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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Congratulations to Andrew Wisdom, Winner of the High Roller Ring Event...Again

Andrew Wisdom started the heads up battle with Yash Jadhwani with a nice chip lead, but Jadhwani was able to claw his way back to nearly even at one point. However, Wisdom was once again able to knock his opponent down to the starting deficit, before he eventually got the best of him.

On the final hand, Jadhwani got his money in good preflop, holding [8c][8h] to the [Kd][4s] of Wisdom. However, a king popped right in the window, and he got a third king on the river for good measure.

Jadhwani earns $46,600, but the big story is Wisdom't victory here. Amazingly, this is the third year in a row that Wisdom got heads up in the December High Roller Event. He is now two for three, and for his efforts today, he takes home $75,390, and his second WSOP Circuit ring.

Congratulations to Andrew on his incredible performance, and thank you to everyone who played in the High Roller Event!

Yash Jadhwani - 2nd place 

Joo Park Eliminated in 3rd Place ($31,665)

Joo Park got his short stack in preflop holding [Qc][Jd], and he was flipping against the [9d][9c] of Yash Jadhwani.

The board ran down [Kh][7d][4h][3d][4d], and the nines held to get us to heads up play.

Amazingly, this is the third straight December High Roller that Andrew Wisdom has gotten heads up in. He won it the first time in 2017, taking home $72,420, and last December, he lost heads up to Aaron Messmer, pocketing $35,600.

Wisdom has a big advantage at the moment, with 2.5 million to the 800,000 of Jadhwani.

Massoud Eskandari Eliminated in 4th Place ($22,220)

Massoud Eskandari was able to mount a bit of a comeback, but it was short lived, as he busted out in 4th place. First, he lost a flip against Yash Jadhwani, when his pocket sixes held against the King-Ten of Eskandari.

On the next hand, Eskandari moved all in for 450,000 in the small blind, but Andrew Wisdom woke up with [Ac][Qs] in the big blind. No help would come for Eskandari, who busts out in fourth place.

Wisdom Scores Massive Double Through Eskandari

Massoud Eskandari raised to 80,000 first to act, and he was called by Andrew Wisdom on the button, and Joo Park in the small blind. The flop came down [Qc][Jh][2d], and Eskandari fired out 125,000. Wisdom was the only caller, and the [9d] hit the turn.

Eskandari slowed down with a check this time, and Wisdom fired 215,000. Eskandari thought for about a minute, eyeballing Wisdom's remaining chips a few times, before he announced all in. Wisdom immediately called with [Ksc[10c] for the nut straight, and Eskandari was drawing dead with [Qh][7h].

A seven came on the river to rub some salt in the wounds, and Eskandari shipped a massive double over to Wisdom. Eskandari is left with only about 150,000, while Wisdom has over two million now.

Fresh Counts From the Final Four on Break

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 Average: 830,000

Massoud Eskandari - 1,200,000
Andrew Wisdom - 1,080,000
Yash Jadhwani - 600,000
Joo Park - 480,000

Lee Gale Eliminated in 5th Place ($16,110)

The comeback is fully on for Joo Park. Down to as little as 12,000 at one point, he is now all the way up to 600,000. He got most of those on this last hand, where he busted Lee Gale to score a near double up.

Gale moved all in preflop holding [10d[8d], and Park put him at risk holding [Ah][Kc]. The flop of [9d][6h][6s] gave Gale a few extra outs, but he was able to hit one of his original outs, the [10h], on the turn.

However, his lead was short lived, as the [Kh] came on the river to give the hand to Park. The chips were counted down, and Park had Gale covered.

This leaves us with just four players left, and while Massoud Eskandari still has the chip lead, it's not as big as it once was, as Andrew Wisdom was able to score a double up through him a few hands before this.

Joo Park Crippled, Then Rallies

Blinds: 10,000-20,000

Joo Park lost nearly all of his chips after calling the three bet shove of Yash Jadhwani. Park had pocket sevens, but Jadhwani was way out in front with pocket kings. He would get a third king right in the window, and Park was drawing dead by the turn.

That left him with just 10,000 in chips, but he has since secured two double ups, and just like that, he is back to 150,000.

Tony Orr Eliminated in 6th Place ($12,090)

Four players went to a flop of [Js][4s][5h]. Tony Orr open shoved all in for his final 140,000, and Lee Gale called to put him at risk.

Orr: [Jh][8d]
Gale: [Kh][Jd]

Both players had flopped top pair, but Gale's kicker had him way out in front. The turn and river were both scare cards for Gale, but they were both safe, coming down [9s] turn and [10d] river.

