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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Final Table Seating Chart for the $40,000 Guaranteed Event

Elvis Toomas

We are down to the final nine in the $40,000 Guaranteed Event. Marco Perdichizzi has the chip lead with 522,000, while one of the short stacks is Elvis Toomas. Yesterday, Toomas finished second in the $400 ring event, marking back to back final tables for him.

Be sure to come back in the morning to find out who takes home this ring!

Seat 1: Gilbert Amparo - 246,000
Seat 2: Joseph Escandon - 221,000
Seat 3: Elvis Toomas - 196,000
Seat 4: Traci Brown - 100,000
Seat 5: Marc Robinson - 265,000
Seat 6: Tyler Groth - 350,000
Seat 7: Herb Karp - 274,000
Seat 8: Victoria Wright - 249,000
Seat 9: Marco Perdichizzi - 522,000

Cards in the Air: Nightly $6,200 Guaranteed Event

It's time to start up the latest nightly $6,200 Guaranteed Event. This special $200 event will be paying out the top five places, regardless of how many players enter. Once the guarantee is met, all money will go to first place. We have already seen a few first place prizes around $5,000, and we are hoping for another one tonight! 

Registration will be open until 8:45 PM tonight. Good luck everyone! 

Interview with Quantum Millions Winner Eli Loewenthal

Two days ago, Eli Loewenthal became the latest player to win the Quantum Millions Event here at the Bike, finishing on top of a four way chop for over $156,000. This cash was the biggest of Loewenthal's career, and he was on top of the world shortly after his win.

"I feel pretty, pretty good," as he let out a laugh. "It's always nice to get your biggest cash ever, but you know you just keep coming out here and trying to make the best decisions hopefully it just works out. I play a lot of tournaments so it's rewarding for sure."

Loewenthal brought in directly on Day 2, and while he made it to day 3, he was one of the short stacks with just over a million. However, he got an early double up, and never looked back from there. Loewenthal was honest with us and said that he's not a big fan of the Quantum structure, but he might be after this big win.

"I'm not a fan in general, but this might sway my opinion a little bit. We will see. It's not my favorite, but this time it worked out."

When asked what he would do with the money Loewenthal showed a bit of his sense of humor, before confirming that he was ready to grind some more this series.

"I gotta pay child support so that will probably be where the $150,000 will go to," he said smiling. "But seriously I plan to play the rest of the big events this series for sure."

Congratulations to Loewenthall on his huge win, and to Jose Ignacio Albert Bosca, Aamir Abedeen and Behzad Javadzadeh, who were the other three players in the chop.

Congratulations to Alexey Laptev, Winner of the Monster Stack Event!

After a raise to 500,000 from Alexey Laptev, Massoud Eskandari moved all in. Laptev quickly called with [Ah][Kc], and he was dominating the [Ac][Js] of Eskandari.

The flop of [9d][8s][7c] gave Eskandari some hope, but the [9c] turn and [4h] river ensured the win for Laptev.

Laptev will take home over $68,000, while Eskandari will have to settle for his second runner up finish of the series. Congratulations to both players on their impressive runs, and thanks to everyone who came out for this massive ring event!

By the Numbers: $40,000 Guaranteed Event

Today's $250 buy-in, $40,000 Guaranteed Event saw a crowd of 250 players come out, creating a prizepool of exactly $50,000. The final 38 players will get paid out, with first place earning $11,290, and the WSOPC ring. Scroll down for the full payouts, and congratulations to the players that are already in the money!

1. $11,290
2. $6,980
3. $4,995
4. $3,640
5. $2,700
6. $2,045
7. $1,575
8. $1,240
9. $995
10-12.  $815
13-15. $685
16-18. $585
19-21. $510
22-24. $455
25-27. $415
28-30. $390
31-33.  $375
34-38. $370

Eskandari and Laptev Virtually Even Heads Up

We just lost Henry Mcardle in 3rd place, when he missed a draw against the top pair of Alexey Laptev, meaning we are now heads up. Massoud Eskandari has a slight lead right now, holding 16 million to the 14 million of Laptev. Heads up play will begin shortly.

Massoud Eskandari - 16,000,000 

Alex Laptev - 14,000,000

Congratulations to Harry Arutyunyan, Winner of the Omaha 8 Event

Heads up play between Harry Arutyunyan and Robert Turner lasted for about 45 minutes, before Arutyunyan was able to finish Turner off. For his efforts, Arutyunyan will take home $8,700 for his efforts, as well as his fourth WSOP Circuit ring, while Turner will have to settle for $5,375. 

