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Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Nightly $6,200 Guaranteed Event has Started

It's time to start up another $6,200 Guaranteed Event. Last night's event saw first place take home over $5,000, and we are hoping for another big turnout today.

Registration will be open until 8:45 PM, and the buy-in is just $200. Good luck everyone!

Behzad Javadzadeh Leads the Quantum Millions Final Table

After three quick bust outs, we are down to the final nine players just like that!  Behzad Javadzadeh leads the way with nearly 20 million in chips, while Eli Loewenthal will be coming in second in chips with just under 17 million.

The blinds tomorrow will be 150,000-300,000, and the final table will be streaming on Liveatthebike.com. We will also be providing text updates here if you are unable to watch the stream.

Congratulations to our final nine, and good luck tomorrow!

Seat 1: Andrew Wall - 5,675,000

Seat 2: Jordyn Miller - 12,975,000

Seat 3: Aamir Abedeen - 12,075,000

Seat 4: Steven Jones - 9,200,000

Seat 5: Jarod Einsohn - 4,925,000

Seat 6: Jose Ignacio Albert Bosca - 15,175,000

Seat 7: Sean Yu - 7,100,000

Seat 8: Eli Loewenthal - 16,900,000

Seat 9: Behzad Javadzadeh - 19,950,000

We are Officially on the Final Table Bubble

Two quick eliminations from Table 1 has seen us get down to just ten players. First, Jason Bral's Ace-King failed to catch up to the pocket threes of Jose Ignacio Albert Bosca. Then, Rod Danger got it in good preflop with pocket kings against the Ace-Jack of Aamir Abedeen, but an ace came right on the flop to give Abedeen the knockout.

We are currently playing two tables of five handed play. After one more bust out, play will end for the day.

Updated Counts From the Final 12

Table 1

Seat 1:  Rod Danger - 3,30,000
Seat 2: Jason Bral - 5,600,000
Seat 3: Aamir Abedeen - 6,200,000
Seat 4:  Eli Loewenthal - 17,000,000
Seat 5: Jose Ignacio Albert Bosca - 8,600,000
Seat 6: Steven Jones - 10,000,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Jordyn Miller - 143,800,000
Seat 2: Andrew Wall - 6,400,000
Seat 3: Behzad Javadzadeh - 11,800,000
Seat 4: Jarod Einsohn - 7,500,000
Seat 5: Jose Enrique Prieto Pulido - 2,900,000
Seat 6: Sean Yu - 3,700,000

The Green 25k Are Now in Play

The floor staff has just finished coloring up the blue 5,000 chips, which means it's time to bust out the big boys, as the 25,000 chip are now in play. As expected our leaders, Eli Loewenthal and Behzad Javadzadeh, have the most of them at the moment.

Just 13 players remain now. We will post updated chip counts fro everyone when we are down to the final 12.

By the Numbers: Opening Monster Stack Flight

The first of four starting sessions in this $250,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Event drew a crowd of 162 players. The top 24 will be earning their seat to the Day 2 finals on Tuesday, where the winner will be taking home at least $50,000.

Registration for this evening's flight will remain open until 10 PM, so come on down and spend your Sunday night with us!

1-24th. Advance to Day 2

Just 15 Players Remain Now

We just lost Satia Wang in 18th, Randy Holland in 17th, and Thomas Emerson in 16th. Eli Loewenthal has extended his chip lead, as he is now up to 16 million, while Behzad Javadzadeh, who just scored the knockout of Emerson, is second in chips with 15.5 million. Jordyn Miller is in third, maintaining a healthy stack of around 15 million.

Miller Continues to Lead with 18 Left

Jordyn Miller has been the chip leader for a few hours now, but Eli Loewenthal is making a charge at hm, as he is up to 12.4 million. Miller leads with 14.2 million. Below you will see how the final 18 currently stack up, and where they are sitting.

Blinds: 100,000-200,000

Table 1

Seat 1:  Rod Danger - 3,150,000
Seat 2: Michael Sharp - 3,700,000
Seat 3: Jason Bral - 3,500,000
Seat 4: Aamir Abedeen - 10,600,000
Seat 5: Satia Wang - 2,100,000
Seat 6: Belgica Dardon - 5,900,000
Seat 7:  Eli Loewenthal - 12,400,000
Seat 8: Jose Ignacio Albert Bosca - 7,400,000
Seat 9: Steven Jones - 2,500,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Elvis Toomas - 1,950,000
Seat 2: Thomas Emerson - 9,200,000
Seat 3: Jordyn Miller - 14,200,000
Seat 4: Randy Holland - 1,250,000
Seat 5: Andrew Wall - 5,500,000
Seat 6: Behzad Javadzadeh - 9,100,000
Seat 7: Jarod Einsohn - 4,900,000
Seat 8: Jose Enrique Prieto Pulido - 2,300,000
Seat 9: Sean Yu - 3,400,000

Latest Round of Bustouts: 19-27th Places

We are down to just two tables now here in the Quantum Millions Event, and we will post a full seating chart shortly. In the meantime, here are the latest players to bust out. These three each won $5,075 today.

