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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Overall Prizepool Nearing $800,000

We wanted to give you guys a quick update on the prize pool in the Quantum Millions Event. With three more starting sessions tomorrow, and the Day 2 buy-ins Saturday still to come, the prizepool is currently over $775,000. This includes the $162,000 from the Ocean's 11 last week.

We will easily be passing the guarantee on Saturday, so make sure you come out tomorrow to get your seat if you don't have it yet!

Another $6,200 Guaranteed Event Has Started

Registration for our final flight is almost closed today, but the poker isn't stopping just yet! We have our nightly $6,200 Guaranteed Event that has just kicked off here in the tournament ballroom. The top five places will be getting paid out tonight, with first place taking home at least $2,500. All money after the guarantee has been met will be going to first place, so it could end up being much bigger than that.

Come on down and join us!

Final Payouts for the $520 Session

We had a nice turnout in our 2 PM session, as 92 players came out to play. The final 17 players will be punching tickets to the Day 2 finals in Saturday.

You still have one hour to enter our final $360 session of the day. If you can't come out for that, our final three Day 1 sessions are tomorrow at 11:30 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM.

1-17th. Advance to Day 2 + $500

The Final Session of the Day Has Started

The third and last flight of the day is now underway here at the Bike. The buy-in is back down to $360, and registration will close tonight at 7:30 PM.

The top 12% of players will be making it through to Saturday's finals. Make sure you are one of them by coming down to play!

By the Numbers: Thursday Morning Flight

The first flight today saw 85 players come out, meaning that the top 10 players will be earning $500, and a ticket to Saturday's finals. Our $520 session is open until 6 PM, and we have one more $360 flight starting up at 4, with registration open until 7:30 PM tonight. Come join us!

1-10th. Advance to Day 2 + $500

Cards in the Air: Thursday $520 Session

We are raising the stakes once again here at the Quantum Millions Event, as the buy-in is now $520. Players will be getting more chips, 37,500, and the top 18% will be cashing and advancing, as opposed to just 12% from the $360 sessions.

Registration will be open until 6 PM, and the final $520 session will be tomorrow at 2 PM. Best of luck to all!

The Penultimate Day of Qualifying Has Started

We are once again ready to start another day of Quantum Millions qualifying here at the Bicycle Casino today! We have three more flights coming for you guys today, and the first of those three just kicked off here in the tourament ballroom.

Registration for this flight will be available until 3 PM, and the other two flights today start at 2 and 4 PM. Come join us!

Schedule for Today: Thursday, March 5th

11:30 AM - Quantum Millions Morning Flight. $360 buy-in. 25,000 starting chips. Top 12% win $500 and move on to Day 2 finals. Registration open until 3 PM.

2 PM - Quantum Millions Afternoon Flight. $520 buy-in. 37,500 starting chips. Top 18% win $500 and move on to Day 2 finals. Registration open until 6 PM.

4 PM - Quantum Millions Evening Flight. $360 buy-in. 25,000 starting chips. Top 12% win $500 and move on to Day 2 finals. Registration open until 7:30 PM.

7 PM - $6,200 Guaranteed. $200 buy-in. Top 5 paid. All buy-ins after guarantee is met go to 1st place. Registration open until 8:45 PM

New Chip Leader Emerges in the Quantum Millions Event

After play yesterday, Stefan Bean is now the player to beat going into Day 2, as he bagged up 674,000. We also have a few players who have now triple qualified, and you can view all of that by clicking the link here.

Time is running out to punch your ticket to the Day 2 finals, as we have just six more sessions coming up today and tomorrow. If you are unable to get your ticket through one of these sessions, you can still come in on Day 2 and buy-in directly for $2,200.