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Monday, March 9, 2020

By the Numbers: Final Monster Stack Flight

The fourth and final Monster Stack flight was the biggest one yet, with a total of 207 players coming out. That means that 31 more players will be making it through to tomorrow's finals.

The prize pool is currently over $220,000, meaning we only need 14 Day 2 buy-ins tomorrow to reach the guarantee. Of course, we are expecting many more than that, as another huge prize pool will be up for grabs tomorrow. Play starts at 12 PM, and players can buy-in until the end of the first break, roughly 1:45 PM.

1-31st. Advance to Day 2

The Final Four Agree to a Deal: Eli Loewenthal is the Champion!

While on break, the final four looked at the numbers for a chip chop. After some initial hesitation, a deal was struck that saw Eli Loewenthal take home the title. He will also earn $156,730 for his efforts. Scroll down for the full details of the chop, and congratulations to the final four players!

Eli Loewenthal - $156,730

Jose Ignacio Albert Bosca - $126,125

Aamir Abedeen - $108,765

Behzad Javadzadeh - $87,395 

Jordyn Miller Eliminated in 5th Place ($49,730)

Blinds: 400,000-800,000

We caught up with the action on the turn of a board reading [Ks][10d][7d][2d]. Eli Loewenthal bet one million, and Jordyn Miller min raised to two million. Loewenthal responded by moving all in, and Miller thought about it for about a minute before calling off his final six million and change.

Miller: [Kh][5h]
Loewenthal: [Kd][Qs]

Miller was in a world of hurt, and he didn't catch his miracle two outer on the river. Loewenthal now has a stranglehold on this event, holding over half of the chips in play four handed.

Miller Doubles Through Abedeen

Blinds: 300,000-600,000

After a raise from Jordyn Miller, Aamir Abedeen reraised to five million. It folded back around to Miller, and he moved all in for about 9.4 million total. Abedeen called with [10d][10c], but he was dominated by the [Qd][Qc] of Abedeen.

The board ran down [Kh][Kc][2h][8c][6s], and the queens held for Miller to shoot him back up to 19 million, while Abedeen falls to 15 million.

All of the Details for Tomorrow's Day 2 Buy-In

The Quantum Millions Event is wrapping up today, but the big prizepools have just started this series here at the Bicycle Casino. The action will be starting up at 12 PM, and players will be able to buy-in directly for $2,400. That will get them 200,000 in starting chips, and with the blinds at 2,000-3,000 to start, that means the starting stack will be worth 66 big blinds. 

Registration will be available until the start of the third level, which should be around 1:45 PM local time. Good luck players! 

Sean Yu Eliminated in 6th Place ($38,465)

Blinds: 300,000-600,000 

Aamir Abedeen started the action with a raise, and it folded to Sean Yu, who moved all in for about seven million. It folded back to Aberdeen, who said "I'm almost certain I'm going to call, but what's the count."

Yu said "around 6.5," and Abedeen said, "yeah I call."

Abedeen: [Jh][Jc]
Yu: [9d][8d]

The flop of [Ac][Ks][6d] left Yu drawing to runner runner, and the [Qs] on the turn need things. This leaves us with just five players now.

By the Numbers: Monday Morning Flight

The first flight of the day drew a crowd of 158, meaning that the top 24 will all be making it through to tomorrow's finals. The final flight will be open today until 10 PM, and the Day 2 buy-in for tomorrow will be $2,400. Good luck players.

1-24th. Advance to Day 2

Loewenthal Extending Lead on Break

We haven't had much to report in the last two levels, but we can confirm that chip leader Eli Loewenthal has increased his chip lead by a good amount. He now has nearly double what anyone else in the event has. Check out the full list of chip counts below, as they will be coming back to 300,000-600,000.

Eli Loewenthal - 33,800,000
Aamir Abedeen - 18,700,000
Jordy Miller - 15,300,000
Behzad Javadzadeh - 13,400,000
Sean Yu - 9,750,000
Jose Ignacio Albert Bosca - 9,500,000

The Final Monster Stack Flight Has Started

Over in the tournament ballroom, the fourth and final Monster Stack flight has just started up. Registration for this $400 Ring Event will be open until 10 PM tonight, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us.

Remember that if you don't make it through in one of these flights, you can come in tomorrow and buy-in directly for $2,400. Good luck everyone!

Steven Jones Eliminated in 7th Place ($27,790)

Blinds: 200,000-400,000

Sean Yu opened the action with a raise to 1.1 million, and it folded around to Steven Jones in the big blind. He already had a good portion of his stack committed, so he moved all in, and Yu made the call.