This gets us to our final five players.

Chip Counts From the Final Six

Massoud Eskandari has opened up a big lead in this final table of six, as he has about half of the chips in play. Also still in contention is Andrew Wisdom, who is looking to get heads up for this title for the third time.

Blinds: 10,000-20,000 Average: 550,000

Massoud Eskandari - 1,550,000
Yash Jadhwani - 520,000
Andrew Wisdom - 385,000
Tony Orr- 340,000
Joo Park - 220,000
Lee Gale - 210,000

Brian Mancilla Eliminated in 7th Place ($9,395)

Brian Mancilla started the day as the chip leader, but by the time they got to the final table, he was the short stack. He just got his final chips in the middle preflop holding King-Jack, and Joo Park put him at risk with Eight-Five suited. Mancilla whiffed the board, while Park was able to pick up two pair, and he hit the rail in seventh place.

This gets us down to six players. We will post updated chip counts from the final six shortly.

Mohsin Charania Eliminated in in 8th Place ($7,575)

Mohsin Charania got all of his chips in the middle preflop holding [Ks][10s], and behind him, Yash Jadhwani moved all in for more with [Ac][Qc]. Charania had two live cards, but the flop was a disaster for him, coming down [Ah][9d][5d].

A seven on the turn left Charania drawing dead, and he hit the rail in eighth place.

Congratulations to Said El Harrak, Winner of the WSOP Circuit Main Event!

Said El Harrak was able to grind Ronnie Tate down to his final two million and change when the final hand occurred. Tate got his chips in the middle holding [Ac][Qh], and he was ahead of the [Kd][10d] of El Harrak. 

The flop came down [9c][8h][7d], giving El Harrak an open ended straight draw. A jack came right on the turn to give El Harrak the lead, but Tate would still win the hand if a ten came on the river. Instead it was another jack, and the final chips of the tournament were pushed to El Harrak. 

Tate will take home $91,100 for his efforts, but the first place prize of $147,435, and the WSOP Circuit ring, will be going with Said El Harrak! Congratulations to El Harrak on his victory, and thank you to everyone who came out for this month's Circuit Main Event! 

Ronnie Tate - 2nd Place

Aaron Mathis Eliminated in 9th Place ($6,345)

Aaron Mathis got his final chips in the middle preflop holding [9s][9h], but unfortunately for him, two seats over Massoud Eskandari woke up with [Ad][Ah]. The board would run down [Jd][6s][5c][Kc][4s], and the aces held for Eskandari to increase his chip lead to 910,000.

Photos and Seating Chart for the High Roller Final Table

Seat 1: Brian Mancilla - 205,000

Seat 2: Mohsin Charania - 260,000

Seat 3: Yash Jadhwani - 435,000

Seat 4: Aaron Mathis - 280,000

Seat 5: Lee Gale - 170,000

Seat 6: Massoud Eskandari - 660,000

Seat 7: Tony Orr - 340,000

Seat 8: Andrew Wisdom - 705,000

Seat 9: Joo Park - 220,000

Jeremy Kottler Eliminated in 3rd Place ($66,665)

Jeremy Kottler open shoved all in for 1.5 million, and Said El Harrak made the call. Ronnie Tate was in the big blind, and he laughed to himself when he saw his hand. He thought for just a few moments before open folding pocket nines, and it ended up being a great fold.

Kottler: [Js][Jc]
El Harrak: [Qd][Qc]

The board ran down [10d][6d][2s][Ah][3s], and the queens held up for El Harrak to get us to heads up play. Here is how the counts currently stack up.

Said El Harrak - 10,200,000
Ronnie Tate - 5,160,000

The final two have asked to take a short break before heads up play starts.

Just Three Players Remain Now

The player in fourth place asked us to remain anonymous, but we can tell you that his final chips went into the padded stack of chip leader Said El Harrak. That leaves us with just three players now. Here are the chip counts for those final three, with the blinds at 50,000-100,000

Said El Harrak - 7,700,000
Ronnie Tate - 5,150,000
Jeremy Kottler - 3,000,000

The High Roller Event is Now in the Money

Over in the tournament ballroom, they are now down to just 13 players left, which means they are all in the money. The bubble burst when Ryan McClintock got his stack in the middle holding [Ad][Qh], and he was flipping against the [4s][4h] of Tony Orr. The board ran down [Ks][5h][10h][2d][3d], and the small pair held up to get us to the money.

