sumpter from the first flight remains the overall leader. You can click here for the full list of returning players.

Don't forget that the action resumes at 12 PM today, and we will be here all day to give you guys the updates, so don't go anywhere!