Jones: [4c][3c]
Yu: [Qc][10c]

The flop of [Qd][Jd][6d] left Jones drawing to a miracle to survive, and while the [3h] on the turn gave him so hope, the [6s] on the river ended that hope. He will take home almost $28,000 for his efforts, while Yu continues to add to his stack.

Fresh Counts From the Final Seven on Break

Blinds: 200,000-400,000 Average: 9,950,000

Eli Loewenthal - 29,500,000
Behzad Javadzadeh - 17,500,000
Sean Yu - 15,100,000
Jose Ignacio Albert Bosca - 14,200,000
Aamir Aberdeen - 12,300,000
Jordyn Miller - 10,700,000
Steven Jones - 3,200,000

Jarod Einsohn Eliminated in 8th Place ($20,210)

Blinds: 200,000-300,000

Jarod Einsohn raised it up to 800,000, and in late position, Eli Loewenthal reprised to 2,225,000. It folded around to Einsohn, and after about a minute of thought, he moved all in. Loewenthal instantly called with [Ac][As], and Einsohn was dominated, holding [Ah][Ks].

The flop of [Qh][8c][5h] left Einsohn drawing to runner runner to survive, and the [7c] on the turn ended it. Einsohn could only shake his head as he left, while Loewenthal takes the chip lead with that pot.

We will post fresh counts for the final seven shortly.

Einsohn Doubles Through Jones

Blinds: 150,000-300,000

After a raise to 725,000 from Steven Jones, Jarod Einsohn moved all in for his final 4.2 million Jones thought for a bit while the two talked playfully about the hand, and eventually, Jones dropped chips in for the call.

Einsohn: [Qs][Qc]
Jones: [9c][9s]

Einsohn was in great shape to double, and it was all but locked up after the flop came [Qs][8d][2h]. However, the [9h] on the turn gave Jones a shot at a runner runner miracle. The [4h] completed the board instead, and Einsohn doubled to 8.5 million, while Jones fell to under five million.

Andrew Wall Eliminated in 9th Place ($15,105)

On one of the first hands of the final table, Andrew Wall got his final chips in preflop holding [Ad][Kc]. He was flipping against the [Qh][Qd] of Sean Yu, but the flip changed drastically when the flop came [As][Qs][Js]. Wall would need a ten to survive now, but the [8d] turn and [2h] river finished the board.

With that pot, Yu is now up to 11 million.

Cards in the Air: Quantum Millions Final Table

It is time to find out who the latest Quantum Millions winner is going to be. Local Bike regular Behzad Javadzadeh has the chip lead with just under 20 million, but he has plenty of stiff competition to deal with today.

Scroll down for the full final table, and remember that the final table will be airing on a 30 minute delay on Live at the Bike!

Seat 1: Andrew Wall - 5,675,000

Seat 2: Jordyn Miller - 12,975,000

Seat 3: Aamir Abedeen - 12,075,000

Seat 4: Steven Jones - 9,200,000

Seat 5: Jarod Einsohn - 4,925,000

Seat 6: Jose Ignacio Albert Bosca - 15,175,000

Seat 7: Sean Yu - 7,100,000

Seat 8: Eli Loewenthal - 16,900,000

Seat 9: Behzad Javadzadeh - 19,950,000

Day 2 Survivors From the First Two Flights of the Monster Stack Event

Below you will see the survivors from the first two flights of the Monster Stack event, and as you will see, it is full of Bike regulars. First, in the 1A flight, Massoud Eskandari followed up a 2nd place finish in the Turbo ring event by bagging second in chips from his flight. Ed Alikhani busted in Day 3 of the Quantum Millions Event yesterday, but jumped right in and finished third in chips.

The second flight saw Scott Rau bag the overall chip lead with 674,000, while Bike regular Ophir Atar finish in the top three. 

Cards in the Air: Tuesday Morning Monster Stack Flight

Yesterday saw 47 players move on to the Day 2 finals tomorrow, and we have a fresh crop of players coming in today to try and take their shot. This $400 flight has registration open until 4 PM, and the second flight of the day starts at that time as well.

Remember the top 15% will be advancing to the finals. Good luck everyone!

Schedule for Today: Monday, March 9th

10 AM - Monster Stack Morning Flight. $250,000 Guaranteed. $400 buy-in. Registration open until 4 PM. Day 2 on Tuesday, Day 3 on Wednesday.

4 PM - Monster Stack Evening Flight. $250,000 Guaranteed. $400 buy-in. Registration open until 10 PM. Day 2 on Tuesday, Day 3 on Wednesday.

7 PM - $6,200 Guaranteed. $200 buy-in. Top 5 paid. All buy-ins after guarantee is met go to 1st place. Registration open until 8:45 PM