Brock Wilson Eliminated in 5th Place ($37,115)

Action folded around to Brock Wilson, and he limped in. Said El Harrak shoved all in, easily having Wilson covered, and he quickly called for his final 1.8 million.

Wilson: [Kh][Kd]
El Harrak: [Ac][7d]

The flop of [Jc][8s][5s] brought El Harrak no help, nor did the [10d] turn. However, the [Ad] on the river certainly did help him, and Wilson took the bad beat in stride, as he wished the table luck on his way out.

This leaves us with just four players now, and El Harrak has retaken a big lead.

Kottler Doubles Through El Harrak

Action folded around to Jeremy Kottler on the button, and he moved all in for about an even 1 million. Said El Harrak called from the big blind with [Ad][6h], and Kottler had two live cards with [8d][7d].

He would hit one of those on the [Qh][Qd][8s] flop, and El Harrak wasn't able to find an ace from there.

Kottler doubled up to 2.1 million, while El Harrak still holds a comfortable lead with 5.9 million.

Fresh Counts From the Final Five

Blinds: 30,000-60,000

Said El Harrak - 7,400,000
Ronnie Tate - 3,690,000
Brock Wilson - 2,150,000
Anonymous - 2,055,000
Jeremy Kottler - 1,680,000

Abbas Moradi Eliminated in 6th Place ($28,250)

Abbas Moradi had gotten a number of shoves through on the short stack, but he was finally caught by Sal Rassibi, who called him down preflop with Ace-King. Moradi held Ace-Eight, and neither player was able to improve on the runout, giving Rassibi the knockout. 

This leaves us with just five players, with Said El Harrak still holding a comfortable lead over the field. 

Bobby Suer Eliminated in 7th Place ($21,795)

Bobby Suer and Jeremy Kottler got all of the money in preflop, with both players having around 600,000 in chips. Suer held [Jc][10c], and had two live cards against the [Ks][Qh] of Kottler. Neither player was able to improve on the ace high flop, or the [3h] turn, and Kottler made an unneeded pair of kings on the river to secure the hand. 

The chips were counted down, and Kottler had Suer covered. The Bike regular will be taking home just under $22,000 for his efforts, and we are now down to six players. 

Andrew Wisdom and Massoud Eskandari Lead in the High Roller

Over in the High Roller Event, they are down to just two tables of players left. Massoud Eskandari is second in chips right now, while the chip leader is one who is very familiar with this event. Andrew Wisdom already has a first and second place in this event on his resume, and will be looking to add yet another High Roller final table to his resume in this event.

Other Bike regulars who are still alive in that event are Joo Park, Ryan Lenaghan, Lee Gale, and Mohsin Charania.

The $250,000 Guaranteed Event is Now Underway

The ring events might be wrapping up today, but we still have one more big event for you guys before we close out our tournaments in 2019. The $250,000 Guaranteed Event has just started up in the tournament ballroom! The buy-in is $250, and the top 12% will be cashing for $400, and advancing to the Day 2 finals on Sunday.

Registration will be open until 8 PM, but if you can't join us today, we have two more flights coming up tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

Updated Chip Counts On Break

Blinds: 30,000-60,000

Said El Harrak - 6,630,000
Ronnie Tate - 2,865,000
Anonymous - 1,690,000
Brock Wilson - 1,600,000
Abbas Moradi - 805,000
Jeremy Kottler- 775,000
Bobby Suer - 575,000

Fadi Hamad Eliminated in 8th Place ($17,045)

After a raise from Said El Harrak, Fadi Hamad moved all in for his final 600,000. El Harrak quickly called with [Ks][Kh], and he was dominating the [7c][7h] of Hamad.

The board ran down [Qd][10c][5d][10s][9s], and the kings held for El Harrak, who now has nearly half of the chips in play seven handed.

By the Numbers: $40,000 Guaranteed Event

Over in the tournament ballroom, the morning event drew a crowd of 211 players, creating a prize pool of $42,200. The final 32 players will be finishing in the money, all of them earning at least $370. First place will take home $10,010, and the final WSOP Circuit ring of the series. Scroll down for all of the payouts, and good luck to the 72 remaining players!

1. $10,010
2. $6,180
3. $4,375
4. $3,160
5. $2,330
6. $1,755
7. $1,350
8. $1,065
9. $855
10-12. $705
13-15. $595
16-18. $515
19-21. $460
22-24. $420
25-27. $390
28-30. $375
31-32. $370

Moradi Doubles Through Suer

Abbas Moradi moved all in from early position for his final 510,000, and Bobby Suer called to put him risk.