19. Rafael Oliveira
20. Robert Natividad
21. Min Zhang

These three took home $4,580.

22. Daniel Chan
23. Erhart Edquist
24. Ali Salehi

And lastly, these three all earned $4,125.

25. Macradij Sohrabi
26. Peter Chu
27. Grachia Minasian

Cards in the Air: Afternoon Monster Stack Flight

Registration has just closed in the opening flight of the day, but there is still plenty of action coming up for you guys, as the second flight of the day has just kicked off.

Registration will be available until 10 PM tonight, so you have plenty of time to come down and join us. If you can't play today, we have two more sessions coming up for you guys tomorrow, at 10 AM and 4 PM.

Next Round of Eliminations: 28-36th Places

The following players all took home $3,720 for their efforts here today.

28. Lawrence Ma
29. Ed Alikhani
30. Teofil Groza
31. Bassil Boulus
32. Shant Setrakian
33. Sam Khalaf
34. Mark Leblanc
35. Alexey Laptev
36. Erich Karle

Updated Counts From the Final Three Tables

The final 27 players have just completed a full three table redraw. Jordyn Miller has opened up a nice lead on the field, as he has about 9.2 million in chips. It doesn't appear that anyone else has over eight million at the moment. Scroll down for some notable chip counts, and stay tuned for the next round of bustouts coming up right after this.

Blinds: 60,000-120,000 Average: 2,840,000

Jordyn Miller - 9,200,000
Sean Yu - 6,000,000
Belgica Dardon - 4,900,000
Jarod Einsohn - 2,800,000
Robert Natividad - 2,300,000
Randy Holland - 1,300,000
Jason Bral - 1,200,000

Latest Round of Eliminations: 37-45th Places

The following players each took home $3,410 today.

37. Raymond Ross
38. Jim Dages
39. Igor Zekster
40. Elvis Huynh
41. Brant Fisher
42. Chuanhao Zhang
43. Barkev Grigorian
44. Yahya Noor
45. Warren Woodall

Some Chippies From the Final 36

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 Average: 2,300,000

Ed Alikhani - 6,300,000
Jason Bral - 3,800,000
Jarod Einsohn - 3,700,000
Jordyn Miller - 3,100,000
Belgica Darden - 2,900,000
Sean Yu - 2,800,000
Robert Natividad - 2,1000,000
Lawrence Ma - 1,300,000
Randy Holland - 650,000

First Eliminations of the Day

We are down to the final 45 players now in the Quantum Millions restart, after losing Mike Stella in 47th and Dung Nguyen in 46th. That also means a pay jump for those still in, as they all have $3,410 locked up.

Stay tuned for more updates, as we play down to a final table here in the Quantum Millions event!

First Break of the Monster Stack Event

Players have just returned from their first break of the day, and the clock says 100 players exactly entered so far. Players have plenty of time to come down and enter, as registration will be open until 4 PM in this flight.

Don't forget that we also have another flight at 4 PM that will be open until 10 PM, so you can come down anytime to hop in on the fun!

The Monster Stack Event Has Started

We are ready to get things going with the latest Monster Stack Ring Event. This $250,000 Guaranteed Event has four starting flights spread out over today and tomorrow, and the first of those four has just started. Registration for this flight will be open until 4 PM, which is also when the second flight of the day has started.

Good luck everyone!

Schedule for Today: Sunday, March 8th

10 AM - Monster Stack Morning Flight. $250,000 Guaranteed. $400 buy-in. Registration open until 4 PM. Day 2 on Tuesday, Day 3 on Wednesday.

4 PM - Monster Stack Evening Flight. $250,000 Guaranteed. $400 buy-in. Registration open until 10 PM. Day 2 on Tuesday, Day 3 on Wednesday.

7 PM - $6,200 Guaranteed. $200 buy-in. Top 5 paid. All buy-ins after guarantee is met go to 1st place. Registration open until 8:45 PM

Congratulations to Louis Cohen, Winner of the Turbo Ring Event

Photo courtesy of Aleeyah Jadavji of WSOP.com

Just after midnight local time last night, Louis Cohen defeated Bike regular Massoud Eskandari heads up to take home the first ring of the series, along with $13,545. Below you will see how the final table  went down. Congratulations to Louis Cohen, and don't forget everyone that the Monster Stack Event starts up at 10 AM today!

1. Louis Cohen - $13,545
2. Massoud Eskandari - $8,375
3. Upeshka Desilva - $5,830
4. Richard Hollman - $4,160
5. Foead Geula - $3,040
6. Alexander Balcerzak - $2,280
7. Dennis Salazar - $1,755
8. Said El Harrak - $1,390
9. Rupesh Pattni - $1,130

Day 3 Return List for the Quantum Millions Event

Below you guys will see the full list of players returning for today's Day 3 finals of the Quantum Millions Event. There is one typo to point out: Satia Wang has 1,925,000. An extra zero was accidentally added to her count. 

The restart today is at 12 PM. Good luck everyone!