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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Play Wraps Tonight With Jarod Einsohn in the Lead

Jarod Einsohn - 5,750,000 

Thomas Emerson - 5,250,000

It has taken just over 10 hours for us to get from 379 players down to just 38. Leading the way is Jarod Einsohn, with a mammoth stack of 5,750,000 Thomas Emerson appears to be the only other player over five million. Some notables who also punched their ticket to tomorrow's Day 3 finals include Sean Yu (3,830,000), Lawrence Ma (1,890,000), and Randy Holland (640,000).

These 38 players will be joining the final nine from the Ocean's 11 leg to make the final field tomorrow, where they will be playing down to a final table of nine. Those nine will come back Monday afternoon to find out who will take home the first place prize of $212,000.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for more updates from this massive event, and also come back to find out who ends up taking home the first piece of WSOP Circuit hardware in the Turbo Event.

Turbo Ring Event Final Table Seating Chart

They are down to the final table over in the one day turbo event, and there are a few familiar faces at that table. Leading the way is three time WSOP bracelet winner Upeshka De Silva with 792,000. Scroll down to see the rest of the final table lineup.

Blinds: 6,000-12,000

Seat 1: DNR - 190,000
Seat 2: Massoud Eskandari - 415,000
Seat 3: Alex Balcerzak - 222,000
Seat 4: Rupesh Pattni - 171,000
Seat 5: Upeshka De Silva - 792,000
Seat 6: Said El Harrak - 206,000
Seat 7: Dennis Salazar - 36,000
Seat 8: Louie Cohen - 169,000
Seat 9: Rick Hollman - 204,000

Updated Counts From the Final 50

The light at the end of the tunnel can almost be seen now, as only 50 players remain. We will be stopping tonight once we have reached the final 38 players. Stay tuned to find out who bags the chip lead going into Day 3 tomorrow.

Jarod Einsohn -2,800,000
Jordyn Miller - 2,450,000
Lawrence Ma - 2,000,000
Robert Natividad - 1,200,000
Jason Bral - 1,100,000
Sean Yu - 1,100,000
Erich Karle - 925,000
Gal Yifrach - 525,000
Randy Holland - 420,000

Fresh Stacks From the Final 63

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 Average: 1,283,000

Jordyn Miller - 2,200,000
Artak Babayan - 2,000,000
Lawrence Ma - 1,850,000
Gal Yifrach - 1,600,000
Tom Zanot - 1,400,000
Raymond Ho - 1,400,000
Jarod Einsohn -980,000
Mark Jun - 680,000
Randy Holland - 500,000
Erich Karle - 450,000
Sean Yu - 375,000

Updated Counts From the Final 81

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 Average: 1,020,000 Players Left: 81

Artak Babayan - 2,400,000
Lawrence Ma - 1,500,000
Tom Zanot - 1,450,000
Gal Yifrach - 1,450,000
Sean Yu - 1,300,000
Randy Holland - 1,100,000
Jarod Einsohn - 650,000
Mark Jun - 570,000
Kevin French - 560,000
Brandon Zuidema - 450,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 380,000
Jared Griener - 350,000

What's Coming Up: Sunday, March 8th

Tomorrow we kick off our next massive guarantee event of the series, the $250,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Ring Event. There will be two flights tomorrow at 10 AM and 4 PM, with registration in each flight open for six hours.

The day 2 finals of this event will be on Tuesday, where players can come in and buy-in directly for $2,400.

Time to Start the Nightly $6,200 Event

The ring events might be starting up today, but that doesn't mean our nightly $6,200 Guaranteed Event is going anywhere! This $200 buy-in tournament will be paying out the top five places, regardless of how many players enter. Once the guarantee has been met, all remaining buy-ins will go directly to first place.

Registration will close around 8:45 PM tonight. Don't miss out!

The Bubble is Looming

Players are currently taking their third break of the day so far, and we are almost in the money now, as only 119 players remain. The final 114 will be finishing the money today, and will all be at least $730 richer.

We will post a fresh round of chip counts near the top of the hour, as the bubble should be bursting around then.

Final Payouts for the Quantum Millions Event

By the Numbers: $400 Turbo Ring Event

The first ring event of this latest WSOPC series here at the Bike saw a crowd of 160 come out to play. That created a prizpool of $52,800, money that will be distributed to the final 24 players. Below you will see the full payouts.