Moradi: [7s][7d]
Suer: [Ah][Qh]

We were off to the races, but the race was short lived, after the flop came down [7c][3c][2c]. Suer could only win with running straight cards, or chop with running clubs, but the [Jd] on the turn ended the hand.

Moradi doubled up to over 1.1 million, while Suer fell to 1.4 million.

Ping Liu Eliminated in 9th Place ($13,515)

Ping Liu came into the final table as the short stack, and it didn't take him long to get his chips in to the middle. He held [7s][7d], and was up against the [Ac][Js] of Abbas Moradi. The flop of [8c][6s][4h] kept Liu in a comfortable lead, but the [Jh] on the turn flipped the script.

Liu could still win with a seven or five on the river, but the [4d] came instead. This leaves us with eight players now, and they all have $21,795 locked up.

By the Numbers: $3,250 High Roller Ring Event

The High Roller Event drew a total crowd of 83 players, making the overall prize pool $249,000. The final 13 players will be making the money tonight, with first place taking home $75,390. Scroll down for all of the payouts, and good to the remaining players!

1. $75,390
2. $46,600
3. $31,665
4. $22,220
5. $16,110
6. $12,090
7. $9,395
8. $7,575
9. $6,345
10-12. $5,530
13. $5,020

Five Day 2 Entires in the High Roller

The final table for the Main Event has just started, but elsewhere, we wanted to let you guys know that the High Roller event got five people who brought in today. That puts the overall field today at 35 players. We will post the final payouts from that event when we get them.

We will also be posting our Main Event updates in accordance with the 30 minute delay for the Live at the Bike stream. Good luck to everyone!

Cards in the Air: $40,000 Guaranteed Event

It's time to get things going with the final WSOP Circuit Ring Event of the series! This $250, buy-in event has a guarantee of $40,000, and registration will be open until 2:20 PM today. Players will be starting with 10,000 in chips, and all levels will be 30 minutes today.

Good luck everyone!

Schedule for Today: Wednesday, December 11th

10 AM - $40,000 Guaranteed Event. $250 buy-in. Registration open until 2:20 PM. One Day Event

1 PM - High Roller Event Day 2. $3,250 Buy-in. 40,000 starting chips. Registration closes when cards hit the air

4 PM - $250,000 Guaranteed Event. $250 buy-in. Registration open until 8 PM. Top 12% advance and win $400. Day 2 Finals on Sunday, December 15th

Day 2 Return List for the High Roller

Late Surge Sees Said El Harrak Lead the Final Nine

It looked like we wouldn't get to the final table tonight, as there were still 12 players remaining with just 30 minutes left in the night. However, local regular Said El Harrak went on a tear, knocking out two players to get us to the final ten. First, he won a huge pot against Khahn Nguyen, who got in a raising war with El Harrak preflop, only to see that EL Harrak had pocket aces.

Not long after that, he won a flip to knock Lacy Burke out in 11th place. Just a few minutes later, Andrew Moran would take a bad beat, as his Ace-Queen fell to his opponent's Ace-Jack  after the money went in preflop to get us to our final nine.

Below you will see how the final nine stack up going into play tomorrow. The final table will be starting up at 1 PM, and will begin streaming on Live at the Bike at 1:30 PM. Good luck to the final nine!

Seat 1: Jeremy Kottler - 2,510,000

Seat 2: Ping Liu - 310,000

Seat 3: Brock Wilson - 1,270,000

Seat 4: Said El Harrak - 3,990,000 (chip leader) 
Seat 5: Anonymous - 2,015,000

Seat 6: Abbas Moradi - 630,000

Seat 7: Ronnie Tate - 1,775,000

Seat 8: Fadi Hamad - 710,000

Seat 9: Bobby Suer - 1,460,000

Brian Mancilla Leads the High Roller Event

Brian Mancilla - Chip Leader

Play has wrapped up in both the High Roller and Main Event tonight. Brian Mancilla will be taking the most chips into play tomorrow, with an even 250,000. Below you will see the top five stacks going into play tomorrow, and don't forget that registration will be open until play picks up again tomorrow at 1 PM. Be sure to come back in the morning for the full seating chart from this event, and good luck to all of the survivors!

1. Brian Mancilla - 250,000
2. Ryan McClintock - 237,500
3. Phil Beesley - 220,500
4. Joo Park - 207,000
5. Bill Klein - 203,500