Congratulations to both players on their big runs, and thanks for playing here at the Bike!

Eskandari Retakes Chip Lead Three Handed

The final three in the Monster Stack have been battling for a while now, and Massoud Eskandari just won a huge pot to get him back into the chip lead. Eskandari was heads up with Alexey Laptev on a flop of [8h][7s][5c], and Laptev checked to Eskandari, who bet 1 million. Laptev called, and the [9c] came on the turn to put four to a straight out there. Laptev checked, and this time, Eskandari fired out 3.5 million.

Laptev thought for about 90 seconds before calling, and after the [7d] completed the board, both players checked. Eskandari showed [6s][6h] for a straight, and Laptev announced "jacks" as he mucked his hand. Here is how the final three stack up, with the blinds at 80,000-160,000.

Massoud Eskandari - 14,200,000
Alexey Laptev - 9,200,000
Henry Mcardle - 4,500,000

Heads Up in the Omaha 8 Event

We are down to just two players in the Omaha 8 final table, and it is the two most accomplished players to start the table who are there. Former Legends of Poker champion Harry Artuyunyan is leading WSOP bracelet winner Robert Turner 850,000 to 420,000.

Stay tuned to find out if Arutyunyan cal claim his 4th WSOPC ring, or if Turner will be able to make the comeback.

Jason Hickey Eliminated in 4th Place ($21,020)

Alexey Laptev moved all in from the small blind, easily having Jason Hickey covered in the big blind. Hickey called with [4s][4c], and we were off to the races, as Laptev held [Ah][Jd]. The flop of [Qh][10s][5h] gave Laptev a few more outs, but he wouldn't need them, as the [Jh] came on the turn to give him the win.

This leaves us three handed , with Laptev holding a comfortable lead over the other two right now.

Young Sik Eum Eliminated in 5th Place ($15,650)

Young Sik Eum was at the top of the counts for most of the day, but he took a big downturn in the last hour, and was just eliminated. Action started with Alexey Laptev raising to 300,000. For the second hand in a row, Young Sik Eum would three bet shove over the top, but this time, Laptev called with [As][Ac]. He was well ahead of the Queen-Jack of Sik Eum, but the flop of [Qh][9h][8s] suddenly gave him new life. However, the [6c] came on the turn, and the [9d] completed the board.

This hand gives Laptev the lead now, as he has over 10 million.

Cards in the Air: 10 Game Mixed Ring Event

We are debuting a new ring event here at the Bike, the 10 game mixed event. You can see the list of games being played in the structure sheet posted above.

We are also extending registration for this $600 ring event, so now you can come down and enter before the end of the third break, or roughly 9:30 PM tonight. Good luck players!

Fresh Counts From the Final Five

Blinds: 60,000-120,000 Average: 5,840,000

Henry Mcardle - 8,400,000
Young Sik Eum - 5,700,000
Alexey Laptev - 5,350,000
Massoud Eskandari - 5,300,000
Jason Hickey - 3,450,000

Robert Turner Back in the Lead on Omaha 8

Over at the Omaha 8 final table, they are currently four handed. Robert Turner started with the chip lead today, and he is back in that position, as he has just under 500,000. Below you will see how the final four currently stack up, with the limits about to go up to 15,000-30,000.

Robert Turner - 475,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 410,000
David Rosenbloom - 155,000
Jason Tang - 130,000

Jason Smith Eliminated in 6th Place ($11,890)

Blinds: 50,000-100,000

Massoud Eskandari raised to 250,000, and on the next seat over, Jason Smith moved all in for 1.8 million. In the big blind, Henry Mcardle made the call, and Eskandari ducked out of the way.

Smith: [3h][3d]
Mcardle: [Qs][Qc]

The board ran down [9s][6s][6d][Jc][Qd], and Mcardle made an unnecessary full house on the river.

This hand vaults Mcardle into the lead, as he now has over nine million.

Young Sik Eum Leads The Final Seven

The seven finalists in the Monster Stack Event have decided to take a quick five minute bathroom break. Here is how they currently stack up, with the blinds about to go up to 50,000-100,000.

Young Sik Eum - 7,300,000
Massoud Eskandari - 5,600,000
Henry Mccardle 5,550,000
Alexey Laptev - 4,100,000
Jason Smith - 2,900,000
Jason Hickey-  2,720,000

Five Remain in the Omaha 8 Final Table

Over on the Omaha 8 final table, we lost Jeremy Harkin on the very first hand. Not long after, "Sailor" Dave Does busted in sixth place. Below you will see how the final five stack up at the moment, with the limits 10,000-20,000.