1. $13,545
2. $8,375
3. $5,830
4. $4,160
5. $3,040
6. $2,280
7. $1,755
8. $1,390
9. $1,130
10-12. $945
13-15. $815
16-18. $720
19-21. $660
22-24. $625

Fresh Chippies From the Quantum Millions Day 2

Blinds: 6,000-12,000 Average: 497,000 Players Left: 160

Denis Schneider started the day in the chip lead with 749,000, and he hasn't slowed down yet, as he is our massive chip leader at the moment with 2.4 million. No one else appears to be over 1.5 million at the moment. We will post a fresh round of chip counts once we have reached the money today.

Denis Schneider - 2,400,000
Kevin French - 1,300,000
Jim Collopy - 1,080,000
Jared Griener - 860,000
Kelly Minkin - 840,000
Lawrence Ma - 780,000
Gal Yifrach - 645,000
Sean Yu - 550,000
Randy Holland. - 550,000
Brandon Zuidema - 520,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 505,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 470,000
Peter Hengsakul - 170,000

Day 2 Payouts for the Quantum Millions Event

We have just received the payout information for today in the Quantum Millions Event. Remember that we will be playing until we get down to 38 players. Those players will move on to the final tomorrow to join those who qualified from the Ocean's 11 Casino last week. Below you will see how the payouts will be rolled out for players today.

Stay tuned for the remaining payouts to be posted later.

39-45. $3,075
46-54. $2,445
55-63. $1,825
64-72. $1,480
73-81. $1,205
82-90. $1,025
91-99. $880
100-108. $780
109-114. $730

Over 100 Players on First Break of the Turbo Event

Over in the $400 Turbo Ring event, players have returned from their first break of the day. So far, we have 115 players vying for the first ring of the series. Registration will remain open until about 5:10 PM tonight, so you still have over an hour to come down and take your seat!

First Round of Notable Chip Counts

Blinds: 3,000-6,000 Average: 307,000 Players Left: 259

Kevin French - 1,100,000
Tiguan Abgaryan - 870,000
Jim Collopy - 610,000
Jared Griener - 600,000
Brandon Zuidema - 590,000
Kelly Minkin - 480,000
Bruce Kramer - 480,000
Tai Purpero - 470,000
Lawrence Ma - 460,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 350,000
Sean Yu - 300,000
Peter Hengsakul - 250,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 250,000

Some Snapshots From the Turbo Event

Alan Myerson

Javid Javani

Said El Harrak

Rupesh Pattni 

Registration Closes With 140 Day 2 Entries

As the title indicates, we had an incredible turnout for the Day 2 buy-ins today, as 140 players came down to add nearly $300,000 to the overall prize pool!

We will be posting the official prize pool numbers as soon as we get them from the floor staff, and will also have the first round of chip count updates for you guys by the top of the hour.

Cards in the Air: $400 Turbo Ring Event

Registration for the Quantum Millions finals may have just closed, but the poker isn't stopping just yet. It is time to start handing out some WSOPC hardware again, as the Ring Events have just started up again! We begin with a $400 Turbo one day event. Registration for this turbo event will be open until 5 PM today, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us!

Click here for a full structure, and good luck to everyone!

Some of the Big Stacks to Start the Day 2 Finals

Denis Schneider- 749,000

Jounie Angcao - 664,000

Meshab Khaffaji - 619,000

David Webster - 528,000

Over 100 Day 2 Buy-ins Already

We got off to a late start in the Quantum Millions restart due to so many players buying in today. So far, we have 110 players who have come to buy-in directly, using the prize pool up to nearly $1.2 million.

Registration will remain open until 2 PM today, so you still have time to come down and enter!

Cards in the Air: Day 2 Finals of the Quantum Million Event

The day many of you have been waiting for has arrived, as the Day 2 finals of the Quantum Millions Event is now underway! We will be crossing the $1 million marker shortly into play here today, as registration will be open until 1:40 PM or so.

The top 30% of the field today will finish in the money. Good luck everyone!

Final Day 2 Return List for the Quantum Millions Event

After a week of qualifying heats, we have a field of 273 players come back to play today. Denis Schneider bagged up the chip lead on the last day of qualifying yesterday, with a stack of 749,000. 

You can view the full list of Day 2 survivors by clicking here. Remember that the Day 2 finals start at 12 PM, and players will be registering for $2,200 for the first two levels today. Come join us! 

Schedule for Today: Saturday, March 7th

12 PM - Day 2 of the Quantum Millions Event. $2,200 buy-in. 210,000 in chips. Registration open until ~1:40 PM. Day 3 tomorrow at 12 PM. Final table Monday at 1 PM.

2 PM - Turbo Ring Event. $400 buy-in. 15,000 in starting chips. Registration open until 5 PM. One Day Event

7 PM - $6,200 Guaranteed. $200 buy-in. Top 5 paid. All buy-ins after guarantee is met go to 1st place. Registration open until 8:45 PM