Harry Arutyunyan - 310,000
David Rosenbloom - 305,000
Robert Turner - 290,000
Jason Tang - 270,000
Ruben Vera - 90,000

Brett Mast Crippled, Eliminated in 7th Place ($9,430)

Blinds: 40,000-80,000

Following a raise from Jason Hickey on the button, Brett Mast three bet shoved all in from the small blind. Hickey quickly called with [Kd][Ks], and he was dominating the [Ac][Kh] of Mast. The board ran down [Jd][7d][5h][Jc][3h], and Hickey scored the double up to 3.2 million.

That hand left Mast with just 200,000, and those chips would go in the middle a few hands later with [Qh][Js], and he would lose a flip to the pocket sixes of Massoud Eskandari.

Cards in the Air: Omaha 8 Day 2 Finals

It's time to get the second final table of the day going, as the $400 Omaha 8-or-Better final table is underway. Robert Turner leads the way, but he has a former Legends of Poker champion to deal with, amongst others.

Scroll down for photos of all at the final table, and stay tuned for more updates from here!

Seat 1: Jason Tang - 270,000

Seat 2: Harry Arutyunyan - 208,000

Seat 3: Robert Turner - 391,000

Seat 4: "Sailor" Dave Doeh - 174,000

Seat 5: Ruben Vera - 57,000

Seat 6: David Rosenbloom - 207,000

Seat 7: Jeremy Harkin - 15,000

Alejandro Ramirez Eliminated in 8th Place ($7,235)

After a flop of [10c][3s][2c], Alejandro Ramirez moved all in for about 900,000. Massoud Eskandari made the call with [7h][7c], and he was flipping against the [Ac][9c] of Ramirez. He was looking for an ace, nine, or club, but the board finished out [Qd] and [3h]. 

Eskandari is now up about seven million after that pot, and looks to be in the chip lead. 

We Are Officially Over $40,000 in Event #6

While most of our focus will be on the Monster Stack finals today, we did want to let you guys know that the morning event has already met it's guarantee, with nearly two hours left in registration. We have 202 players and counting, so come on down and take your shot at the latest ring event!

Erkinbek Ozumbekov Eliminated in 9th Place ($5,770)

Erkinbek Ozumbekov came into the day as the severe short stack, and he was in the big blind on the second hand of the day. He ended up all in with [As][6d] against the [Kc][9d] of Alexey Laptev, who had made a raise from the button.

Laptev would flop a king, and no ace would come on the turn or river. Laptev is up to over three million now after that hand.

Cards in the Air: Monster Stack Finals

And then, there were nine. Nine players moved on from the Day 2 restart yesterday in the Monster Stack Event to make it to today's final table. Young Sik Eum and Massoud Eskandari are at the top of the leaderboard, but they have some stiff competition to deal with.

Scroll down for all of the players, and stay tuned for live updates from this final table.

Seat 1: Alexey Laptev - 2,715,000

Seat 2: Jason Hickey - 2,810,000

Seat 3: Erkinbek Ozumbekov - 375,000

Seat 4: Brett Mast - 1,810,000
Seat 5: Massoud Eskandari - 5,650,000

Seat 6: Jason Smith - 4,105,000
Seat 7: Young Sik Eum - 6,180,000

Seat 8: Alejandro Ramirez - 1,500,000

Seat 9: Henry Mcardle - 4,165,000

Day 2 Return List for the Omaha 8 Ring Event

After a lengthy day of Omaha 8-or-Better yesterday, only seven players remain, and at the top is a familiar face to the Bike, WSOP bracelet winner Robert Turner. He has a big stack of 391,000, with Jason Tang second in chips. Third is former Legends of Poker winner Harry Arutyunyan. Check out the full return list below, and come back at 1 PM for the restart. 

Cards in the Air: $40,000 Guaranteed Event

We are ready to get things going with the latest ring event here at the Bike! This $250 buy-in event has a guarantee of $40,000, and registration will be open until 2:20 PM.

Click here for a full structure, and good luck to everyone!

Schedule for Today: Wednesday, March 11th

10 AM - $250 Ring Event.  $40,000 Guaranteed.  10,000 starting stack. Registration open until 2:20 PM.

3 PM - $600 10 Game Mixed Ring Event. 40,000 in starting chips. Registration open until 7:20 PM. Day 2 finals on Thursday at 1 PM

7 PM - $6,200 Guaranteed. $200 buy-in. Top 5 paid. All buy-ins after guarantee is met go to 1st place. Registration open until 8:45 PM